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30 Quotes On Feeling Empty

30 Quotes On Feeling Empty
1. Moments of suffering are meant to empty us so that we may have the potential to tap into our truest depths.-Kamand Kojouri


2. The beginning of love is a horror of emptiness.-Robert Bly


3. I am empty of everything. I am empty of everything but the thin, frail ghosts in my room.-Jean Rhys


4. A sad soul needs an infinite horizon which can throw all his sorrow into the silence of the eternal emptiness!-Mehmet Murat ildan


5. Become totally empty. Quiet the restlessness of the mind. Only then will you witness everything unfolding from emptiness.-Laozi


6. You are not feeling empty because you don’t have much money. You are feeling empty because you have not yet encountered your real self, you have not come to your authentic individuality.-Rajneesh


7. There are so many empty people walking around on this little planet. Lonely people. Angry people. Bitter. Forgotten.-Jeyn Roberts


8. I swear, I end up feeling empty, like you’ve taken something out of me and I have to search my body for scars.-Richard Siken


9. But what I did sense was an emptiness like a black hole inside of him, and there was no predicting what might emerge from a place like that.-Ryū Murakami


10. Every word is like an unnecessary stain on silence and nothingness.-Samuel Beckett


11. It is beautiful, it is endless, it is full and yet seems empty. It hurts us.-Jackson Pearce


12. We become aware of the void as we fill it.-Antonio Porchia


13. The artist’s job is not to succumb to despair but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence.-Woody Allen


14. Life is an empty bottle filled with love.-Santosh Kalwar


15. Emptiness which is conceptually liable to be mistaken for sheer nothingness is in fact the reservoir of infinite possibilities.-D.T. Suzuki


16. One must know oneself. If this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life and there is nothing better.-Blaise Pascal


17. But to me nothing, the negative, the empty, is exceedingly powerful.-Alan Watts


18. When I feel truly alone, with a sense of being lost, even empty inside, it is then I realize I have unknowingly moved away from God, so I move back.-David L. Weatherford


19. There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.-John Cage


20. The more space and emptiness you can create in yourself, then you can let the rest of the world come in and fill you up.-Jeff Bridges


21. I decided I would fill the emptiness in me with God and with paint.-Kimberly Novosel


22. This was the truth at the core of my existence: this yawning emptiness, scantily clad in rage.-Hillary Jordan


23. The greatest tragedies in life is not untimely death, but to live a life for emptiness.-Topsy Gift


24. The funny thing about having all this so-called success is that behind it is a certain horrible emptiness.-Sam Shepard


25. The rest of my life stretches out as an emptiness before me.-Kazuo Ishiguro


26. There’s just something obvious about emptiness, even when you try to convince yourself otherwise.-Sarah Dessen


27. This world that I live in is empty and cold the loneliness cuts me and tortures my soul.-Waylon Jennings


28. It’s not the feeling of completeness I need, but the feeling of not being empty.-Jonathan Safran Foer


29. Everyday we used to slip away to talk. We would talk about the goodness of your heart. Now it seems I admit that never exist at all and it leaves me feeling empty with this hollow chord.-Regina Belle


30. In all our searching, the only thing we’ve found that makes the emptiness bearable is each other.-Carl Sagan

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