7 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood In Less Than 5 Minutes

improve your mood

It’s no wonder that bad moods are able to be sneaky and appear often. Based on the work of psychology expert Guy Winch, author of the book (Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts) a bad mood can be caused by any of the following: anxiety over not remembering the birthday of a loved one or a task that is that are on our list of things to accomplish and not receiving enough likes for the personal or significant Facebook share. In essence, we are all extremely sensitive and it’s not uncommon or unusual for small factors to put us down.

According to a psychologist study reported in ABC News, while a part of our happiness is determined by genetics and environment, research suggests that as high as 40% can be controlled by our decisions and thoughts.

This means that there’s certainly a lot of things we can do when we feel depressed.

There Are Seven Methods To Boost Your Mood In Under 10 Minutes.

1. Listen To Upbeat Music

According to a study from 2013 released at the University of Missouri, listening to music that is upbeat could actually boost spirits. The study’s author, Yuna Ferguson, noted that it’s crucial not to be overthinking “Am I really happy?” when you listen, and instead let yourself be in the moment and be in the moment and enjoy the experience. Don’t be afraid to crank up the music whenever you’re feeling down.

2. Have A Good Time And Have A Laugh

Based on an article in prevention, a study carried out at Stanford University showed that laughter can increase dopamine levels inside our brains which is a chemical responsible for elevating mood. According to Mayo Clinic, laughter is also a great way to increase oxygen levels in the body and reduce the stress response system, which results in a more positive, more relaxed and a more positive feeling. So next time you’re down Try putting on some comedy from Amy Schumer and something from an SNL online short film on YouTube You’ll likely feel much better!

3. A Walk Around The Block

Daniel Kripke, M.D. of The Daniel Kripke M.D. from the University of California said that, “Studies show that people who have the most light exposure throughout the day are less likely to suffer from sleep issues and lower depressive symptoms as well as evidence that suggests that exposure to light keeps you productive and alert.” Furthermore physical and mental health experts Jack Raglin, Ph.D. claims that “Studies have proven that even moderate exercise, around 40 % of maximum heart rate can improve your mood” and suggests engaging in activities that are compatible with the mood you’re in rather than trying into doing something that you’re not really feeling for example, gardening instead of attending a noisy Zumba class.

4. Declutter

The author of The Highly Sensitive People, Elaine Aron, Ph.D. stated that “clutter can serve as an indicator of tasks that ought to be accomplished, but haven’t been,” and can help to create feelings of failure and also mentioned that you don’t need to spend the entire day decluttering in order to feel better, since “just the feeling of order can relax your mind.” Aron advised putting things in tidy piles and stacks for a quick lift in mood.

5. Hug Someone You Love

Tiffany Field, head researcher at the University of Miami’s Touch Institute, said in an article published in Psychology Today in which she said that “when it is possible to stimulate pressure receptors on the skin and body, you reduce levels of stress hormones,” and also that touching someone else increases oxytocin levels, which can improve our mood. Field advised rubbing your forehead, the neck, hands and forehead because self-massage has been proven to lower heart rate as well as reduce the cortisol stress hormone within our bodies.

6. Consider What You Think Was Successful

In a different article published from Psychology Today, health and wellness expert Susan Biali, M.D. suggested that you reflect on 3 things going smoothly or three happy events in your life, and then play them back in your mind. According to Biali, reliving these memories will bring back your good mood and emotions they originally brought about.

7. Let Yourself Let Yourself Vent

Psychology Today contributor and psychologist Leon F. Seltzer, Ph.D. has said there are many advantages of venting about your problems to a close friend and assisting with your mood is among the benefits. “In some (though it’s not always the case in all) situations , it’s better you to let out your negative feelings rather than tuck them within,” he says, and that “venting helps you to regain your equilibrium.” While you shouldn’t wish to be the one at work or at home that is constantly focusing on the negative aspects of life, there’s certainly a time and space and an emotional reason to let your emotions out when you need to.

There’s no reason why a negative mood shouldn’t cause you to lose your day or even a small portion of it. When we’re feeling down over something at work, or have a minor conflict with someone else An instant boost is easily within reach It’s All you need is the desire to feel better and to take a few deliberate steps to get there.

If you’re noticing that your mood swings last longer than they should or if you’re unable to manage to shake them off don’t be afraid to talk to professionals. Visit or for information on the best ways to seek assistance in your community.

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