Eight Ways To Get What You Want Out Of Life

How to get what you want

You may have spent lots of time trying to find ways to improve your life. It’s often not lack of opportunities that prevents you from achieving what you desire, but rather your perceived limitations.

It’s because you must get out of your own way in order to achieve your dreams. How can you achieve the life you desire? These are eight ways to get what you want out of life.

How To Get What You Want Out Of Your Life

1. Be Bold

You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve what you want. This is true for romance, work, and all aspects of life. For example, happy couples that I have known were those who met while doing something that scared them.

This opens up new possibilities and possibilities for us. These doors will remain closed if we continue to follow our routines and are unwilling to try new things.

2. Tell Others What You Want

Ask for what you desire and you may get it. Telling people what you want will make them feel more invested in your success. They will help you achieve your goals once they understand what you are looking for.

It makes your goals more tangible and achievable by sharing them with someone else. The same effect can be achieved by writing them down. To double your chances of success, keep a journal detailing your life goals and tell others about them.

3. Focus on the other

Regardless of your reason, it is a good thing to think of others. We should not expect to be rewarded for helping others. Focusing on others, rather than your own needs, can bring you benefits.

You get what you give back according to the law of reciprocity. It doesn’t matter if it’s the same person who helped you, or someone else.

This is a fundamental law of the universe. No matter what your intentions, people will remember that you helped them and want to repay the favor.

4. Know Your Strengths And Weak Points

We all have heard the old cliche that you can do whatever you want. However, this is not always true. You won’t be a great basketball player if you are 5’5″.

You can develop your talents in the areas you are most skilled at to help you achieve success. Instead of pounding on closed doors, you will be able to push open the door that opens up to your unique talents.

5. Your Feelings Should Be Your First Priority

We set goals because we believe they will make us feel certain things. You will feel happy, proud, fulfilled, exhilarated, and exhilarated.

We feel disappointed when we achieve the goal, and these feelings do not follow. We then go looking for the next goal that will fill us up.

Instead, what if we set goals to achieve the feeling we desire? This would allow you to feel the way you want without needing to achieve it by setting goals.

Tony Robbins states that emotions drive us. If you place your feelings first, you will be able to have a positive outlook and help you achieve what you want.

6. Ask Outrageous Questions

Negotiating is all about asking for more than you need. Some say that the request should be so large it makes you cringe.

Although you might not get the first request that is outrageous, if you ask for a smaller amount, you will get a yes. The second request was closer to what you desired.

7. Use Words To Your Advantage

When asking for something, use your words to your advantage. For example, when selling a product we refer to an offer and not a product.

This gives the buyer an impression that she is receiving something (your product), rather than losing money (her money).

8. Aim To Achieve What You Desire

We should act on what we expect and not what we actually want. It’s common for our true desires to be different from what we actually want.

To protect us from disappointment, our subconscious mind will reduce our expectations so that we can pursue our big dreams. You can expect something more than what you have in the past. This is possible by replacing automatic thoughts with conscious ones.

This is how elite athletes visualize themselves winning the big game. You can change your outlook and live a life that supports you in achieving your goals by changing your expectations.

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