What If You Focused On The Positive And Avoid The Negative

positive focus

Look at the times you decide to concentrate on the positive and not the negatives. When you consider the events in your own life, do you consider it half empty or full?

The way you look at things is crucial, and if you opt to be negative, you’re creating negativity that will cloud your judgement and deprive you of positive energy.

In this article, we’ll outline the main reasons to stop negative thoughts and be focused on positive things.

What happens when we concentrate on the positive, more than we focus on the negative? This kind of shift in mindset could make you healthier, open your mind to new possibilities and boost your creativity.

How Does It Make Us Healthier

Exercise regularly, drinking water and eating healthy foods are known ways to boost your well-being. And, hey, it’s a good thing to be thinking positively!

Positive thinking has been proven to have a direct effect on your overall health. Based on The Mayo Clinic, you can anticipate everything from an increase in life span to a lower incidence of depression as well as a greater immunity to the common cold.

Lisa Yanek, M.P.H. at Johns Hopkins, found in her study “People with a family history of heart disease who also had a positive outlook were one-third less likely to have a heart attack or other cardiovascular event within five to 25 years than those with a more negative outlook.”

Who would have imagined?

This World’s Full Of Possibilities

Positive outlook can make your life more accessible. If we dwell on the negative aspects and events of our lives We’re not just dwelling in the past but are also shutting off the possibility of the future. Who would want to think about the future if you only see the negative?

If you can see positive results and feel positive emotions, excitement, joy, love and more, you will see greater possibilities for your future and all around. Have you ever encountered an Dreamer who was Debbie Downer?

The Benefits Of Being More Innovative

Creative thinking and optimism can go hand-in-hand. A positive attitude can increase your creativity and help you achieve the state in “flow”, which has been compared with the experience and stress-reducing advantages of meditation as a traditional practice.

It has been proven that when you participate in a creative activity–cooking knitting painting, writing etc.–you are in a condition in which you are “flow.” There, you can be completely immersed and feel content without the need to worry about your self. The state of “flow” is a positive and a happy atmosphere, allowing you to discover your creative side and increase your self-esteem.

3 Ways To Be More Positive

It’s an easy task to advise individuals to “be more positive.” What is that actually means? Three simple steps you can take on today to build an optimistic mindset.

Smile Smile Even even if you do not want to smile transmits brain signals which trigger an increase in dopamine serotonin, as well as endorphins. these are the neurotransmitters that make you happy.

Create Create As I said above making crafts will put your brain into the flow state that allows happiness and positive energy to surround you. Are you unsure where to begin? Get a copy of my ebook Positivity through Creativity and start working with one of the 52 small creative projects right now!

Send it forward Helping others helps you get from your own pity party and helps you see things from a different the right perspective. It’s a pleasure to smile and make someone happy and make the task simpler or just make contact with someone new. Try to do one good little thing for people every single day!

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