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Beautiful Evening Quotes

Beautiful Evening Quotes
1. The evening news is a concept whose time has come and gone. -Bernard Goldberg

Bernard Goldberg

2. This evening is as brief as the twinkling of an eye yet such twinklings is what eternity is made of. -Fred Rogers


3. Evenings are the beautifully sweet spot between the harsh light of the day and the dead darkness of night. -Annonymuos


4. The evening’s the best part of the day. You’ve done your day’s work. Now you can put your feet up and enjoy it. -Kazuo Ishiguro


5. Evenings are the beautiful sweet spot between the harsh light of the day and the dead darkness of the night. -Annonymuos


6. The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks: The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs: the deep Moans round with many voices. -Lord Alfred Tennyson


7. Evenings are your chance to forget the mistakes you made during the day, so for the sweetest of dreams, you can pave the way. Good evening. -Annonymuos


8. If I could reach up and hold a star for every time youve made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand. -Annonymuos


9. In the evenings the art of building gave way to that of music, which is architecture, too, though invisible. -Marguerite Yourcenar


10. One evening you may learn about enlightenment, koans, meditation and personal power. -Frederick Lindemann

Frederick Lindemann

11. When the evening shadows and the stars appear and there is no one there to dry your tears. I could hold you for a million years. To make you feel my love. -Adele


12. Each morning sees some task begin, Each evening sees it close; Something attempted, something done, Has earned a night’s repose. -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


13. The evening praises the day, and the morning a frost. -George Herbert


14. Evening is a time of real experimentation. You never want to look the same way. -Donna Karan


15. Night time is really the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone else is asleep. -Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O'Hara

16. Evenings allow you to forget the bitter worries of the day and get ready for the sweet dreams of night. Good evening. -Annonymuos


17. Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness. -Poppy Z. Brite


18. The evening of a well spent life brings its lamps with it. -Joseph Joubert


19. Every evening words, not stars, light the sky. No rest in life like life itself. -Umberto Saba


20. The evening star is the most beautiful of all-stars. -Sappho

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