20 Personal SMART Goal Examples To Achieve Anything

Personal smart goal examples

What are S.M.A.R.T goals? What It Means: All our lives are directed towards achieving certain life goals. We need to be more proactive and productive by learning how to set personal goals that can be used to measure our personal growth. These goals must be SMART. SMART goals examples are easy to find.

Here are some examples of SMART personal objectives that you could set to improve your life.

What Are Your Personal Goals?

Your personal goals are what you set for yourself, regardless of whether they are business, family, or lifestyle goals.

You will be more self-motivated and optimistic if you consider what you want in your life.

You can set short-term or long-term goals. These goals can give you long-term direction or short-term motivation. Here are some personal goals examples:

  • Every week, learn something new
  • Every morning, work out
  • Keep a daily diary
  • Every month, volunteer at a nonprofit

What Are The S.M.A.R.T Goals?

S.M.A.R.T. Goals are written to meet the following criteria: Specific and Measurable, Attainable (or Attainable), Relevant (or Relevant), Time-bound. S.M.A.R.T. The S.M.A.R.T. process was initially a management concept.

It was meant to be used as a SMART way of writing management goals and objectives. The following was the format of the document:

  • Focus: Pay attention to a particular area of improvement.
  • Measurable: Provide a measure or indicator of progress towards achieving measurable goals.
  • It’s possible: Let us know who and how you will accomplish it.
  • Realistic: Describe the realistic results that can be achieved given available resources.
  • Time-related: Indicate the date or general timeframe when you expect to achieve the desired result.

Your goals may not be SMART if they aren’t clear or simple resolutions[2]. You can organize your goals using SMART goals. This will allow you to make it easy to track and implement your goals.

Setting a SMART goal alone is not enough. You need to know what you should do next to reach your goal. Make It Happen Handbook is a great tool to help plan your goal and achieve it. Grab your handbook today and achieve your goal!

20 Examples of Personal SMART Goals

Here are 20 examples of personal SMART goals that you can create to improve your life. These goals can be applied to many areas of your life, but they all fall under the personal goal category. Some are easy to accomplish in a short time, while others can be more difficult.

1. Walk for 30 minutes a day, five days a week

Exercise 150 minutes per week is recommended to reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression and other conditions.

This goal can be achieved by walking 30 minutes per day, Monday through Friday. It is possible to reduce it further to 15 minutes per morning and evening.

2. Listen And Ask Questions

Talking to a spouse, a coworker at work, a colleague, or a casual friend is a common way to improve your listening skills. After you have contributed, you can ask for feedback to see if you are improving your listening skills.

Ask questions such as “Have I addressed your concerns?” and “Is there any other way I can help?” This is one of the most important SMART goals examples.

3. Don’t Hide In The Crowd

Do you find yourself one of those people who hide behind the crowd, and only talk to a few people in meetings? It is worth setting a goal to improve your visibility. Make sure to plan ahead for each meeting so you can review the agenda and be prepared to make meaningful and thoughtful contributions.

4. Deliver Powerful PowerPoint Presentation

You can deliver powerful PowerPoint presentations and great speeches with thorough research, preparation and rehearsals. Make it a point to research thoroughly and to practice your presentations before you present. This is one of the most important SMART goals examples, as it will benefit you personally and professionally.

5. Be Less Reactive To Problems

It is possible to set a goal to be less reactive to problems and to pay more attention to the motivations and emotions behind others’ actions. You can learn to connect with people on their level.

6. Start Networking

For personal and professional development, networking is essential. To meet old colleagues and make new connections, set a goal to attend three networking events per quarter.

7. Do Community Services

Two hours of community service per week can help you feel good and give back, as well as SMART goals. You could teach your favorite subject at school, coach kids in basketball or serve food at a homeless shelter.

8. Improve Your Time Management Skills

Focus more on daily tasks. Reduce distractions to increase productivity by as much as 40% in the next three months. To keep yourself on track, you can use scheduling apps or create to-do lists.

9. Wake Up Early

Do you feel constantly short of time? You can set a goal to get up at 5:00 AM every morning to do what you love, before your day begins.

10. Learn A New Thing

Learning is never-ending. Every week, set a goal to learn something new. You can read a book, learn vocabulary words to help you pick up that foreign language, or listen to podcasts.

11. Learn A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language has many benefits. Learning a foreign language will allow you to increase your career opportunities, meet more clients, make friends, and make more money. This is one of the most important SMART goals.

If you dedicate an hour each day to learning a foreign language over the course of a year, you might be able to speak it fluently. Even better is to find a native speaker to practice.

Learn how to learn a language in just 30 minutes a day.

12. Don’t Get Addicted To Social Media

You can increase productivity by learning how to control or defeat your social media addiction. You can achieve this in days, weeks or even months, depending on your resolve. This can increase self-esteem by reducing social comparisons.

13. Increase Your Typing Speed to 60 WPM

Slow typing speeds can slow down productivity. Typing fast can help you save 21 days per year. In three months, you can make a goal to improve your typing speed.

14. Keep Track Of Key Events

You can track your progress by keeping a journal that records key events in your daily life. These journals can help you find motivation when you’re in a tough situation. This journal can also be used to help you get through difficult situations and stay grounded. It is a great personal goal.

15. Participate in a College Alumni Reunion this Year

Many people focus on the future when looking at SMART goals, but it is also important to reconnect with the past. You can reconnect with old friends and recall memories by setting a goal this year to attend your college’s alumni reunion.

You might meet people who will inspire you or help you in your career. You can also practice your networking skills.

16. Plan A Family Reunion

Everyone is pursuing their dreams and it might be necessary to plan a family reunion. It’s a good idea to bring everyone together every year or every two years.

17.  Learn Programming Language

Everybody needs programming knowledge because the world is becoming more techy every day.
Set a goal to learn programming basics. If you are really interested in one, why not take extra classes to make it more difficult?

18. Clear All Outstanding Debts In 6 Months

Being in debt can cause a lot of stress in your life. It is possible to set a goal of clearing all debts within six months.

19. Increase Spirituality

Different people have different definitions of spirituality. You can set a goal for yourself to be more dedicated and to spend more time enriching this part of your life, whatever that means. This could be one of the SMART goals examples that can generally improve your mental health.

It may not be necessary to go to church. Many people find that they are most connected to their spirituality when they garden, meditate, or walk in the natural world. Follow your intuition and find what connects you with a deeper sense of meaning.

20. Connect with “Foes”

It’s normal to be annoyed by people in your life. This is a common occurrence on social media.
You can set a goal to release the past and see these people with a fresh perspective. You might be surprised at how valuable they are now.

Final Thoughts

You can choose to make your personal SMART goals anything. Only you need to make sure you have the resources, discipline, and commitment to reach them. How do you achieve your goals? Get the Dreamer’s Handbook To Reach Your Goal to Find Out!

While you may not be able to achieve all of your goals every time, it is important that you set goals and know that you are moving forward with your life. Take a look at the SMART goals examples and set your own.

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