Feeling Unmotivated? 10 Proven Steps To Overcome It


It’s natural to be feeling demotivated and experiencing a post-holiday slump. Here are 10 ways to be motivated today:

1. Do not fight your lack or lack of enthusiasm. If you’re feeling down or are unable to generate a lot of energy, be okay. Relax and accept that it’s normal to feel down particularly at this season in the year.

2. After you’ve accepted the fact that you are feeling down, try to get to the bottom. You should ask yourself “What is the reason for this feeling of sluggishness?” Find out more than the obvious causes. Are they connected to work? Your private life? Relationships? It could also happen to be the season. Get clear on the areas in your life where you are experiencing the most tension.

3. Explore that part of your life. What’s not right in this area that you live? What can you do to make it better? Write down the ways you’d like your situation to change. Make it clear. If you can’t think of any reason to be anything other than enthusiastic, then just accept your emotions and let them go over time.

4. Create a list of what is missing, and look through the list. What holds you from creating the things you want to see within your own life?

5. Find support to create your ideal life. Research and seek out someone who can assist you. Although they may appreciate you, relatives and friends aren’t impartial enough and tend to offer advice that is reflective of their own lives and worries.

6. Consider the habits you are currently practicing that contribute to the unsatisfactory lifestyle. Perhaps it’s laziness, fear or a lack of confidence. Choose one of these to concentrate on.

7. Make a conscious effort to address this habit over the next two months. It takes about 28 days to develop an entirely new habit, however this is different from person to person. If you concentrate on it for two months, you’re certain to develop the neural pathways required to define it as an entirely new way of living.

8. Read a book, purchase a book articles, or conduct some research about this specific behavior or sensation. Learn about the most common factors that lead to this behavior and the tried-and-tested methods to break through and get rid of it.

9. Make a plan for changing your current behavior. Be sure to change the habit helps you progress in the aspect of your life which isn’t optimal. The clearness, awareness, and then actions will instantly leave you motivated regardless of the situation.

10. If all else fails, Make a list of things that interest you and take action on one right now. Chat with a friend who is fun or dance at home, exercise or watch a hilarious YouTube video, or tackle one of your tasks. Achieving something will provide you with an increase in dopamine levels in your brain. If you’re feeling stressed by your daily routine, spend five minutes sitting and then sit down to meditate. Play some relaxing music and relax.

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