This Is The Reason Most People Get Stuck In Mediocrity

This is the reason most people get stuck in mediocrity

The main reason people get stagnant is that they are unwilling to let themselves fail. The reason why people are afraid to fail is due to the fact that they believe failure is synonymous with defeat. The fear of failure causes them to be so insecure that they are unable to take a step forward.

The human race isn’t finished after they’ve been defeated. They’re completed when they stop.
Many people associate failure as rejection but it’s true that the need for adversity is essential if you desire to achieve success. We’re taught at an early age to be fearful of failing, so we walk into the world with the confidence of a sluggish wuss.

“It cannot be possible to be a human being and not fail on something. That is, until you are with such a stoicism that you could be better off not having lived in the first place. In that case, you’ll fail on the spot.”–J.K. Rowling

Very few will be truly successful in life or business and so let’s take an look at the reason that so many people end up stuck in mediocrity.

1. Do Not Suppress, Ignore Or Try To Avoid Negative Emotions

If you make an error, or suffer a setback, it is easy to doubt ourselves and doubt our capabilities. In the end, we are afraid of failing and choose to accept the status quo.

“The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency; not in our doing too much, but rather in our doing too little; not in our living above our ability, but rather in our living below our capacities”–Benjamin E. May

Our culture suggests that we need to seek ways to block or avoid negative emotions which is why we’ve become experts in how to get rid of discomfort. If you’re like many people, you’ve gone through the lengths of avoiding negative emotions such as anger, fear, jealousy and even. This isn’t because you don’t feel them, but you’ve learned to ignore these feelings and pretend they aren’t there.

Recent research by The University of Texas has discovered that when we stay away from emotions in order to avoid emotions, they actually make them more powerful.

The emotions are intended to stimulate our bodies and push us to take actions. If we choose to ignore or evade your emotions even those that are negative that we are putting physical stress on our bodies.

How To Make It Work For You:

If you’re required to be aware of your negative feelings however, you shouldn’t be experiencing them all at the same time. This causes an excessive amount of confusion within your brain. When you acknowledge your feelings in small increments and then let them go, they become simpler to manage. The amygdala, which is the part of your brain that is emotional is blocked when you try to suppress your emotions. If you are able to acknowledge the things that bother you the frontal lobes of your brain get engaged. This is the part of the brain that can solve problems and locates solutions.

2. Never Be Prepared To Deal With The Possibility That Something Unexpected Might Take Place

There might be some people who go through life riding on the force of their enthusiasm, however, more intelligent (and prosperous) people recognize that if we don’t prepare for the challenges and roadblocks that are thrown in our way We’ll remain buried in the mediocre.

” Begin each day by declaring to yourself: Today, I will be interacting with ingratitude, interference and insolence, as well as disloyalty, selfishness, and ill-will.”–Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius was not a optimist, he was a realist who had prepared himself for the possibility of any outcome. He was a strong man who was not one to be taken in the dark about what might occur during the course of his day. He had experienced what it was like to be thrown off his face when faced with the unimaginable or unpredicted.

Positive thinking is an essential component of mental strength. The ability to see your life in a positive way and to remind yourself of the possibilities of what might go wrong isn’t optimism. It’s being smart. There will be unfriendly bosses, coy colleagues, and a sour customer. So why not be prepared for them?

FBI agents don’t prepare for arrests by thinking that all will go according to plan. They conduct a pre-mortem in order that they are aware of everything that could be wrong and plan for it.

The people who remain in stagnation are more likely become frustrated and then blow an agreement or lose control during a heated negotiation. They’re not able to think of every possible obstacles and setbacks and figure out ways to deal with and overcame the challenge before it turns into the reality.

cognitive Behavioral Therapy recommends that you spend time thinking about the possible negatives of an event or conversation prior to the event can help you to avoid an “oh sh*t” moment.

How To Make It Work For You:

Make the effort to contemplate the possibility of the worst and let yourself feel the negative aspects. If you do this, you’ll be able to control the negative drama the emotions that arise from them can create.

3. Do Not Live A Life That Isn’t Based On The Right Values

Most people are content with mediocrity due to the fact that they don’t know what their values are. These are true values, not superficial ones that are determined by money, sex or power. Values that are distorted through greed and are glamorized by the media. These are those that promise white teeth, perfect hair and a lifetime of happiness.

Morality is eroded when the society tries to shield them from suffering and pain. Suffering and pain are essential since they teach us to look out for while we’re still young and discovering how the world operates.

They teach us to distinguish between the good and the bad.

Good problems are often the ones that cause the possibility of failure, pain and suffering. They are also the ones which will determine our attitudes. Mediocrity is a problem when we place a high value on untrue things and assume that they will bring us joy.

Good values must meet certain criteria:

  • We are in control, that is not tied to external events to trigger them.
  • Give purpose to our lives.
  • Let us feel that we’ve contributed to the world.

” The two most important dates in your lifetime are when that you get born as well as the day that you discover the reason the reason” -Mark Twain Mark Twain

How To Make It Work For You:

Take time learning about what’s essential to you. Chat with people who inspire you or look up biographies of someone whom you would like to follow. The reason you choose to pursue something is as important as the thing you are pursuing. Find something bigger than you and be prepared to face issues that can cause you to feel uncomfortable for a while.

4. Reliance On Talent Is Too Dependent

We are enticed by success to believe that our abilities are sufficient. We fail to consider the external influences or events that may be at play.

The fact that we’ve had the right decision previously doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll have the same luck this time. If you’ve led an organization that has produced impressive figures, it’s tempting to declare yourself an expert and give yourself credit for the success.

Butwhat happens do you do if your invention could be the result of a stroke of luck or an outcome of a competitor’s issues? Sugar can transform into an utter waste of time and you might end up struggling to make ends meet in the overcrowded middle, stuffed with one-hit wonders with all the others sucked up by the lure of being average.

How you handle failure will determine how successful you are.

A successful person will come up with an action plan to achieve success, however it’s not a good idea to make one up and not change it. Whatever clever or skilled you may be it is essential to continually revise your strategy so that you can test and tweak to improve your performance.

It’s equally important to know why you succeed just as you need to comprehend why you fail.

How To Use It To Your:

Advantage Congratulations on your achievement! Afterward, reflect of the reasons and how it occurred. Examine all the pressure points you encountered along the way, the times where a choice or action could have a significant impact on the final outcome. Review your thinking procedure as you made each choice. What was the key factor? Did you follow your instincts or base your decision on the facts? There isn’t a correct way to conduct things however it’s crucial to know how you come to your choices and what elements influence them.

5. Willing To Fail

” Most great people have had their greatest accomplishments just one step away from their most disastrous failings.”–Napoleon Hill

People become stuck in mediocrity due to the exhaustion of fighting to be the best. They don’t realize that life isn’t all about winning or losing.

Entrepreneurs and startups that succeed fail and then recover, build, risk but then fail. In the end, it’s about more than the outcome of their ventures and what they learnt from the experiences.

The process of failing isn’t fun, however there isn’t a single recipe for success. It’s always a trial-and failure process in which we decide whether or not we want to learn from our mistakes.

It’s only a matter of time before you fail to take the lessons learned from your mistakes.

How To Use It To Your:

When we fail, then get up and go again, we strengthen our muscles. Similar to that you can let your failures serve as a valuable teaching tool that will help to you succeed in the near future.

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