Interesting Psychology Facts Everyone Should Know

Interesting Psychology Facts. Hey! Do you wanna know some Interesting Psychology Facts, then my Friend you are at the right place. Here I will surely let you know some really Interesting Psychology Facts which will increase your appetite for more Interesting Psychology Facts.

But before knowing Psychology Facts let us first know What is Psychology?. Psychology is the study of body, behavior and mental processes.The study of our everyday activities, our way of behaving in every situation etc. If you want to read in deep about Psychology you can read it by clicking on the above title.

Interesting Psychology Facts

Here I am going to tell you 15 Interesting Psychology Facts relating to humans, their behavior and their feelings –

  1. Holding hands of your PARTNER(LOVE) can help you to lower physical pain as well as stress and fear.
    Interesting Psychological Facts

    Psychological Facts about Partner

    Yes obviously you would have tried it and noticed as well that no matter how big your problem is or the pain with which you are going through,but it feels so good holding the hands of your loved ones that no stress seems to be so big that it can hurt you any more.If have not tried then try at least for once.

  2. Men with deeper voices are more attractive or can make a better impression on women more easily than men who posses higher voices.
    Interesting Psychological Facts about Attraction

    Interesting Psychological Facts about Attraction

    Men with deeper voices have a large impact on girls, they gets attracted very easily. so my advice to you my friend that don’t be high on voice if you want to make an immense impact on anyone. [Must Read: Interesting Psychological Facts about Female Attraction ]

  3. Psychologists claim that it takes only 4 minutes to fall in LOVE with someone.
    Interesting Psychological Facts : Love Facts

    Interesting Psychological Facts : Love Facts

    So my Friend it means you have got just 4 minutes to impress anyone with your magic of voice, body language, way of walking-talking,and everything which you can do in this limited time because this much time is enough for anyone to make an impression about you whether they like you or not.

  4. Heart rate of Two Lovers synchronize when they continuously stare at each other’s Eyes.
    Interesting Psychological facts about Love

    Interesting Psychological Facts : Love Facts

    According to researchers, couples Synchronize their heart rates if they stare continuously into each others eyes for more than 3 minutes.

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  5. The type of music you listen to, affects the way you perceive the world.
    Interesting Psychological Facts about Emotions

    Interesting Psychological Facts about Emotions

    It is obvious that the type of music which we listen defines the mood in which we are currently. Like when we are sad or happy, feeling good or bad, the music taste changes according to that.

  6. We forget 90% of our DREAMS as soon as we wake up.
    Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams

    Interesting Psychological Facts about Dreams

    Researchers have claimed that as we wake up our dream memories starts fainting and within 10 minutes we forget about 90% of our dream.

  7. Everybody even blind dreams and not only human but animals dream too.
    Interesting Psychological Facts about Dog Dreams

    Interesting Psychological Facts about Dog Dreams

    Studies confirmed that even animals Dream and interesting fact is that Dogs mostly dream of their caretakers.

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  8. Every guy peaks at girl’s cleavage.
    Psychology Facts about People

    Psychology Facts about People

    Every guy will definitely take a peak at Girl’s cleavage, whenever he gets the chance. No matter what he is doing even when he is very busy.

  9. Obesity is somewhat Contagious Psychology Facts about People So, beware of your over-weighted friends,relatives if you don’t want to be heavy weighted like them. Researchers claim that if you are mostly in their company then you may soon look like them.
  10. Lying requires a lot of mental effort.Psychology Facts about LieBecause my mate you cannot forget what you have already said. In the future you have to tell the exact thing which you have said and it requires a lot of mental effort to remember. So be like a good guy and SPEAK THE TRUTH.
  11. Intelligent people are more likely to be single.
    Psychology Facts about Single People

    Psychology Facts about Single People

    Yes being intelligent can do the harm also if you don’t want to be single. Because you cannot live with someone who is not as intelligent as you are or with the wrong person. You always try to find someone who is at least not stupid.

  12. When someone says that they have to ask you something,it scares you so much that you start thinking of all the bad things you have done recently.
    Psychology Facts about human behavior

    Psychology Facts about human behavior

    Do you remember any incident when you were asked to tell something which scared you and what they have asked you. Let me know through the comments,the exciting questions which was asked from you and what was your reaction. Share with me and I will also share mine too with you all. [If you want to know more about people’s behavior then Read: Interesting Psychological facts about human behavior.]

  13. Playing video game makes you more CREATIVE.
    Psychology Facts about Gaming

    Psychology Facts about gaming

    So cheer up GUYS and just enjoy playing more games and be more creative. If Next time your parents shout at you, make them read this.

  14. Emotions might help predict the future.
    Psychology facts about feelings

    Psychology facts about feelings

    You might be wondering but according to the study of Columbian University those who trust their feelings are more likely to predict the future.

  15. Most of your decisions are Subconscious.
    Interesting psychological facts about humans

    Psychology Facts about decisions

    Wait! you might be thinking that this is wrong and most of your decisions are carefully controlled by you. But researchers tell us that most of our everyday decisions are subconscious.

So these were the 15 Interesting Psychology facts that I have told to you. If you want some more facts relating to LOVE, HUMAN BEHAVIOR, DREAMS, RELATIONSHIPS etc then you can visit my blog regularly,you will find here everything you want to read which you will surely enjoy.Thanks for visiting. HAVE A GREAT DAY AHEAD…!

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