How to make friends in college first day

So you have completed your school and now moving into colleges. You are so excited and want to make friends in college. First of all I want to wish you good luck for your colleges. I know about your excitement very well because I also have been through it.

Obviously moving to college is a new experience. It is the time of meeting new people, new class and new friends.

“People are definitely more open to making friendships at the beginning of freshman year” as said by my senior in my first year. The initial eagerness to make new friends wears off once people gets settled in their friend groups.

How to Make Friends In College First Day

You want to know how to make friends in college. You will know within 5 minutes that making new friends in college is not a difficult task. You just have to follow these steps which has helped in getting closer to people and making some really awesome friends.

Here I am going to tell you few steps which you have to follow and it will ease your way to making new friends in colleges. Just read till the end. You can also comment me if it works for you and also the problem you are facing in making friends.

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How to make friends in college when you’re shy – Step #1

Never forget to be yourself

Whenever you go to college, there will be people who will share your interests and personality. Your friends should be drawn to you as a real person not a fake one. Not the one who try to be over smart or talented.

They should not at all feel like that you will not fit in their friends group. A fake person can never have true friends in their life. You can not fake them for life. At some phase in your life your true nature will be revealed.

Remember it will be very difficult for you to relate to people, if you try to be an alien. Be yourself and Be original.

How to make friends in college classes – Step #2

Introduce yourself every time you sit down next to someone you don’t know

How to make friends in College first day

How to make friends in College first day

It is not at all awkward if you do so. If this can help you in making new friends then you should not feel awkward doing this everyday. This is the way your class mates will come to know about yo.

Tell them your name, your school’s name or anything. May be the person sitting next to you is more eager to make friends. Your introduction can lead you to an awesome friendship.

How to make friends in college first day – Step #3

Set an aim to have conversation with at least one person each day

You can do this anytime in the college. It can be in the morning, in the class or before the class starts. After the class you can discuss about the topic with your classmates which teacher or professor taught you. The discussion works as a magic.

But the discussion should be purely about the topic. You don’t have to show your intelligence. If you face a problem in understanding the topic then you should not feel shy in asking it with your mates.

If you have understood the topic then you can help your friends in understanding them. The polite discussions have a greater impact on people and they may find a new and good friend in you.

How to make friends in college when you live off campus – Step #4

Sit in college library with your class mates

You can simply go to library and find your class mates. Ask to sit with them. Know what they are reading so that you can also join the group to have some discussion.

This is similar to third step that you can discuss about the topic you are finding difficulty in understanding. Also help your mates if you know something better than them. This will strong the bond between you and your mates.

How to make friends in college when you’re shy – Step #5

Visit student union office everyday

It is not a silly thing to do if you want to make friends. The office of your student union on your college campus that co-ordinates student clubs and organisations can introduce you with many new people.

Lots of activities being planned and these offices are looking for more people to help. So there are chances that by the time you leave you’ll have more opportunities for friendship.

How to make friends in college introvert – Step #6

Plan something and ask others to join

If you’d like to see on your campus any program or you want to make a trip to somewhere. Then don’t wait for others. Just make a plan and ask others to join. By asking others to join you’ll improve your community and no other reasons are required to connect with others.

How to make friends in college when you are an introvert – Step #7

Find common ground

Similar experiences, shared hobbies and other mutual interests can bring people together and make conversations much more interesting. Try to find some common ground between your friends. It will help you in understanding your class mates easily and you can have life time friendship if you find some common ground.

How to make friends in college first day – Step #8

Have meals with class-matesHow to make friends at college

A meal is a great way to get closer to a new friend. give treat to your friends on any occasion. It can be on your birthday or anytime. You can engage with new friends every day in your college canteen. Meeting more friends means having more chances of friendship. So have a good meal with friends.

How to make friends in college first day – Step #9

This is the last but not the least step of How to make friends in college first day.

Always be nice

It is important to care about your friends. They will notice you and your attitude in their bad times. You not only have to nice in their bad times. You should be always nice to them.

Always come forward to help them in their needs. Remember the famous quote “A friend in need is a friend Indeed.” By being nice you don’t earn friendship but something that can not be repaid. Even strangers are attracted to someone who is nice.

You will make friends not only in college as well as outside the college. So always be nice to whomever you meet.

So that was all from the post  How to make friends in college first day. Hope you have loved reading this and found it useful for you. You can also share it with your friends on social media if you care about your school friends.I think they should also know some tips on  How to make friends in college first day.

Comment me if you want to say something and you can also comment me if you are still facing problem in making friends.

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