Love Is Not Love That Alters When It Alteration Finds.

When We Are Born, We Cry That We Are Come To This Great Stage Of Fools.

There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth, Horatio, Than Are Dreamt Of In Your Philosophy.

Good Night, Good Night! Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, That I Shall Say Good Night Till It Be Morrow.

We Know What We Are, But Not What We May Be.

So Full Of Artless Jealousy Is Guilt, It Spills Itself In Fearing To Be Spilt.

Absence From Those We Love Is Self From Self – A Deadly Banishment.

Men Have Died From Time To Time, And Worms Have Eaten Them, But Not For Love.

We Are Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On, And Our Little Life Is Rounded With A Sleep.

All Things Are Ready, If Our Mind Be So.

Be Great In Act, As You Have Been In Thought.

Peace? I Hate The Word As I Hate Hell And All Montagues.

Come What Come May, Time And The Hour Run Through The Roughest Day.

God Hath Given You One Face, And You Make Yourself Another.

Like Madness Is The Glory Of Life.

Things Without All Remedy Should Be Without Regard: What’s Done Is Done.

It Is A Wise Father Who Knows His Own Child.

In Time We Hate That Which We Often Fear.