Book Review: Practical Optimism For Wellness, Joy, And Success

In “Practical Optimism: The Art, Science, and Practice of Exceptional Well-Being“, Dr. Sue Varma introduces us to a powerful mindset that can help us not just cope but thrive in life’s challenges.

In an interview, the author explained that “Practical Optimism” was created to offer a comprehensive guide and philosophy for individuals to tackle life’s hurdles and achieve success in their personal and professional endeavors.

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Drawing from two decades of experience working with people facing trauma and everyday challenges, the author observed a common need for a resource that compiled the best practices developed through these interactions.

She shares her personal journey of overcoming health issues through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which inspired her to develop Practical Optimism (PO) – a blend of resilience and proactive strategies for growth.

This made her really want to find out how to stop stress from making people sick and how to assist others in doing the same.

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Basically, it pushed her to create the methods of practical optimism. This way of thinking mixes the toughness of regular optimism with ways to solve problems and grow personally.

Varma breaks down PO into eight pillars, like finding purpose and processing emotions, offering practical steps for improving well-being. She emphasizes that PO isn’t just about being positive but involves learning and practicing skills to navigate life better.

Practical Optimism: The Art, Science, and Practice of Exceptional Well-Being

Varma shows how PO combines belief in positive potential with practical skills for rational action.

While some parts may seem focused on external appearance, Varma’s passion for helping people live well shines through. The book provides self-assessment tools and exercises to help readers apply PO in their lives.

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The author emphasizes that the core of the Practical Optimism program lies in its practice; it’s a set of skills that we can consciously choose to develop and improve daily. The book doesn’t promote magical thinking; instead, it focuses on practical actions and behaviors.

Whether you’re facing challenges or aiming for personal growth, this book equips you with tools to navigate life with optimism and purpose.

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With self-check quizzes and fun activities, Practical Optimism helps us see the good in the world and be our best selves. It’s like a roadmap to feeling better, being happier, staying strong, succeeding, and living longer.

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