Interesting Psychological Facts About Physical Attraction You Must Know

Interesting Psychological Facts About Physical Attraction that is must to know. This will also help you to flirt with someone. Physical attractiveness is the degree to which a person’s physical features are considered aesthetically pleasing or beautiful.

The term often implies sexual attractiveness or desirability, but can also be distinct from either. You can read more about physical attraction here.

Physical attractiveness can have a huge effect on how people are judged. Generally in new relationships, partners are matched in terms of their physical attractiveness. And the more attractive the partner is, the most satisfied a person is in their relationships.

Men place a higher significance on the physical attractiveness of their partner than women. But it does not mean that women ignore the physical attractiveness. They also give due importance to the physical attraction of their partner.

Physical attractiveness has a positive effect in new relationships. The higher the physical attractiveness, the higher will be satisfaction with each other in relationships.

Interesting Psychological Facts About Physical Attraction

Recently I have shared psychological facts about Life Partner, and dreams of your crush.

Now I am sharing Interesting Psychological Facts About Physical Attraction that will leave in awestruck. So keep reading psychological attraction facts and you will know some flirting hacks to attract your crush.

Interesting Psychological Facts About Physical AttractionInteresting psychological facts about physical attraction

Here I will tell you 16 Interesting Psychological Facts About Physical Attraction.

#1 According to a study, Facial femininity is important to men, highly feminine faces are shown to be more attractive than average. This includes small chins, large eyes, high cheekbones and full lips. Facial femininity seems to be a marker of reproductive value, fertility, and youthfulness.

#2 Assortative Mating – According to a study people mate with others on the basis of their own level of physical attractiveness. According to this theory people who marry or get involved romantically are most likely to have a similar level of physical attractiveness.

#3 According to the University of Rochester in a study, men are attracted more to women wearing red in comparison to other colors. And there are more chances of being asked out.

#4 For a women smell is far more important than appearance. As when a study was conducted on 1000 women, almost 70% of them choose smell over appearance.

#5 Preference of women for masculine or feminine faces is contradictory. According to a study some women prefer more masculine faces and in some more feminine features.

#6 We tend to be attracted to people who look like us. In a study, men and women were  asked by researchers to rate the attractiveness of several faces which included picture of one’s own face that had been digitally morphed into the other sex. And participants found this morphed face to be more attractive than all of the others.

#7 Research has found that the drunken people get higher attractiveness ratings than the normal strangers.

#8 Physical attraction is a multi-sensory process. A person’s looks, his/her smell, mouth tastes etc, all matters apart from physical attraction.

Interesting Psychological Facts about Physical Attraction

I hope you are going well with interesting psychological facts about physical attraction. Continue reading to know more facts about physical attraction.psychological attraction facts

#9 Men prefer a lower than average, waist to hip ratio and larger breasts, as a sign of fecundity and fertility in a wide variety of cultures.

#10 Mating and height seem to be related to high status, protection from danger, and dominance. So women are more physically attracted to men with good heights than the average and below averages.

#11 The things that heterosexual women find attractive in men vary across the menstrual cycle. Specifically, when women are at peak fertility, they tend to be attracted to “manlier” men (e.g., muscular guys with deep voices). 

#12 Adults and children are biased towards attractive people – Studies show that even infants stare at attractive people longer than unattractive people.

#13 Our patterns of physical attraction appear to change seasonally. For instance, heterosexual men report greater attraction to women’s bodies in the winter months than they do in the summer months.

#14 Women consistently rate social status as being more desirable in a partner than men do in several experiments. For women, social status rated only slightly less important than good financial prospects.

#15 Men are physically attracted to younger women and women tend to desire older men.

#16  Attractive people are judged to be more extroverted, more social, more intelligent, and more assertive than less attractive people. This is called the stereotype of what is beautiful is good, and shows that people systematically attribute more positive personality traits to attractive people than to their less attractive counterparts.

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