Calm App Review: Is This App Worth the Subscription Fee?

Calm App Review

The top meditation apps provide guided meditations and more. They offer meditation exercises that can help you relax, reduce anxiety and assist you in getting rest better and improve your mood and overall well being. They can help ease anxiety in the event of a panic attack. At your fingertips, meditation apps really work. With users of the Calm meditation application 81 percent reported less stress, and 73% had more restful sleep. In actual fact 84 percent of Calm users reported improvement in their mental health in general.

There are a lot of good mindfulness apps for 2021. How can you choose the best app for meditation that is available? Is Calm worth the subscription fee when there’s so much free meditation content out there? Let’s dig in.

What Exactly Is The Calm Sleep And Meditation App?

Calm is one of the most well-known sleep applications for relaxation, meditation and sleep worldwide. There are millions of people who use it. Calm is currently in the title as the No. 8 most downloaded fitness and health app on the App Store. It also won an award in 2017. App of the Year award. There’s also Calm on Google Play, and there’s even the desktop version of Calm. It was designed for adults, and the application offers features for children and is recommended for those 4 and up. Calm is widely used by families to ease tension and ease the depression symptoms in preteens and teenagers.

What Is It That Makes Calm An Excellent App For Meditation?

Relaxation Makes Mindfulness Easier

If you’re novice to the practice of meditation and apps, an app that has more than 700 guided meditations may seem daunting. In the end, if you’re looking to unwind and rest better, the process of figuring out the new technology is time-consuming, even if it’s not a stressful experience.

But don’t worry. Calm is simple to use. The first time you launch this app, it asks users with a couple of questions. Then, Calm personalizes your experience by focusing on your needs, for example more restful sleep, greater appreciation, less anxiety and happiness enhancement, improved performance, or even higher self-esteem. For children, options include peaceful sleep and calming emotions. It will take about one minute to set up and you’ll immediately get personalized meditation sessions that will start you off.
Mood check-ins, emails, and a new navigation system will help in keeping Calm’s library of resources organized and available at any moment of day or evening.

Daily Calm

One tool to start can be the Daily Calm. Narrated by mindfulness teacher and author Tamara Levitt These 10-minute sessions of meditation offer an uncanny mix of relaxation and the invigoration. Tamara uses the power of visualization while encouraging your breathing and bringing awareness of your body’s state. These sessions are great to take during lunch and I’ve discovered them to be the most effective mindfulness exercises to begin your day. People will be enthralled by the quality of sound and soft natural sounds that are a part of the environment.

Library Of Guided Meditations

Calm includes over 700 meditations guided by Tamara Levitt and other mindfulness experts. Do not be worried about having to go through the vast selection of meditations by yourself. Choose from categories like beginner meditation, stress management and sleep improvement, personal growth, increasing focus and many more. There are also children’s and non-guided meditation categories.

The typical mindfulness and meditation sessions last between 3 and 30 minutes. Certain tracks are multiple steps that last over weeks or days to help you develop your best meditation routines. Similar to Daily Calm, the sound quality is fantastic with high-quality headphones or earbuds. A lot of meditation sessions incorporate ambient sounds that assist you in tuning out the world to have a more profound focussed experience.

You Can Sleep Better When You Use The Sleep Feature

Do you struggle to sleep? Do you struggle to put your day behind and relax in the peace of a peaceful relaxation? Everyone struggles at some moment in our lives.

Calm has a broad range of options for sleep, including meditations and stories to read before bed for adults and children, soothing soundscapes and music. You can even use a simple sleep timer, so that the music and sounds last only several minutes or all through the night.

The most notable option can be found in an excellent selection is the Sleep Remix Series. The songs here invite you to join in with familiar sounds and voices and tempos that are designed to be restful. The songs are fantastic and the familiarity of them draws you to join in. The selection includes music from Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, Jhene Aiko, and more that were specifically designed for sleep-related relaxation.

Calm Comes With Other Aspects Of Health And Mindfulness, Too

Calm is a spirited app that comes with a variety of other features that keep you interested and learning. Each feature is well integrated with the app and enhances your experience, but not becoming “tacked on” or gimmicky.

For example, Master Classesprovides fifteen classes to provide guidance on issues like reaching high performance, living in stoicism and eating with mindfulness. The Spark On contrary, is an interview-style podcast format to address topics like envisioning the future, understanding dreams, and how to talk about politics in a way that is effective. The Calm The Body With Katie Shill and Christi-an Slomka leads you through movement and exercises that help relieve tension, improve mood and help you sleep better.

Then, there’s the ability to breathe. It’s a simple, yet efficient app that guides users through breath exercises that assist you in relaxing, energising and focusing, recharge or release stress. Set the timer to just a few minutes and the app assists you breathe better. Since I keep Calm available on my iPhone I was making use of this feature multiple times throughout the day, when I began to feel excessively “wound up” or unfocused.

Where The Calm App Could Be Improved

The Calm meditations are designed to be suitable for beginners to intermediate levels. If you’re an expert in meditation, and want to take the most profound, master’s-level instruction, this app probably isn’t the right one suitable for you. It is important to appreciate Tamara Levitt’s style of instruction and voice, as she is the source of some of the material.

In addition, some might consider the $69.99 annual fee for a subscription to be too expensive. The free trial period of seven days will help to reduce the cost a bit. Test Calm at no cost, and If you decide to stop the easiest way to do so is to do so via Calm’s website. Calm website. Just visit your profile and click “subscriptions” to find the cancel button.

Is The Calm Application Worth The Cost?

The advantages of apps for meditation in increasing mindfulness, reducing stress and enhancing concentration are widely known. And Calm is in the top tier of meditation apps due to its quality and variety of information, usability, and the variety of features. It was the application used in the research study that demonstrated great effects on sleep and mindfulness for users.

There’s a lot of similar content available at no cost on YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming services. If you’re looking to unwind or enjoy some sleep stories you can easily take a trip down the wormhole for 20 minutes to search on the internet. Additionally the quality of the results will differ.

I was impressed by the ease of having so much information in only one place. It is well worthwhile Calm subscription cost. You’ll never have to spend more than a few minutes searching for the exact information you require. With a price of only a few dollars per day, peace is worth every penny.

Is The Calm Application Worth The Cost?

Find Calm At:

The Apple App Store
Google Play
Calm Website for Desktop

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