How to know Depression Symptoms in Children?

Hello. Don’t take tension! Be calm and cool. Within 5 minutes you are going to know Depression Symptoms in your child or in you itself or in anybody. You will no more need to look for How to know Depression Symptoms in Children if you are a parent after reading this.

It is not only you who is looking for Depression Symptoms in Children but more than half of the population’s question is How to know Depression Symptoms in children. According to a study about 63% of population is in depression. Among them the larger number is of children.

How to Know Depression Symptoms In Children

Sometimes it becomes very difficult for a parent to differentiate between depression and sadness of their child. When a child seems sad it does not necessarily mean that he is depressed or it can not be taken as depression symptoms.

Childhood Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

Childhood Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

But when this sadness becomes persistent and it affects your child’s normal social activities, interests, school or college then it may indicate that he or she is depressed.

Depression is a state of low mood that affects a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings or sense of well-being. Children whose parents have depression are at a great risk of being depressed.

You have to make out whether your child is sad or depressed. You are their superhero. It is you and only you who can make things better. You need to make the things better not only for your depressed child but for your family.

I don’t think that a family’s environment can be good when any member of family is going through such situations. You have to come forward with others to resolve this.

Research shows depression is also a risk factor for suicide. According to a study, 2 to 3 percent of children aging 6 to 12 and 6 to 8 percent of teens have serious depression.

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Now I am sharing with you How to know depression symptoms in children. So keep on reading and you will know very easily the depression symptoms in your child.

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Childhood Depression and Anxiety Symptoms

By observing these changes in behavior of your child you can easily know depression symptoms in Children.

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1.Continuous feelings of sadness

This is the first symptom to know depression symptoms in child. If your child remains sad it does not necessarily mean that he is depressed but if sadness continues for more than two weeks. Then this is a thing to be worry about which you should never ignore. If sadness is for more than 2 weeks then it may be the symptom of depression.

2. Irritability or Anger

If your child gets irritate very easily over the normal things. Becomes angry over the little things then he may be depressed. Anger is a very good indicator of depression because it actually tells the state of mind of a child. When he can not tolerate even little things, he becomes anger.

3. Feeling of Hopelessness or Worthlessness

When a child becomes hopeless and thinks that he is not worth to anything. He may be actually depressed. A child may make statements such as “I am bad, I can not do anything or no one likes me” etc. It is because he has lost believe in himself which has depressed him/her.

4. Changes in appetite( increased or decreased)

This can be associated as change in his behavior or activities due to depression which has either increased or decreased your child’s appetite.

5. Changes in sleep – sleeplessness or excessive sleep

Sleeplessness or excessive sleep is also associated to change in daily activities due to depression or anxiety.

Signs Your Child Is Depressed

Continue reading these childhood depression symptoms and you will know the signs of depression in your child.

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6. Social withdrawal

How to know depression symptoms in children

How to know depression symptoms in your child

When your child excludes himself from every social activities. When he/she does not take participate in any of the activities in school or at home. Then this can be depression symptoms.

If child is not enjoying with family members. Every time locks him/her in the room. Loves to live alone and don’t even talk much with other family members. Then your child is really in serious trouble.

7. Increased sensitivity to rejection

If your child often says no to everything. When you ask to go out he rejects, for movie he rejects, to cook his/her favorite dish he rejects. So don’t ignore these rejections.

These rejections are not normal. This may seem normal to you but remember it is not so for your child. He/she may be going through something really very difficult.

8. Constantly crying

When your child constantly cry over little things. Even when he quarrel with siblings, he burst into cry. This can also be depression symptoms.

9. Low energy or low ability to function

During events and activities at home or with friends, in school, extracurricular activities and in other hobbies or interests your child performs with low energy. He/she performs with low ability. Then these all are symptoms of depression.

10. Thoughts of death or suicide

This is the most important symptom of How to know Depression Symptoms in Children. If your child thinks of it you don’t even need to read How to know Depression Symptoms in Children.

It is an alarming symptom of depression. As your child very soon can take action. So leave everything and treat your child as good as you can. Try to understand his/her problem.

This is all from the post How to know Depression Symptoms in Children. I hope if you have read this then obviously you would have come out with some of your child’s depression symptoms. If he is not then that is great.

I hope that I have helped you to some extent on how to know depression symptoms in children.

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