Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols died on the night of Saturday at Silver City, New Mexico. Best known for her role as Lieutenant Uhura who is Star Trek's communication officer.

By Khushboo Dewatval

Kyle Johnson, her son wrote a note on the website Uhura.com in which he wrote, "I regret to inform you that a great star in the firmament no longer shines for us as it did for so many years." Her light will continue to shine for the future generations to enjoy the lessons learned, to learn from and take inspiration from, just as the galaxies of the past are being seen in the very first way.

As Lieutenant. Nyota Uhura in the original TV series, Nichols made history as one of the first Black women to be a part of major TV series. Her name derives by the Swahili word that means "freedom," Uhuru.

In 2011 Nichols told NPR, "Here I was projecting in the 23rd century what should have been pretty simple." "Our ship is one of spaceships. It was my job to be the director of communications. 4th position on a starship. They weren't aware that this would happen until 2300. Adults and children believed it was already.

The moment Uhura along with Captain James T. Kirk (played by William Shatner) exchanged a passionate kiss in the 1968's "Plato's Stepchildren" episode, Nichols was a celebrity. The first of television scenes, their inter-sex kiss was groundbreaking.

Grace Dell Nichols was born Nichols in the Chicago suburb of Chicago where her father was mayor. Her early years were spent singing, performing in musicals and dancing. Kicks and Co., an 1961 musical which cleverly mocked Playboy magazine, was an important break.

She told NPR in 2011 that becoming a Broadway star was the "peak and the apex of my life as a singer, actor, and dancer/choreographer," and that as Star Trek's fame expanded, she was starting to receive additional offers.

Nichols stated that she had told Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry of her resignation. "It caused him to be very upset. He also advised taking the time to think about my goals in this series. You play an important part and are crucial to the show's success.

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