Things That Women Notices In Men Instantly : Girlfriend Hacks

Girlfriend Hacks:First Few LIttle Things That Women Notices In Men Instantly

There are few things that women notices in men within 10 seconds of being with them. First impressions may be made in moments and remember “First impression is the Last Impression.” And if you want to impress a girl then you must never ignore what attracts a woman to a man at first sight.

There is so much talk on this, that how a women often zoom in on the minutest details about their men and draw improbable interpretations out of them. Even more astonishing about this is that they are quite accurate about the conclusions they arrive at.

If a girl is attracted to you the first time she sees you, then chances are, you will surely get to go on a first date and according to psychologists one of the astonishing facts about love is that anyone can fall in love in just four seconds with anybody.

So I am going to tell you 10 things that women notices in men instantly that guys don’t realize.

Girlfriend Hacks: First Few Little Things That Women Notices In Men Instantly

So continue reading to know those Little Things That Women Notices In Men Instantly to impress the women you want.

#1 ConfidenceThings that women notices in men instantly

This makes to the first of our list of Little Things That Women Notices In Men Instantly because if you fail in it then it will be very difficult for you to impress her. Ladies are quickly turned off by the men who do not have self-confidence.

She can calculate this in minutes by the way you sit, walk and talk. Ladies seeks this quality in you because they want to feel secure. They don’t want to be with a guy who can not have good composure.

But also remember that the confidence should not be mistaken by arrogance. Just keep your head straight, have a smile on face while talking in polite tone. That is enough for her to have interest in you.

#2 How you greet her for the first timeThings that women notices in men instantly

Ladies give so much importance to the way you greet her when you meet her for the first time. You can shake hand with her or give her a slight hug, a peck or just a simple hello without even touching her.

But that should be in well-mannered and if you only greet her verbally then don’t forget to put a confident smile on your lips. The first thing which she shares with her friend is your reaction on meeting her.

#3 Your ShoesThings that women notices in men instantly: your shoes

Ladies very quickly fall in love with a good-looking pair of shoes. Its even more important than any thing you wear. As said by French fashion designer –

“A shoe has much more to offer than just to walk.” – Christian Louboutin

You must keep your shoes well polished and clean. You should avoid bogus shoes and the shoes should go right with your outfit.

#4 Be romantic not lustfulThings that women notices in men instantly: Be romantic

Yes women like romantic guys and it turns them on. But never replace that with being lustful. They notice where your eyes are fixed. Whether you look into her eyes or there is uncontrolled glances at her feminine things. This can off her mood as this can make her feel insecure.

But that does not mean that you have to look away, avoid her gaze or looking distracted. For a better impression, you can make eye contact with her.

#5 Your physiqueHow to impress a girl on a first date: Physique

Obviously women like tall men and height is one of the main factors for a good physique. But if you are short. Then your overall physique should be good. If you look bulky then spending few hours in building your physique is good choice to impress a girl.

#6 Your behavior with othersGirlfriend Quotes: Your behavior

Women are quick in noticing how you behave with others. How you treat a person who is below your standards. It reflects to them how you will behave with her. So always be a nice guy and you should be.

It is not only for impressing women. Because you don’t need any reasons to be good. Remember this-

“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shoes their image.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

#7 How you spend your moneyHow to impress your girlfriend: How you spend your money

It is also one of those important little Things That Women Notices In Men Instantly is how you spend your money. Obviously everywhere men are expected to pay on the first date and during the early stages of dating too.

Later on when you and your partner gets comfortable with each other, then she can offer to pay. Never spend money on senseless things because sensible ladies hate heavy and senseless spenders.

You might have enough money to buy anything for the lady but this will not leave a good impact on her. Also don’t try to show off like showing the number of credit cards you have. So be a smart money spender.

#8 GroomingGroom to impress girl on first meeting

You must groom yourself if you wish to get the ladies to notice you. Grooming includes many things which includes your hair, beards, nails, clothes and perfume. Among this most important is oral hygiene. Personal hygiene is the very best requirement of sexual attractiveness and if you lack in anything then sorry to say my friend but it will be hard to make through.

#9 Good mannersGood manners: Things that women notices in men instantly

Good manners can replace all of the above things in impressing your women. Arriving on time to pick up your date, holding the door open for her and generally following the dictum ‘ladies first’ will not only mark you out as a gentleman in the best sense of the word but more importantly make her feel really special.

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I hop you have enjoyed reading it and you would have found some girlfriend hacks to impress your girl.

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