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From ‘Slammed’ To ‘It Ends With Us’: The Essential Colleen Hoover Reading Guide

Colleen Hoover Books In Order

If you’re active on BookTok, chances are you’ve come across the name Colleen Hoover time and again. She’s the undisputed queen of young adult romance, with smash hits like “Verity” and “It Ends With Us.” Currently, the buzz surrounds the upcoming film adaptation of the latter, featuring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni.

Who Is Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover, born on December 11, 1979, in Sulphur Springs, Texas, is a renowned American author celebrated for her captivating contemporary romance and young adult fiction novels.

Since her literary debut in 2011, Hoover has soared to become a New York Times bestselling author, with over 15 acclaimed books translated into more than 30 languages.

Notably, she has expanded her repertoire to include diverse genres, including psychological thrillers. Despite debates within the literary community about the weighty themes in her novels, such as trauma and abuse, Hoover’s stories ultimately offer messages of resilience and hope.

In 2015, Hoover founded Bookworm Box, a non-profit subscription service and bookstore dedicated to charitable causes, reflecting her commitment to making a positive impact beyond her literary achievements.

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Themes Explored In Colleen Hoover’s Novels

Colleen Hoover’s literary repertoire weaves together several recurring themes:

  • Love and Relationships: Hoover’s narratives often revolve around love stories, delving into the complexities of relationships and the hurdles faced in the pursuit of love.
  • Mental Health Portrayals: Frequently, Hoover addresses mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and PTSD, probing their impact on interpersonal connections and individual struggles.
  • Family Dynamics: Central to many of Hoover’s works are the intricacies of family relationships, as characters navigate the complexities of parent-child and sibling dynamics.
  • Self-Exploration Journeys: Characters in Hoover’s novels frequently embark on journeys of self-discovery, uncovering personal truths and desires along the way.
  • Trauma and Healing Narratives: Exploring themes of trauma and recovery, Hoover delves into the ramifications of abuse and addiction, illustrating the resilience of the human spirit.
  • Bonds of Friendship: Friendship serves as a significant motif, with characters relying on their friends for support and guidance through life’s trials.
  • Coping with Loss and Grief: Many of Hoover’s characters grapple with profound loss and grief, navigating the journey towards healing and renewal in the wake of tragedy.

Are Colleen Hoover’s Books Suitable For All Ages?

Colleen Hoover’s books are generally geared towards teenagers and young adults, though some may contain mature themes. While addressing topics like mental health and abuse, they’re crafted with sensitivity. Works like the “Slammed” series and “All Your Perfects” fall under new adult fiction, with potential explicit language or sexual content for older audiences.

However, titles like “It Ends With Us” and “Regretting You” cater to a broader readership as women’s fiction. Ultimately, parental discretion is advised, considering factors such as age, maturity, and individual sensitivities when determining suitability.

Honors And Awards For Colleen Hoover’s Writing

  • Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance for “It Ends with Us” (2016)
  • Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance for “Ugly Love” (2014)
  • Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction for “Hopeless” (2013)
  • Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance for “Hopeless” (2013)
  • RITA Award for Best Contemporary Single Title Romance for “It Ends with Us” (2017)
  • RITA Award for Best Contemporary Single Title Romance for “Confess” (2016)

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All Colleen Hoover Books In Order

All Colleen Hoover Books In Order

With many readers eager to stay abreast of Colleen Hoover’s latest offerings, compiling her bibliography into an accessible list is essential. However, the simultaneous release of different series and standalone titles presents a challenge in organizing them chronologically.

To simplify the process, we’ve categorized her works by series and presented them in the order of their release dates within each category.

Here are all of Hoover’s books in order of release:

  • Slammed” (2012): In her debut novel from 2012, Hoover delves into the whirlwind of first love with Layken and Will.
  • Point of Retreat” (2012): Continuing the narrative from “Slammed,” Hoover explores the unraveling romance of Layken and Will in this compelling sequel.
  • Hopeless (2013): As the inaugural installment of her Hopeless series, Hoover introduces readers to the captivating relationship between Sky and Dean.
  • This Girl” (2013): Concluding the Slammed series, Hoover offers readers the chance to experience the story from Will’s perspective.
  • Losing Hope (2013): As the second installment in the Hopeless series, readers uncover Dean’s truth, altering his bond with Sky irrevocably.
  • Finding Cinderella (2013): Serving as an epilogue to the Hopeless series, this novella introduces a new couple, Daniel and Six, while continuing the narrative of Dean and Sky’s relationship.
  • Maybe Someday (2014): Initiating her Maybe series, Hoover immerses readers into the intricate world of Sydney’s love life.
  • Maybe Not (2014): What’s more timeless than the classic enemies-to-lovers trope? Enter Hoover’s second novella in the Maybe series.
  • Ugly Love (2014): Among Hoover’s initial breakout successes, witness her deconstruction of the idea of love at first sight.
  • Confess (2015): Deception and secrets threaten to unravel a once-strong bond. Will Owen ever come clean? Dive into the story to find out.
  • November 9 (2015): Art and love intertwine in Hoover’s exploration of the evolving connection between a writer and his muse.
  • Too Late (2016): In a departure from her usual dramatic arcs, Hoover ventures into the realm of thrillers with Too Late. What unfolds when love collides with obsession?
  • It Ends With Us (2016): A pinnacle of Hoover’s repertoire, It Ends With Us continues to stand out in the fiction market. Initially a pure romance, it challenges readers to confront the complexities of love and violence.
  • Without Merit (2017): Venturing beyond her usual romantic themes, Hoover delves into the idealized family image, dismantling it with raw grit and honesty.
  • Never Never (2016): Teaming up with Tarryn Fisher, author of The Wives, Hoover ventures into the mystery genre, expanding her literary repertoire once again.
  • All Your Perfects (2018): Continuing the narrative within the Hopeless universe, Quinn and Graham navigate the challenges of a strained marriage in Hoover’s poignant tale.
  • Maybe Now (2018): In the long-awaited follow-up, Hoover delivers a gratifying conclusion to the storylines of her previous Maybe novels.
  • Verity (2018): A chart-topping sensation, Verity cements Hoover’s mastery of psychological thrillers. Embark on a chilling journey into the twisted history of Verity Crawford.
  • Finding Perfect (2019): Returning to familiar faces from Hopeless, Hoover revives beloved characters for a final novella, six years in the making.
  • One More Step (2019): Delve into the intricate bond of mother and daughter with Morgan and Clara, as Hoover navigates the complexities of maternal love, challenge, and celebration.
  • One More Step (2020): Hoover embraces the Bookworm Box challenge with her first anthology entry, crafting unique narratives from shared starting sentences.
  • Heart Bones (2020): Revisiting the themes of adolescent love, Hoover returns to her Slammed origins, exploring the tumultuous world of youthful romance.
  • Layla (2020): When tragedy strikes, Leeds endeavors to reignite his love with Layla, until unexpected events involving Willow disrupt their lives.
  • Two More Days (2021): Hoover rises to the Bookworm Box challenge once more, showcasing her literary prowess in this sequel anthology.
  • Reminders of Him (2022): Follow Kenna’s journey of redemption post-prison as she seeks reconciliation with her estranged daughter, in a poignant tale of fractured families and hope.
  • It Starts With Us (2022): Offering a fresh perspective, Hoover revisits the world of It Ends With Us from fan-favorite Atlas’s point of view, catering to the desires of her dedicated readership.

Colleen Hoover Stand-Alone Books

  1. “Reminders of Him”
  2. “It Ends With Us”
  3. “Verity”
  4. “November 9”
  5. “Ugly Love”
  6. “Heart Bones”
  7. “Regretting You”
  8. “All Your Perfects”
  9. “Confess”
  10. “Without Merit”
  11. “Layla”
  12. “Too Late”

Colleen Hoover Book Series

Slammed Series

Slammed Series

  1. “Slammed”
  2. “Point of Retreat”
  3. “This Girl”

Hopeless Series

Hopeless Series

  1. “Hopeless”
  2. “Losing Hope”
  3. “Finding Cinderella”
  4. “Finding Perfect”

Maybe Someday Series

Maybe Someday Series

  1. “Maybe Someday”
  2. “Maybe Not”
  3. “Maybe Now”

Never Never Series

Never Never Series

  1. “Never Never: The Complete Series”

It Ends With Us Series

It Ends With Us Series

  1. “It Ends With Us”
  2. “It Starts With Us”

A Guide To Hoover’s Series

The Slammed Trilogy

1. Slammed (2012)

In Hoover’s debut series opener, Slammed, an 18-year-old girl grapples with the sudden loss of her father. Finding solace in her poet neighbor, their budding romance faces turmoil when a shocking revelation tests their bond. Layken, amidst her role as a family anchor, teeters on the brink of collapse. Can her connection with Will survive the storm of secrets threatening their happiness? Hoover eloquently explores the complexities of young love in this captivating debut.

2. Point Of Retreat (2012)

In the second installment of the Slammed trilogy, Layken and Will face a pivotal question: How far will they go to salvage their love? When Will’s past resurfaces, Layken grapples with uncertainty about their future. As their relationship reaches a crossroads, they must confront whether the pain ahead outweighs their commitment. Will they choose to endure or let go before it’s too late?

3. This Girl (2013)

In the concluding series of the Slammed trilogy, This Girl offers a fresh perspective by narrating the story from Will’s point of view. As they grapple with the shadows of his past, Layken and Will balance the weight of their history with the promise of tomorrow. Hoover skillfully revisits shared memories, providing new insights through differing viewpoints, enriching the narrative with depth and complexity.

The Hopeless Saga

1. Hopeless (2012)

In Hopeless, Sky, a sheltered 17-year-old, navigates the complexities of first love and buried secrets. Reuniting with Dean Holder, a former childhood friend now known for his troubled past, ignites a journey of discovery. As their connection deepens, Sky grapples with her past, unraveling life-altering truths. Will fate tear them apart or bind them closer together? Hoover crafts a compelling tale of love, redemption, and the power of truth.

2. Losing Hope (2013)

As the follow-up to Hopeless, Losing Hope delves into Dean’s tumultuous past and his poignant connection with Sky. Narrated from Dean’s viewpoint, Losing Hope offers fresh insights into his childhood, adolescence, and present-day, revealing the depth of his emotions as he navigates his journey with Sky.

3. Finding Cinderella (2013)

As a supplementary novella to the Hopeless trilogy, Finding Cinderella delves into a serendipitous encounter between two teens who feign love for an hour, sparking questions of authenticity. Daniel, Dean’s confidant, crosses paths with Six, Sky’s childhood friend, in a fateful moment of connection.

Their decision to leave their perfect encounter behind is tested a year later when they reunite, prompting them to confront the possibility of turning fantasy into reality. Hoover skillfully explores whether fairytales can manifest in the complexities of real-life relationships.

4. All Your Perfects (2018)

Tired of teen dramas? Dive into All Your Perfects, delving into the unraveling marriage of Quinn and Graham, as past wounds resurface to threaten their bond. While readable as a standalone, it’s also part of a larger series.

5. Finding Perfect (2019)

Consider Finding Perfect as a narrative bridge connecting various Hoover works. Serving as a sequel to Finding Cinderella, an extension of All Your Perfects, and the concluding chapter of the Hopeless series, it explores Daniel’s relationship with Six and their eventual heartbreak from his perspective.

The Maybe Trilogy

1. Maybe Someday (2014)

As the inaugural part of the Maybe trilogy, Maybe Someday delves into the life of a 22-year-old college student, Sydney, whose world shatters upon discovering her boyfriend’s infidelity. Drawn to her enigmatic neighbor Ridge, an undeniable connection forms between them. Hoover intricately weaves a narrative of friendship, love, and betrayal, captivating readers with Sydney’s journey of self-discovery amidst heartache.

2. Maybe Not (2014)

A sequel to Maybe Someday, Maybe Not shifts focus to fan-favorite character Warren. When Warren moves in with his polar opposite, Bridgette, sparks fly in this enemies-to-lovers tale. As they navigate their contentious living situation, readers are left to wonder: will animosity give way to romance or tear them apart? Hoover spins a captivating narrative, exploring the complexities of relationships and unlikely connections.

3. Maybe Now (2018)

As the third entry in the Maybe trilogy, Maybe Now shifts its focus to Maggie, who, facing illness, rediscovers an old bucket list, embarking on a journey to embrace life’s joys.

It Ends (And Starts) With Us

1. It Ends With Us (2016)

Among Hoover’s acclaimed works, It Ends With Us is set to hit the big screen, featuring Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni. Delving into Lily’s journey, it chronicles her tumultuous love triangle between neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid and her first love, Atlas Corrigan, rekindling old flames and testing new bonds.

2. It Starts With Us (2022)

As a sequel to It Ends With Us, this novel seamlessly continues the narrative, delving into the intertwined history of Atlas and Lily, alternating between their perspectives.

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