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Leopard Quotes

Leopard Quotes
1. You’re like this leopard who’s pretending to be a house cat.-Holly Black


2. As far as I’m concerned, leopard is a neutral.-Jenna Lyons


3. The African leopard is an audacious animal, although it is ungrateful of me to say a word against him, after the way he has let me off personally … taken as a whole, he is the most lovely animal I have ever seen; only seeing him, in the one way you can gain a full idea of his beauty, namely in his native forest, is not an unmixed joy to a person, like myself, of a nervous disposition.-Mary Kingsley


4. A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit.-Ivy Compton-Burnett


5. The snow leopard is absolutely magnificent. It represents really what endangered species are all about.-Jack Hanna


6. We all know the leopard can’t change his stripes.-Al Gore


7. The only way a no-legged leopard could hurt you is if it fell out of a tree onto your head.-Ellen DeGeneres


8. In a Leopard the spotts are not observed.-George Herbert


9. The leopard does not change his spots.-William Shakespeare


10. You cannot change the stripes of a leopard.-Emmitt Smith


11. A world without leopards, well, who would want to live in it?-Diana Vreeland


12. The Snow Leopard’s Tale is a mystical pilgrimage into that wild country where animal passion and the human heart begin to walk the very same trail. Whether one has been in the business of adventuring, as Thomas McIntyre has, or has enjoyed such adventures from the safety of one’s armchair, The Snow Leopard’s Tale is a haunting, beautifully written, and thought-provoking tale, as all great parables are.-Ted Kerasote


13. Leopard is an animal design, and my designs come from nature.-Roberto Cavalli

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