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Body Language is a type of non-verbal communication or silent message which is used to express or convey information through physical behavior like through body movements, facial expressions, voice tone etc.

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Body language is the way through which people unconsciously show their private thoughts and emotions through body movements. You will learn what really lies behind physical gestures with our list of Interesting Psychological Facts About Body Language.

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Interesting Psychological Facts About Body Language

You will read here 25 Most Interesting Psychological Facts About Body Language.

1. Body language appears to have three major uses.

Those three uses are-

  • as a conscious replacement for speech,
  • to reinforce speech,
  • as a mirror or betrayer of mood.

2. Certain body movements have universal meaning.

Certain facial expressions such as – anger, happiness, sadness, surprise, disgust, fear are displayed similarly around the world across different cultures. But difficulty is to distinguish between real expressions and fake one.

Surprising Facts About Body Language

Surprising Facts About Body Language

3. Putting your hand on your heart makes you more honest.

4. Six Universal Facial Expressions are-

There are six universal facial expressions which are- happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger.

5. It is impossible to detect a lie through body language.

Yes we all believe that if a person lies then he/she can’t look you in your eye or the liar displays nervous gestures. But we are wrong because it is almost impossible to accurately detect lies just by reading someone’s physical behavior.

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Basic Psychology Facts About Body Language

In this part of the article you will read basic psychology facts about body language. So keep reading Interesting Psychological Facts About Body Language.

  • Body language always conveys some kind of information, whether voluntary or involuntary, conscious or subconscious.

  • Studies confirmed that women laugh at men they’re attracted to, and men are attracted to those women who laughs at them.

  • People increase their blinking rate when they feel under pressure.

  • Not only humans but there are several other animals that uses kinesics to express information.

  • Eye blocking is a very powerful display of consternation, disbelieve, or disagreement i.e. covering the eyes, delaying opening the eyes, lowering the eyes for a prolonged time.

  • When men feel discomfort, they prefer to touch their faces while when women feel discomfort they prefer to touch necks.

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  • When a person crosses both his arms and legs while listening to someone then it means that he/she has been emotionally withdrawn from the conversation.

  • Some scientists believe that humans shake hands to exchange their body odors.

  • A man under stress often will put his fingers between his shirt collar and neck and pull the fabric away from his skin. While women during stress may toss the back of her hair to ventilate her neck.

  • Ogling rate is same for both men and women but since men have poor peripheral vision they get caught very easily while women don’t get caught due to their excellent peripheral visions.

  • People are typically perceived as more attractive when they tilt their heads.

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Surprising Facts About Body Language

I hope you are going well with interesting psychological facts about body language. Keep reading to enjoy more surprising facts about body language.

  • Thumps up’ gesture or ‘OK signs have vulgar meaning in Iraq and Latin America.

  • When people sit side to side the direction of the leg crosses will point towards the other person if they have good terms but if the person is uncomfortable, he will switch the position of the legs so that the thigh becomes a barrier.

  • The face is a poor place to start reading body language because by the time most of us are adult, and we’ve learned to mask our true feelings pretty well.

  • Body language signals intent, not specific meaning because whatever we’re feeling first shows up in our body later (nanoseconds later) in our conscious minds.

  • You’re much better at reading the body language than any experts but only of the person whom you know very well.

  • In America and Latin America if do not look into the eye of other person while talking then it is taken as a sign of disrespect.

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