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Top Quotes On Dj

Top Quotes On Dj
1. There’s a lot of creativity in the industry, but I don’t necessarily think that the most creative DJs or producers are always the biggest ones.-Flume


2. A lot of DJs don’t realize they’re here today and gone tomorrow. They’re literally taking jets to every show. It’s crazy how much money they’re spending.-Diplo


3. I’m a DJ. I get the party started.-Avicii


4. Saying you only want to hear a DJ play one genre of music is like going to a restaurant saying you only want to eat cheese.-Anonymous


5. DJs are in incredible competition, musically. And they are the most musically creative and sensitive people in all the music charts. I am amazed how they are.-Yoko Ono


6. People like me, DJs and producers, have a bigger say and a bigger voice than we’ve ever had before.-Thomas Wesley Pentz


7. DJs are the new rock stars.-Tiesto


8. If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm and You are the music.-pink
9. My job is to be a DJ and make people dance so if people dance, I’ve done my job.-Jeff Mills
10. Let your heart beat for music. Don’t be a DJ for the wrong reasons, do it because you have a passion for it.-Jennifer Lee


11. Don’t put things off till it’s too late. You are the DJ of your fate.-Vikram Seth

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