In this post you will read some really amazing Birthday facts : Interesting Psychological Facts About Birthdays. Birthday is the day when a person was born or when an institution or company was formed. It is that occasion in which the person or company celebrates the anniversary of their birth.

Any individual celebrates his birthday by partying, enjoying and hanging out with friends. Many religions celebrate the birth of their founders with special holidays like ChristmasBuddha’s Birthday.

There are many funny facts about birthdays that will blow your mind. So I am going to share with you these funny birthday facts in this article. Keep reading and enjoy Interesting Psychological Facts About Birthdays.

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Birthday Facts : Interesting Psychological Facts about Birthdays

Birthday Facts : Interesting Psychological Facts about Birthdays , Funny Birthday Facts

Birthday Facts

I have covered the most funny and Interesting Psychological Facts About Birthdays that can make you laugh or even can shock you.

Birthday Facts #1 “August has the most birthdays, while February has the least.”

Birthday Facts #2 “Most of the serial killers are born in November.”

Birthday Facts #3 “The most probable date of conception for a baby born on September 16 was the previous Christmas Day and if it was a leap year then it might be Boxing Day.

Birthday Facts #4 “The world’s largest birthday cake was created in 1989 for the 100th Birthday of the city of Fort Payne, Alabama. The cake weighed 128,238 pounds, 8 oz. and used 16,209 pounds of icing.”

Birthday Facts #5 “The Sultan of Brunei hosted the world’s most expensive Birthday Party to celebrate his 50th Birthday on 13 July, 1996. The cost was a whopping US $27.2 billion. Three concerts featuring Michael Jackson costs US $16 million of the total amounts.”

Birthday Facts #6 “The least common birthday date in both the UK and USA is December 25 apart from February.”

Birthday Facts #7 “The chance of death on Birthday is 14.6% more than the normal days.”

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Facts about Birthday Months, Interesting Facts about Birthdays

Interesting Facts about Birthday Months

Facts About Birthday Months

I hope you are going well with these Interesting Psychological Facts About Birthdays or facts about birthday months. Keep reading and you will find more birthday facts and trivia.

Birthday Facts #8 “Anne Frank’s world-famous diary was given to her as a present for her 13th birthday.”

Birthday Facts #9 “William Shakespeare’s died on his 52nd birthday: 23 April 1616.”

Birthday Facts #10 “Happy Birthday To You” tune in 1893, written by Mildred and Patti Hall was sung to the words “Good morning to all”.

Birthday Facts #11 “World population has grown by around 76,570,430 since your last birthday. In the time it takes you to read this another five babies will have been born.”

Birthday Facts #12 “A recent survey suggests that more people are born on October 5 in the United States than any other day. October 5 holds a not-so-surprising significance, as conception would have fallen on New Year’s Eve.”

Birthday Facts #13 “Golden Birthday is the day when your age and date of birth are same. Like if you were born on the 20th day of the month then your 20th Birthday will be ‘Golden Birthday’.”

Birthday Facts #14 “The most famous rendition of “Happy Birthday” was when Marilyn Monroe sang to “Happy Birthday, Mr President” to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden on 19 May 1962.”

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