5 Easy Ways To Get Things Done When You Have No Motivation

No motivation to do anything


  • An absence of motivation could be caused by a variety of factors, from anxiety to fatigue to feelings of overwhelming. Recognizing the root cause is crucial to conquer it.
  • Insufficient motivation makes it hard to take on difficult chores. Begin by doing simple, fast or enjoyable tasks regardless of whether they’re of high priority.
  • After you’ve been warmed up, get to work on the tasks that need to be done. Make sure you regularly break and acknowledge every accomplishment.

No motivation? There’s no need to worry, especially today. These five steps will assist you in overcoming the obstacle.

1. Find Out The Exact Feelings You Are Feeling

Other emotions can disguise in low-motivation. If you are able to identify your feelings, the way ahead will be more clear.
The root of your feeling could be:

  • Incredibly overwhelmed
  • Social comparison
  • Fatigue

If you’re overwhelmed, cut back your daily goals until you’re not feeling overwhelmed. If you’re expecting yourself to be able to work longer than 90 minutes or to accomplish more than three hours of extremely effective (intensely concentrated) work completed each day, you could be stressing yourself out because of unrealistic expectations.

If you’re experiencing social pressure, speak to yourself with compassion (explained here). Do you think that you can be as good as someone who has mastered more than you?

If you’re feeling tired check to make sure that the issue isn’t due to you resting too long. When people are feeling down and tired, they tend to take a long time to rest and are then less energetic as a result. (This is easy to accomplish. It occurred to me during the weekend. There’s nothing but blame to it.)

These suggestions aren’t able to cover every scenario, but if you are able to pinpoint the problem You’ll probably find an answer.

2. Don’t “Eat The Frog”

The concept of eating a frog is to completing the task you’re least excited about first. This could be a fantastic option, but if down trying to finish the most difficult task first could result in you not getting up.

Ask yourself “What’s your most efficient thing I can do which is within my capabilities at the moment?” For instance, if it’s your desire to head out on an exercise but are unable to motivate yourself to go for it so you’ll need to go for walking is better than staying home.

There is no productivity method is appropriate for every situation. Varying your methods is beneficial, rather than thinking that you have to stick the same path. the same automated method of prioritizing.

3. Spend A Few Minutes On Easy But Rewarding Tasks

Sometimes, you’ll require to start to warm up. For this, you can try easy, enjoyable tasks like ordering the vitamins that you’ve ran out of, washing off your dirty clothes or changing your bedding.

If you work on these projects for too long, they could cause you to lose focus on more important tasks that you must get completed. A few minutes to ten minutes for these kinds of tasks is fine but do not take more than 30 minutes when you’ve got more important tasks to complete. If we do too much busy work, we run the risk of becoming tired and not able to tackle with more important work.

4. Plan Your Reward

Set aside time to complete an important task for 90 minutes, and then take an opportunity to take a break. What are you planning to do to take your break? Would you like to go for an excursion or lay in the sunshine? Would you like to browse the Reddit channel or Slack account you check regularly? Would you like to send a message to someone you know? Do you want to look through the swimwear for a trip that is coming up? Do you wish to practice just a few minutes of yoga?

Making a decision and planning takes a lot of mental energy. If you don’t decide the activities you’ll do during your break until you’re exhausted from intensive work, you may not come up with a very pleasant decision.

Set your plans in the beginning, as soon as you’re in a position to make that decision. If you plan your choices ahead, you’re more likely to be able to come up with a profitable decision.

5. Get Fuel For Your Car

Learn how your fuel affects the way you think about your concentration concentration, focus, and motivation. At present, I drink electrolyte water every morning. Try out the different options for you. Try, for instance, eating a yogurt that is high in protein to test if it provides you with the boost you require. Physical stimulants can have significant but nil impact. They could, for instance, boost your energy by 10. The small changes like this may be difficult to detect in the absence of paying close focus. You could consider structured self-experimentation by implementing a plan every one day over the course of a week followed by not having any days during the week, and then comparing.

Insomnia and lack of motivation could be an indication of a major issue, such as depression or anxiety. For instance, for those who are constantly anxious, all they need to do may be overwhelming and difficult because they’re constantly contemplating what might go wrong, or the ways in which they’re unprepared.

For more serious issues such as anxiety or depression that are clinical You’ll require more than “tips,” but tips such as these can be an integral element of the solution. (For more ideas that are practical similar to these, you can try This article This includes a story about how I handled low motivation after a major disappointment.

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