How To Escape Mediocrity And Live A Life You Want To

How To Escape Mediocrity

Imagine yourself sitting down on a hot radiator. You will feel the intense heat on the bottom of your bum within a matter of seconds. Then, you can jump up and curse before moving to another place. You’ll feel fine.

Imagine you are in a hot, uncomfortable room. You feel lazy and it isn’t enough to make your body open the windows or lower the heat. You stay there, feeling uncomfortable, for hours.

Many people live like this. It’s okay, but not comfortable enough to make any changes.

As in the previous example, usually leads to more discomfort over the long-term than the acute painful situation. If you don’t know some clever tricks (covered below), being mediocre will lead to complacency.

Discover How Your Life Is Right Now

You can group what you do into three main categories.

  • It is terrible
  • Mediocre
  • Great

(Yes, it is an obvious and arbitrary way of lumping things, but you will see how useful it is.

As we said, mediocre is sometimes worse than terrible. However, it doesn’t force you to do anything. Although it isn’t great, it’s not enough to motivate you to do something about it.

Let’s get started:

How To Escape Mediocrity

You’re doing well, just keep going. It’s not terrible, but it’s not great. How can you motivate yourself to make your life better?

It all comes down to The pain and pleasure principle.

Mediocrity can be a dangerous trap because it doesn’t give you enough discomfort to make you move and change.

The intense pain that motivates you to make a change in your life, will have you sitting down on a radiator for a few seconds. You’ll be fine in no time. You can still sit comfortably in a hot room for hours.

Similar to a dull life , you can be trapped for years and live a decent existence. While it won’t make you get up in the morning to be excited, it’s not enough to make your heart pound and shout “I WILL SEE CHANGE!

Let’s motivate you to live the life truly desire!

Motivation Comes From Your Emotion

All day you can think of the rational reasons why you want to change. Motivation comes from within your gut.

Finding more rational reasons is not the key to motivation. It’s not enough to find more logical reasons. Instead, imagine how wonderful your life will be if things change. Then, jump up and shout, “I WILL Change!”

Enjoy Pleasure And Pain

Spend a few minutes answering the following questions and then imagine the answers. This will provide you with a powerful motivational boost to propel you toward greatness.

Doing it now will embed this principle in your subconscious so that you can reap the benefits later.

Okay, let’s get started:

  • What would you do to make your life better? What would your “great life” look like?

It’s possible to visualize it if you take a moment. Making money doing what you love. You can spend your time doing what you love. Friends will be a joy to hang out with.

It’s possible to visualize it right now.

Okay, now come back.

  • Take a moment to think about what your life would look like if you continue living in mediocrity. Maintaining an “alright job.” Living an “alright life.”

If you continue living this way, where will you be 20 years from now?

Imagine yourself on your deathbed, looking back at your life. What will it feel like to live your life in harmony with your core values? What will you achieve?

What about a life of mediocrity? What will your final thoughts be? What will you see of your life? What would you do?

Escape From Mediocrity Is What You Need

Living a life that is in harmony with your values is the key to a fulfilling life. Do what you love. You live a great life when you wake up every morning excited and go to bed every night satisfied. You know that you have done a great job every day and each week, and that you are living the life you desire.

It’s worth it to change. Do you feel uncomfortable? It’s up you to decide. Your life will not change unless you desire it to.

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