How To Learn From Every Failure In Your Life And Move On

Failure is success in progress

“Failure is success in progress”

― Albert Einstein

You will eventually fail if you don’t start now. You will fail in your personal or professional life.
I’m sorry, but let me change that.

If you don’t succeed now, one day you will. And you will always remember it.

It’s possible that you have failed numerous times before you get to where you are are today. But you don’t remember what it was like. Maybe it wasn’t so significant that it hurt that much. It didn’t make a lasting impression.

Perhaps you were more comfortable with failure when you were younger. Maybe it was because you didn’t have to display it for everyone, so you moved on quickly.

It is normal to fail. You can either accept it and move on, or you can look for the hidden message and learn from it.

Everybody Fails In Their Life

We assume that all the secret messages behind our failures are for ourselves. We must be the problem. After all, we are always the same in our failures.

It’s not. It’s just another variable in the equation.

Are you able to 100% guarantee that you can attribute all your success to you? No luck? What help can you get from others?


Figure Out What Went Wrong

Despite every failure, the message is always there. It’s only after we take a step back, and look closely, that we begin to understand the message.

Imagine a chessboard. Did you notice that when someone loses, they don’t immediately get up to leave? They stare at the board, walk around it, trying to figure out what went wrong. They could have done it better.

They’re not sulking over the last move or cursing the play that cost them the game. To see where they failed, they are recalling the entire sequence of events that lead up to that moment. This helps them to find the root cause of their failure. They will find the true point of failure and then discover the hidden message.

“I should have had this move six moves ago.”

“I should have spent more of my time evaluating my business partner.”

“The market moved faster than I thought.”

Even better, ask others to look for it if they don’t know where. Although it is there, sometimes, even after taking a step back from our thinking, it can be difficult to distinguish the objective and subjective sides of our brains. Instead, we become frustrated and then walk away.

It’s a great idea to bring in someone new to help you see something that you have been looking at for days, but are not seeing.

It is a great way to let others see your problem and it brings out all the feelings of those around you that you didn’t do it. We made mistakes, we were wrong, things went wrong, and here we are.

If you want to get the message across, if growth is your goal, and you still haven’t figured it out after taking a step back, the next step is to have someone else look at it.

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