You are reading interesting psychological facts about female attraction in which you will find some of the astonishing facts and some obvious facts about female attraction. What are those things in an individual to which a female is attracted.

Some times you would have thought that why you were attracted by your partner or your friend in first meeting that led you to such a strong bond with them. Many also wonder why many people have a type of person they like to date?

Even sometimes we observe that our feelings and thought processes in selecting a partner are inherent and may even be in our human biology that we had adopted and which has evolved over years.

So I am going to take all the possible facts about female attraction in the post interesting psychological facts about female attraction. Continue reading and you will find some really amazing facts.

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Interesting psychological facts about female attraction to Attract Women

Interesting psychological facts about female attraction

In this post I am going to tell you 10 best and probably most interesting psychological facts about female attraction. So keep reading.

#1 During Ovulation Women Prefer Masculine-looking Men

When women ovulate, they prefer masculine looking men in comparison to softer men while the rest of the month they prefer softer features men. It is because masculine features can be associated with reproductive fitness, whereas softer features associated with more social and caring behavior.

#2 Women Gets Crazy for Men With Dogs

Yes if you have got one(dog), then it’s time to get ready for the date with unexpected gorgeous. All you have to do is to have a walk with your puppy to a place where you can find tens or hundreds of girl.

As Studies show that men were three times more likely to obtain a woman’s phone number when accompanied by a dog because they attract the ladies.

#3  For A Women Smell Is More Important Than Appearance

According to a study conducted on thousands of women, almost 70% of them choose smell over appearance.

#4  Women Are More Attracted to Drunken MenPsychological female attraction facts

Research has found that the drunken people get higher attractiveness ratings than the normal strangers. They may find it more dashing or something like that he does not stress over the thing and stay more cool than those who don’t drink.

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#5 You Are More Attracted to Men With A Strong Sense of Humor

As strong sense of humor is generally associated with intelligence and honesty so that makes the women think that those will be better mate.

#6  Seeing Other Women Smiling At A Man Will Make You Feel That He Is More Attractive

Highly desirable individuals would have been high in demand due to his reproductive fitness and assumed capability of being a good mate. Girls assume them as a guy with real charm. So they are attracted to them.

So to impress your crush, you need to make some good friends(girl) who enjoy your company. This will leave a positive impact on her for you.

#7 The Majority Of Women Prefer Stubble Men.

According to a study conducted at the University of New South Wales, researchers showed a group of women, photos of ten men and each men with four different looks. Which were: clean-shaven, with five days of beard growth (light stubble), 10 days of growth (heavy growth) and with a full beard.

Study suggested women were more attracted to heavily stubbled men because facial hair makes men seem more mature and masculine.

#8 The Pill Can Affect Levels of Attraction

Yes, that’s right. One of the most common forms of birth control can actually affect attraction. Because when birth control pills are taken, it means they are adding different levels of hormones which can definitely have an effect on mood, health, and therefore attraction.

#9 You Will Favor and Give More Attention To Your More Attractive Children

Women assume that her child who is more attractive than other siblings will have better traits and be more social. And the extra attention leads to them actually exhibiting better traits and confidence in socialized behavior more than their less attractive siblings.

#10 We are generally attracted to people who remind us of our parents

You may have heard that woman is looking for a man who reminds her of her father. This’s not a sexual thing, because they want to find someone who will have a positive role in their lives. As her father has been for her since her childhood.

The same goes for men looking for a woman who reminds them of their mother.

#11 Women Wearing Red Are More Attracted to Men

According to a 2008 study, researchers on the color believe that the bias could be attributed social conditioning and has also biological roots. Researches proved a connection between women wearing red and the time when women become naturally pink or flushed before or during sexual arousal.

#12 Women Are More Attracted to Taller ManFacts about Female Attraction

Tall men have greater reproductive success than shorter men– due to their greater ability to attract mates. And obviously good height add attractiveness to their physical appearance, making them look dashing.

#13 Women Thumps Down For A Belly Man

Women will never want a guy who’s not conscious even about his health. Then how he can take care of her partner. Also extra belly makes a guy look very less attractive.

Besides this according to our psychologists, a large amount of abdominal fat indicates that an individual has lower levels of testosterone along with low fertility and lower sex drive.

So that was all from my post interesting psychological facts about female attraction. I hope you have enjoyed reading this and known some really amazing and interesting psychological facts about female attraction.

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