You are going to read Interesting Psychological Facts About Human Emotions. In this post I will tell you some of the best emotional facts about humans that can amaze you. Reading this post- Interesting Psychological Facts About Human Emotions you will surely come to know about human emotions in deeply.

Emotion is a complex experience of consciousness, sensation, and behavior reflecting the personal significance of a thing, event, or state of affairs.

You might be emotionally attached to different situations in your life but do you know the facts behind these emotions, the psychology involved in your different emotions.

I guess your answer is no. So we are here to tell the interesting psychological facts about Human Emotions. Which will reveal facts about the human heart and emotions, psychological facts about human nature and many more.

So keep reading to know the best emotional facts and enjoy.

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Interesting Psychological Facts about Human Emotions

In this whole article you will know 20 Psychological Facts about Human Emotions which is subdivided into different categories. So continue reading.

1. Emotions behind the scene are subjective experiences.

Which trigger cognitive processes such as emotion labeling & reasoning, physical sensations like flush, behaviors like facial expressions, mental and physical changes.

2. Emotions are somewhat physical.

Because different body parts act differently in different emotions.

3. The most powerful advertising techniques involve emotions.

According to a study if a brand is connected to a consumer on an emotional level is one of the most powerful advertising techniques.

4. Emotions are the biggest motivator of human actions.

Researchers have found that they make us survive, make love (reproduce), create social bonds and be moral.(Best Emotional Facts)

5. There are 8 primary innate emotions.

According to scientists those primary emotions are joy, fear, anger, anticipation, surprise, sadness, disgust, and acceptance. The most important emotion ‘love’ is the result of permutation and combination of these emotions.

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Basic Psychology Facts about Emotions

Now you will read the basic psychology facts about Emotions in this part of the article. Just keep reading interesting psychological facts about human emotions.

6. Technology is creating emotional disconnection rather than connection.

According to the psychologists of emotions and human behavior, they fear that technology is disconnecting people emotionally.

7. Difference between ‘Emotions’ and ‘Feelings’.

Most neuroscientists have defined “emotion” as the brain’s auto-programmed response to certain stimuli and “feelings” as our conscious impression of that response.(Basic Psychology Facts about Emotions)

8. There are more than 100 different human emotions that we know.

You may be surprised by this but it’s true.

9. Most confusing emotion of all is the Happiness.

Because one can not differentiate it easily as to whether it means joy, delight, excitement or anything else.

10. Fear actively uses more muscles than we usually do.

As it prepares our body for anything bad that might come.

Interesting Facts About The Human Heart and Emotions

I hope you are going well with our article interesting psychological facts about human emotions. Just keep reading to know more amazing psychological facts about human emotions.

11. Love is not an emotion.

It’s an attachment within which you can experience a lot of emotions or moods: joy, awe, anger, worry.

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12. Anger can make people physically sick.

Anger increases the long-term risk of heart attacks and strokes and weakens the immunity system.(Interesting facts about human heart and emotions)

13. Emotions can be reflected by facial expression.

Studies show that if you try to reflect an emotion by adjusting your facial expression, then you can actually begin to feel that emotion.

14. 10% of population don’t even know how they feel.

It’s because of a severe dysfunction called alexithymia –  an inability to describe one’s emotions in words.

15. Smells effect our Emotions.

Yes it has a very wide effect on our emotion. Especially unpleasant smells trigger the negative emotions immediately.

Best Emotional Facts About Guys

Are you enjoying our post interesting psychological facts about emotions. If yes then keep reading psychology facts about emotions. Now read the best emotional facts about guys and enjoy.

16. Your boyfriend act differently and according to you in the crowd.

Like when you flirt with another guy in front of him he feels threatened. But at the same time, your boyfriend will feel like he’s on top of the world if you cling on to him in front of other guys who are attracted to you.

17. Guys also want to talk about their feelings.

If they don’t initiate heart to heart conversations doesn’t mean that they don’t like talking about it.

18. Guys love their girlfriends even if they don’t say it.

Guys aren’t always vocal about feelings. But your boyfriend may feel more comfortable letting you know he loves you through his actions than his words.

19. Guys are more emotionally vulnerable, and heartbreaks affect guys a lot more than it affects girls.

20. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to.

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Interesting Psychological Facts about Emotions

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