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Your Ultimate Guide To Reading David Baldacci’s Books In Order

David Baldacci Books In Order

Are you ready to embark on an adventure through the pages of David Baldacci’s novels? With a plethora of standalone novels and captivating series to explore, the journey ahead promises thrills and excitement. But where should you start? And how do you navigate the intricate web of recurring characters and interconnected plots?

  • Start with Standalones: You can jump into any standalone novel to get a feel for Baldacci’s style. Popular ones include “Absolute Power” or “Wish You Well.”
  • Choose a Series: Baldacci has several recurring characters. Some popular series include:
    • Amos Decker (Memory Man, The Last Mile) – detective with synesthesia
    • Will Robie (The Innocent, The Hit) – ex-military bodyguard
    • Camel Club (The Camel Club, The Collectors) – investigative journalists
  • Read Each Series in Order: Each series features an overarching story arc for the main characters. It’s best to follow their journeys chronologically within each series.
  • No Strict Order for Standalones: While some standalone novels might reference events from previous ones, it’s not crucial to read them in a specific order.

Are you prepared to start a journey through thrilling stories with mystery, suspense, and memorable characters? Our guide will help you read David Baldacci’s books in the right order, making it easy and exciting to explore his captivating tales. Let’s begin!

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About The Author

David Baldacci is a famous mystery thriller writer. His books are in over 45 languages and 80 countries. He’s sold over 110 million copies worldwide. He started writing as a child, encouraged by his mother. He’s been a published author for many years, known for his political mystery thrillers, some turned into movies.

David Baldacci’s Latest Book

david baldacci latest book 2024

Baldacci’s most recent book is Simply Lies, published on April 18, 2023. It’s a standalone psychological thriller. It’s about a former detective and a dangerous con artist playing a game of cat and mouse.

His next book is part of the Travis Devine: The 6:20 Man series. It’s called The Edge and is set to be released on November 14, 2023.

David Baldacci Books In Order

David Baldacci Books In Order

David Baldacci’s Standalone Novels

Most of David Baldacci’s books are series, but his first novels were standalone. Starting with his standalone works is a good idea. You’ll see how Baldacci developed his style. The list also includes his recent releases, showing his growth as an author.

Absolute Power (1995)

Absolute Power, turned into a Clint Eastwood film, is a gripping tale in Washington DC. Luther Whitney, a burglar, witnesses something that shatters his trust in justice. Can he expose a political conspiracy reaching the President?

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Total Control (1996)

Jason Archer, a rising star at Triton Global, wants the best for his family. But he’s caught in a deadly game. His disappearance leaves his wife, Sidney, in a sinister plot involving powerful individuals.

The Winner (1997)

LuAnn Taylor, a single parent in poverty, is offered a $100 million lottery win. She refuses, and soon she’s running for her life.

The Simple Truth (1998)

In this tense courtroom drama, Rufus Harms, a young soldier, is accused of a brutal murder. Twenty-five years later, new facts emerge, revealing an evil secret among Washington’s powerful men. Harms seizes his chance to escape, fearing for his life.

Saving Faith (1999)

Danny Buchanan used to work for big corporations but now lobbies in Washington to help the poor. CIA operative Robert Thornhill aims to destroy him when he learns Danny’s secret.

Wish You Well (2001)

After a car crash, Lou and Oz lose their father, and their mother is in a coma. Their great-grandmother takes them in on her mountain farm. But when natural gas is found, they fight to keep their home.

Last Man Standing (2001)

Web London, a former FBI Hostage Rescue Team member, survives a high-tech ambush, losing everything. Now he must find out why he’s the only survivor and stop the killer’s next move.

The Christmas Train (2002)

Disillusioned journalist Tom Langdon boards a train from Washington to LA after an airport incident. Little does he know, this journey will lead him to discover his true self in the heart of America.

True Blue (2009)

Mace Perry, a cop in DC, was framed for a crime she didn’t commit and lost everything. Now out of prison, she wants to rebuild her life but must find those who set her up. When a lawyer is murdered, Mace’s investigation intensifies.

One Summer (2011)

Army veteran Jack Armstrong, facing death, worries about leaving his wife and children. On Christmas Eve, tragedy strikes again as his wife dies in a car accident. But inheriting Lizzie’s childhood home leads to a summer of rebuilding for Jack and the children.

Simply Lies (2023)

Mickey Gibson, a single mom and ex-detective, works remotely for ProEye, chasing tax cheats. When asked to check an arms dealer’s home, she finds a body. Things get complicated as the dealer isn’t real, the victim has mob ties, and Mickey becomes a murder suspect. Now, she must clear her name in a deadly game of wits.

Calamity of Souls (Expected: April 16, 2024)

david baldacci Calamity of Souls

Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Books

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, ex-Secret Service agents now working as private investigators in Washington D.C. and Virginia, are tasked with thwarting national threats, uncovering dark secrets, and apprehending dangerous killers to protect the world.

Split Second (2003)

Secret Agent Sean King loses his career and a presidential candidate’s life due to a split-second distraction. Eight years later, Michelle Maxwell’s Secret Service career is halted when another candidate is kidnapped. Michelle reopens the old case and teams up with Sean to uncover the truth.

Hour Game (2004)

Ex-Secret Service agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell investigate the theft of secret documents from the wealthy Battle family’s residence. What seems like a simple burglary reveals links to more sinister events in Wrightsburg: a corpse in the woods, high school kids dead in a car, and a lawyer stabbed in her home. With a rising body count, they suspect a serial killer is at large.

Simple Genius (2007)

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are troubled by their past case. Sean helps Michelle get therapy, but she uncovers secrets instead. Meanwhile, Sean investigates a physicist’s mysterious death near Babbage Town. Can he uncover the truth and save Michelle?

First Family (2009)

At Camp David, a child goes missing during a birthday party. The First Lady asks Sean King and Michelle Maxwell for help. Sean has a history with her husband. Michelle has her own struggles. They face challenges from all sides in the rescue mission.

The Sixth Man (2011)

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell investigate alleged serial killer Edgar Roy’s case. But their inquiry halts when Roy’s lawyer is murdered. As they dig deeper, they uncover sinister events. With the FBI’s involvement, the case becomes more complex.

King and Maxwell (2013)

Sean and Michelle meet teenager Tyler Wingo, who believes his soldier father died in Afghanistan. Tyler receives an email from his father after his supposed death. They’re hired to investigate. Could Tyler’s father be alive? Was his mission genuine? Is Tyler in danger?

The Camel Club Series Books In Order

The Camel Club Series Books In Order

The Camel Club, a group of four unlikely partners in Washington D.C., pursue the truth, a challenging task. They gather support from an unconventional group of allies as they strive to uncover corruption.

The Camel Club (2005)

Oliver Stone, often near the White House, aims to reveal corruption. With his group, The Camel Club, they witness a murder. As they uncover a conspiracy, agent Alex Ford faces his worst nightmare.

The Collectors (2006)

Annabelle, a mysterious woman, plans a big heist. Jonathan DeHaven, head of Rare Books at the Library of Congress, is found dead. The Camel Club aims to find his wife, while Annabelle seeks revenge for her ex-husband’s death.

Stone Cold (2007)

Casino owner Jerry Bagger hunts Annabelle Conroy for swindling him. Stone and his team work to defend her. But a new deadly foe emerges, Harry Finn, with a mysterious past and lethal intentions.

Divine Justice (2008)

John Carr, known as ‘Oliver Stone’, is America’s most wanted man. He silences those who concealed his past. But his freedom sparks a massive manhunt led by Joe Knox. However, Knox’s superiors keep secrets, posing dangers.

Hell’s Corner (2010)

During a State Dinner for the British Prime Minister, an explosion occurs near the White House. Oliver Stone witnesses it and suspects a terrorist plot against the President. With the Camel Club’s help, they investigate. But things aren’t as they seem, and the attackers had a different target in mind. The Camel Club must stop them.

Bullseye (2014) (Short Story)

Government assassin Will Robie encounters Oliver Stone and the Camel Club during a bank heist. Robie becomes a hostage alongside Stone. But is the robbery just for money, or is there a more perilous target?

Freddy And The French Fries

Freddy And The French Fries

David Baldacci’s book series, Freddy And The French Fries, features titles like Fries Alive! and The Mystery Of Silas Finklebean.

Fries Alive! (2205)

Nine-year-old Freddy Funkhouser creates animated French fries for a parade float. After an electric shock, they come to life, leading to a wild adventure. Suitable for 9-12-year-olds.

The Mystery of Silas Finklebean (2006)

In the sequel to Fries Alive, Freddy Funkhauser finds scientist Silas Finklebean’s lab and a time machine blueprint. With Finklebean’s guidance, Freddy aims to impress bully Adam Spanker. Contains illustrations.

The Shaw And Katie James Series Books In Order

The Shaw And Katie James Series Books In Order


A covert team of government-backed agents, skilled and driven, tirelessly tracks down the globe’s most infamous criminals.

The Whole Truth (2008)

Super-rich arms dealer Nicolas Creel aims to start a new cold war to expand his business. As tensions rise, the lives of three individuals are intertwined: intelligence agent Shaw, academic Anna Fischer, and journalist Katie James. Can they prevent a global crisis?

Deliver Us From Evil (2010)

Evan Waller, a ruthless businessman, starts a venture that threatens global catastrophe. Shaw, an operative, pursues him to stop the deal. But Waller’s cruelty runs deeper than expected. Reggie Campion, from a secret vigilante group, also tracks him in Provence.

John Puller Series In Order

John Puller Series In Order

If you’re new to David Baldacci or love thrilling books, the John Puller series is perfect.

Zero Day (2011)

In this book, Puller investigates a brutal murder in a small West Virginia town. Despite being alone, he uncovers a conspiracy with the help of local detective Samantha Drake.

The Forgotten (2012)

As Army Special Agent John Puller, his latest case hits close to home. His aunt’s death in Florida seems accidental, but a letter she sent hints otherwise. Puller uncovers a conspiracy in Paradise.

The Escape (2014)

In this third installment, Puller faces family turmoil. His brother Robert, a convicted traitor, escapes prison. Puller, tasked by the FBI to capture him, joins forces with another agent. Doubts arise about Robert’s conviction. Can Puller uncover the truth and save his brother?

No Man’s Land (2016)

In Puller’s most personal case yet, his mother vanished when he was young. Now, military investigators accuse his father of murder. Puller, aided by his brother and a government agent, digs into their past to clear his father’s name. But a vengeful man threatens their quest. Will Puller uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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Will Robie Books In Order

Will is an efficient assassin, targeting criminals outside the law’s grasp. He follows orders without hesitation, until one day he rebels, facing persecution from his employers.

The Innocent (2012)

Will Robie, trusted by the American government for perilous missions, becomes hunted by his own employers after a mission failure. While evading capture, he encounters a teenage orphan seeking justice for her parents’ murder. Robie faces a choice: save himself or pursue justice.

The Hit (2013)

Agent Jessica Reel, a skilled assassin, turns rogue, targeting her former allies. Will Robie is tasked with apprehending her. However, he uncovers a broader conspiracy. In a conflict where both sides are adversaries, who can be trusted? Can Robie eliminate one of his own?


Will Robie encounters Oliver Stone from Baldacci’s Camel Club during a bank heist. Is it just a robbery, or is there more? Robie and Stone prove unexpected obstacles for the robbers.

The Target (2014)

The President relies on Will Robie and Jessica Steel for a perilous mission. Facing threats from the past and present, can they survive long enough to uncover their enemies and complete the mission?

The Guilty (2015)

Will Robie, hailed as the top assassin, faces turmoil when he hesitates during a mission. To secure his future, he confronts his past. Despite wanting to forget his Mississippi roots, Robie returns home to clear his father’s name of murder charges. However, it’s his toughest task yet.

End Game (2017)

Will Robie, a government assassin, usually takes orders from Blue Man. However, when Blue Man disappears during a fishing trip in Colorado, Robie and his partner Jessica Reel must locate him. What they find there is a dangerous situation unlike any they’ve faced before: an armed threat that could be fatal for them.

Vega Jane Books in Order

Experience Vega Jane’s adventure to the fullest by reading all four thrilling books in order. Get ready for nonstop action and suspenseful endings that will keep you on the edge of your seat! If you’re into this kind of series, here’s the list of Vega Jane books for you to enjoy from beginning to end!

The Finisher (2014)

Vega Jane lives in Wormwood, where no one leaves. She knows nothing exists beyond but the Quag, a dangerous forest. When Vega sees Quentin Herms run away, she realizes he was forced. Curious, she wants to know who chased him off and why. This sets her on a dangerous course to uncover Wormwood’s secrets and maybe discover the truth about the Quag.

The Keeper (2015)

Discovering Quentin’s escape prompts Vega Jane to uncover Wormwood’s secrets. Now unsafe, she must flee like Quentin. Facing Quag’s dangers, Vega, Delph, and Harry Two confront supernatural creatures and dark magic, aiming to reveal the truth.

The Width of the World (2017)

Vega Jane, Delph, and Harry Two escape the Quag, only to find a worse outside world. Unaware of their captivity, they must expose a cunning foe. With Petra’s help, they aim to change the world, but they need an army first.

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The Stars Below (2019)

Vega Jane confronts Nero, the evil sorcerer who imprisoned Wormwood in the Quag. Despite surviving, raising a resistance, and having support, Vega faces Nero alone in this decisive battle for the world’s fate.

Amos Decker Books in Order

Amos Decker Books in Order

Amos Decker, an FBI investigator, has a unique edge in crime solving. Created by David Baldacci, he stars in a bestselling series of thrilling books. There are six captivating books (and more coming!) about Decker.

Reading them in order lets you delve into his backstory and follow his personal journey as he solves mysteries. Here’s your guide to start with the Amos Decker books!

Memory Man (2015)

In the first book, meet Amos Decker, a former NFL player with a unique memory due to a head injury. Working as a detective, his perfect memory helps until his family is murdered. Devastated, Decker quits, but a year later, a man confesses, and Decker investigates.

The Last Mile (2016)

Amos Decker, now at the FBI, faces a case similar to his past: Melvin Mars, on death row for his parents’ murder, gets a last-minute confession from another. Decker questions Mars’s release, wondering who wants him free and why. What other secrets might Mars have?

The Fix (2017)

Amos Decker witnesses a shocking crime outside FBI headquarters: a man kills a woman before killing himself. Investigating, Decker finds no connection between them and no motive. Despite orders to stop, Decker works with the DIA to solve the case with high stakes.

The Fallen (2018)

Amos Decker and FBI colleague Alex Jamison visit Alex’s family in Baronville. They discover strange murders in the town, with obscure Bible verses left behind. Decker walks into a murder scene himself, making the case personal. As he investigates, Decker learns the impact reaches beyond Baronville.

Redemption (2019)

Decker returns to his hometown Burlington, OH, meeting Meryl Hawkins, the first criminal he arrested. Hawkins claims innocence and asks Decker to clear his name before he dies of cancer. Decker refuses, but when Hawkins is murdered, he starts to reconsider.

Walk the Wire (2020)

Amos Decker and Alex Jamison investigate a murder in London, North Dakota, a town transformed by fracking. The victim, a young woman, was found dead and expertly autopsied. They uncover her double life as a religious teacher and sex worker, revealing a town filled with oil and crime.

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Long Shadows (2022)

Amos Decker investigates a double homicide in South Florida: a federal judge and her bodyguard are dead. The judge’s face has a blindfold with eye holes cut out, indicating numerous enemies. However, the bodyguard’s involvement complicates matters.

Decker faces changes, including a new partner and revisiting his tragic past. As witnesses vanish, Decker and White delve into a tunnel of secrets, crimes, and scandal, facing their deadliest threat yet.

The Atlee Pine Series Books In Order

The Atlee Pine Series Books In Order

Atlee Pine, an FBI agent, possesses unique abilities and a troubled history. Assigned to remote areas of the United States, she is haunted by the childhood disappearance of her twin sister. Determined to seek justice, she dedicates her life to pursuing those who harm others.

Long Road to Mercy (2018)

Thirty years ago, FBI agent Atlee Pine’s twin sister, Mercy, was abducted. Serial killer Daniel James Tor was convicted of other murders, and Atlee believes he’s linked to Mercy’s disappearance. Now investigating a case in the Grand Canyon, Atlee must utilize her skills to the fullest.

A Minute to Midnight (2019)

In this story, Atlee Pine goes back to her sister’s vanished town. Given a break for overstepping during a criminal arrest, she seizes the chance to seek answers. But revisiting brings murder, buried secrets, and a shocking revelation that shakes Atlee’s beliefs

Daylight (2020)

In this third Atlee Pine book by David Baldacci, Atlee teams with her friend, military investigator John Puller. They investigate Ito Vincenzo, who kidnapped Atlee’s sister. Uncovering lies, they reveal truths that shake democracy. The sister’s fate shocks Atlee deeply.

Mercy (2021)

FBI agent Atlee Pine and assistant Carol Blum finally uncover what happened to Pine’s twin sister, Mercy, abducted at age six. This incident shattered Pine’s family. Untangling the web of deception and revenge proves more perilous than expected.

The Aloysius Archer Series Books In Order

The Aloysius Archer Series Books In Order

Aloysius Archer, a WWII veteran and private investigator, has just been freed from prison for a wrongful conviction.

One Good Deed (2019)

Murder, secrets, revenge, and a hint of romance unfold in this thrilling noir-inspired tale. Aloysius Archer seeks a fresh start after wrongful imprisonment. But working as a debt collector for Hank Pittleman leads to unexpected challenges.

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A Gambling Man (2021)

Set in 1940s California, this is the second book in Baldacci’s Aloysius Archer series. In 1949, Archer began a new job as a private investigator. He meets aspiring actress Liberty Callaghan in a casino and they travel west together.

Arriving in Bay Town, Archer finds a top official’s appointment in danger. When two people are murdered at a burlesque club, Archer seeks the truth from a secretive community.

Dream Town (2022)

In 1952 Los Angeles, on New Year’s Eve, Eleanor Lamb hires Archer, fearing for her life. Archer’s probe leads from glamorous LA to its seedy underbelly, then to Las Vegas. In this gripping thriller, Archer risks all to confront killers aiming to bury him.

The Travis Devine Series Books In Order

The Travis Devine Series Books In Order

David Baldacci’s latest series introduces Travis Devine, a former army soldier navigating the ruthless realm of high finance.

The 6:20 Man (2022)

From David Baldacci, this gripping thriller delves into high finance. Travis Devine, ex-Army, enters New York’s financial world. Amid greed and ambition, he uncovers alarming secrets on his daily train ride. As deaths mount and alliances shift, trust becomes crucial in his fight for justice.

The Edge (2023)

Jennifer Silkwell, a CIA analyst, dies in Maine, sparking a complex investigation. Devine delves into her past ties, involving her senator father and agent Emerson Campbell. As he explores Putnam, a killer hides, revealing small-town silence’s lethal nature.

Summing Up

Embark on an exhilarating journey through David Baldacci’s captivating novels, filled with mystery, suspense, and unforgettable characters. Whether you’re delving into standalone thrillers like “Absolute Power” or exploring series featuring recurring protagonists such as Amos Decker, Will Robie, or Aloysius Archer, Baldacci’s masterful storytelling will keep you gripped from beginning to end.

Dive into his intricately woven plots, follow the characters’ compelling journeys, and experience the thrill of each twist and turn.

With our guide to Baldacci’s books, you’ll navigate his vast literary world with ease and discover the perfect adventure for every reader.

So, pick up a Baldacci novel today and prepare for an electrifying ride into the heart of suspense fiction!

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