Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams that will amaze you

Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams. Recently I have shared Psychological Facts about dreams of someone you love in which you will get to know the astonishing facts when you have dreams of your loved ones.

Now I am going to share Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams. In which you will read facts which relates to simple dreaming. Keep reading Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams and you will definitely find some head scratching facts.

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Dreams are one of the most mysterious and interesting experiences in our lives. Thousands of movies have also released on dream concept. It influences our lives in many ways. Hence it is a topic of discussion for our Psychologists.

Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams that will amaze you –

Dreams take us into another world. Sometimes somewhere to something like heaven or sometimes to hell or to the wonderland or to the haunted world. I am going to tell you 10 Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams that will for sure shock you –

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1. You forget about 90% of your dreams.

Interesting facts about dreams and what they mean

Interesting facts about dreams and what they mean

You may remember that once upon a night you had a wonderful dream. So you decided to tell everyone in the morning. But when you have started telling,you noticed that you didn’t remember that dream anymore.

This is because as soon as you wake up your dream starts fading and within 10 minutes of waking up you forget about 90% of your dreams.

2. If you are Snoring,then you cannot be dreaming.

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Amazing Facts about Dreams

Though there is no Psychological proof of it. But it has been claimed by many researchers.

3. You can have 4-7 dreams in one Night.

Weird facts about dreams

Weird facts about dreams

At first, it may really seem you interesting and shocking which I am focusing from the beginning that I will tell you Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams. But it is true as Psychologists have claimed that you can have 4-7 dreams in one single night.

4. In our Dreams, we see only faces that we know.

Psychological facts about dreams

Psychological facts about dreams

We see real faces of real people, as our mind cannot create any faces on its own. Sometimes we see unknown faces in our dreams that’s because those faces are seen by us and we forget but our mind remembers them all.

5. Blind people also Dreams.

Interesting Psychological facts about dreams

Interesting Psychological facts about dreams

People who became blind after birth can see images in their dreams. But people who are born blind, don’t see images but their dreams involve other senses of sound, smell,touch and emotions.

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6. Lucid Dreaming.

Dream Facts : Lucid Dreaming

Dream Facts : Lucid Dreaming

Many people practice Lucid dreaming in which they use various techniques. With the use of this they can control their dreams and dream what they like to. Like flying like superhero,travelling through times and going into the past.

7. Many inventions were inspired by dreams.

Amazing Facts about dreams

Amazing Facts about dreams

Many inventions were first in dream and then in reality. For example Larry Page the man behind Google, A.C. Generator by Tesla and Sewing Machine by Elias Howe and many,many more.

8. Animals Dream too.

Interesting Facts about dreams

Interesting Facts about dreams

You may have noticed this. When your Pet( Cat or Dog) was moving his paws and making noises as they were chasing something. It was because they were dreaming.

9. You always Dream but do not remember at all.

Dream Facts : Lucid Dreaming

Weird Facts about dreams

Many people say that they don’t dream at all but that’s not true. Researchers claim that we all dream, but 60% of people don’t remember their dreams at all.

10. We spend 6 whole years in Dreaming.

Astonishing facts about dreams

Astonishing facts about dreams

That may surely make you say WTF ! But it is true that on an average a human being spends 6 whole years of our life in dreaming.

Facts about Dreams Coming True

I hope you are going well with interesting facts about dreams psychology now I am going to share with you facts about dreams coming true.

11. Egyptian pharaohs were considered children of Ra (Egyptian sun-god) and, thus, their dreams were seen as being divine.

12. Your sleeping dreams mirror what happens to you during the day.

13. When your dream is about to become true then you hear the things that you want from others.

14. You become comfortable with uncertainty, if your dream is going to come true.

15. If your dream is going to be true then everything seems clear and feels like Universe has actually put into motion to make your dreams come true.

Interesting Facts about Nightmares

In this section I will share with you interesting facts about nightmares. Keep reading and enjoy.

16. Dreams of losing teeth or having teeth extracted can signify many things, including fears of helplessness or of some sort of loss in one’s life.

17. One of the common nightmare in both adults and kids is getting chased by a monster. Other includes. Losing your loved ones, getting lost, falling and drowning.

18. Dreams get worse with decrease in temperature. Colder the room, worse the dreams.

19. ‘Old Hag Syndrome’ or sleep paralysis, occurs in as many as 40% of all people.

20. Dream-catcher a Native American symbols is a loose web or webs woven around a hoop and decorated with sacred objects meant to protect against nightmares.

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