Power Of Subconscious Mind And How It Can Transform Your Life

Power of subconscious

Your subconscious is a master at balancing work and easy tasks. This is easily demonstrated by asking you how many great ideas you have had while driving, or in the shower. Your mind works best when you are relaxed and not distracted.

The subconscious mind does the following things:

  • Increase your motivation
  • Make you happier
  • Increase your emotional intelligence


By focusing your subconscious on one issue, you will be changing your mindset. You will see things from new perspectives that you have never seen before. This subconscious request can be used for both personal and work-related issues.

It takes only five minutes to complete the three-step request.

Step 1: Close your eyes and spend one minute making a request to your subconscious. You can ask for anything. It could be anything. I would begin small. I wouldn’t ask to be an astronaut before the end of the month. Your subconscious is pretty good, but not very good.

Step 2 Spend two minutes to imagine yourself being able to accomplish this task. You must visualize yourself fulfilling the request you made to your subconscious, whether it’s getting motivated to jog before work or eating healthy snacks.

Imagine yourself getting up earlier than usual to run before work. Then, imagine yourself getting dressed in your workout clothes and running shoes and then heading out into the fresh air.

You feel great after you have started jogging and are able to see the sun rising over the buildings and hear the birds chirping.

Step 3 Imagine the feelings you will feel when you accomplish this new task. What do you feel after a morning jog and when you return to your home? Are you feeling energized? Energized? Allow it to sink in and then go to bed. Your subconscious will do the rest.

Your subconscious mind is eager to improve your life. You just need to trust its immense resources and let it do its work.

Make Your Request Real

Although you may not feel the urge to run after your subconscious prompt, it is possible to imagine yourself doing the same thing for the next few weeks. Next, take a 5-minute walk and put on your workout gear.

These are the first steps to get you started with your jogging. After a few weeks, you can just start to go.

Once you are geared up for jogging, you should be motivated to take action.

You can increase your emotional momentum and create motivation to do things that make you happy.

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