9 Reasons Why Avoiding Mediocrity Will Make You Successful

9 Reasons Why Avoiding Mediocrity Will Make You Successful

1. Pack Your Schedule

A lot of people waste a lot of time, typically 60 to 100 hours per week, due to lots of downtime and aren’t working enough.

Set a timer. Make a schedule every 30 minutes and fill it up to the brim with items that you are excited about. This could be anything that stimulates you or it could be work, or it could be a nap, it could be watching a film or playing an instrument, and so on.

Make sure to pack it up so that you’re the only one who can control your time and you can discover what you’re capable of.

2. Do Things That No One Else Would Ever Do

If someone tells you that it cannot be done, or it’s impossible, then you’re the first to see if it can be done.

Check it out, and see whether it is actually impossible, then try to come up with a solution. You will become the person everyone turns to when they need something done that’s too complicated.

This will put you ahead of the pack with the abilities you develop in dealing with tough issues, not abandoning the task, and by realizing that your capabilities are higher than you think.

3. You Can Learn More Than Everyone Else

Not only by studying at school, but more specifically about yourself, what you can do to grow and learn to be successful in all areas within your daily life.

Study every single day. At least one hour per day through watching videos or by reading, and you’ll become better informed that the common person that gives you more control over your own life.

4. Between 2 To 4 Books A Month

This is at least one every two weeks. Maybe even one a week.

The majority of people read four books in the course of an entire year. If you are able to finish 6 – 12 times the amount this means that you’ll be six to twelve times ahead of the rest of us and ahead of the average person.

5. Stop The TV And The Video Game Addiction

If I see your in 10 years’ time at an airport, and I ask what you’ve accomplished over the past 10 years, do you prefer to say “Oh … I’ve just watched a bunch of movies and shows, and played a few game … little or nothing.”

Would you like to say “I put in a lot of effort to getting my goals accomplished and became an expert in every aspect of my life. I traveled all over the globe, met wonderful people, and then finally got the job I’ve always wanted.”

You’re not making the choice to live this life for the next 10 years. You’re making this choice now! Make the decision that most people are too scared to make and pursue your dreams.

6. You Should Get Up Earlier Than The Rest Of Us

If you rise early in the morning it means that you have control over your life.
The majority of mistakes, regrets and poor decisions take place after 10pm. Get to bed earlier so that you can rise earlier and take better choices that result in a better lifestyle that will get you out of the category of “average.”

7. Stop From Thinking Of Money As Something Evil

“Money isn’t all that matters”, “Money doesn’t make you feel happy”, “Money corrupts”. These are the words of people who didn’t have any money.

What do they know? Money isn’t everything and does not bring happiness however, it certainly as hell isn’t the thing that is causing people to become corrupt I’m betting that I’d be happier if I was rich than those who are poor.

Money is nearly everything. With money, we can be as we please and so forget about it as something evil and consider it as your duty to be able to pay for things!

You have a responsibility to look after yourselfand your family and give you and them the most satisfying possible life, which is why you should have funds. It’s your responsibility.

Make yourself the kind of person who makes use of money to do amazing things, noble acts, and invests it in noble causes. Be ethical and successful simultaneously, but you must be prosperous!

8. Do Not Give Up The Things You Truly Desire

A majority of people abandon their plans when things become tough , then complain that they didn’t get what they wanted.

It’s inevitable that it will be difficult! You’ll cry, get angered, scared, upset and beat to a pulp but once the average person isn’t rising, you must to stand up.

What are you looking for?

What is it that you really really want?

Whatever you want to achieve, no matter how difficult it might seem, do not abandon, never quit for it. And don’t accept anything less than the best.

Get it, or die trying. This is the mindset of the winners.

9. Be Excited

The average person is either bored and angry or all three. If you’d like to rise above the average and be a success, you have to live life with joy!

Even even if you’re not feeling it, simply decide to be enthusiastic and excited.
Do this regularly and you’ll become it all the day, every day; it’s a muscle not just an emotion therefore, train it as one!

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