MOTIVATIONAL WIZARD is a BLOG which lets you know Interesting PSYCHOLOGICAL facts.We are here to MOTIVATE you, to raise your SPIRIT’S consciousness and to tell you some astonishing facts relating to your RELATIONSHIPS.Motivational Wizard is not a blog for only Psychology but it also cover topics like Spirituality,Relationships and Motivation.


Hey I’m ATUL.

I am still a student and I have completed my Under Graduate and doing Post Graduate right now.I like to play cricket,watching movies and hanging out with friends.


I am BLOGGING because I want to give my views on PSYCHOLOGY which is one of my favorite topics in which I want to learn always new things and share with the world.

On my BLOG you can get interesting facts related to PSYCHOLOGY, about SPIRITUALITY and RELATIONSHIPS beside MOTIVATION.

I am here to MOTIVATE you, to make you believe in yourself and make you realize of the things which you are worth to. As every individual have got some unique TALENTS so I am here to make you realize that through my BLOG and my experiences.

In 2013 I had completed my college and wanted to do engineering but I could not do that.It was really very hard for me and I was left with no option relating to my career.I was really very much depressed about my future but then I was being supported by my parents and then everything seem to be very easy to me and that difficult time had made me strong so much that I can make out positive ways from any of the situation.Now I feel like expert in advising and motivating anyone.

That is the only reason that I have decided these niche to Blog.Every time when you visit my site you will get something new to learn, something new to explore and something really unique to enjoy.

I will be WRITING for :

The people who really feel depress,who lacks CONFIDENCE or COURAGE in achieving their GOAL.According to the survey 63% of the population is in depression for one or the other things so I’m here to lower that percentage as much as I can.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for visiting my BLOG. HOPE you will find it useful and will come again.

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