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50 Aesthetic Quotes That Will Inspire You


1. “You are my favourite place to escape the world.” -Aesthetic


2. “When everything falls apart, I want you to stay.” -Aesthetic


3. “You were my cup of tea but now I drink whisky.” -Aesthetic


4. “And I look into your eyes the way I look at stars.” -Aesthetic


5. “For some of us, dreams can become nightmares.” -Aesthetic


6. “I never believed in magic until I saw you smile.” -Aesthetic


7. “Spoil her with your time.” -Aesthetic


8. “I want you to want me too.” -Aesthetic


9. “You filled colors in my sky.” -Aesthetic


10. “Love today; love tomorrow.” -Aesthetic


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11. “She’s a mess in perfect skin.” -Aesthetic


12. “I want to grow old with you.” -Aesthetic


13. “It wasn’t hard to fall for you.” -Aesthetic


14. “I need you more than I know.” -Aesthetic


15. “You are my kind of addiction.” -Aesthetic


16. “You will forever be my always.” -Aesthetic


17. “You have always been enough.” -Aesthetic


18. “Don’t follow me. I am lost too.” -Aesthetic


19. “We are not who we used to be.” -Aesthetic


20.“Some truths change with time.” -Aesthetic


21.“I like you more than I planned.” -Aesthetic


22.“It’s hard to stop falling for you.” -Aesthetic


23.“You’ll always have a part of me.” -Aesthetic


24.“Broken boy meets a broken girl.” -Aesthetic


25.“I am hopelessly in love with you.” -Aesthetic


26.“Self Love heals what others break.” -Aesthetic


27.“Darling, I see heaven in your eyes.” -Aesthetic


28.“It hurts, but I know how to hide it.” -Aesthetic


29.“I am always tired but never of you.” -Aesthetic


30.“I can’t stop falling in love with you.” -Aesthetic


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31.“I hope you miss me like I miss you.” -Aesthetic


32.“At least we are under the same sky.” -Aesthetic


33.“Yes, I overthink because I over-love.” -Aesthetic


34.“Heaven is a place on earth with you.” -Aesthetic


35.“Whoops!! I guess I fell in love again.” -Aesthetic


36.“I Crown you, the queen of my world.” -Aesthetic


37.“All I need is someone who needs me.” -Aesthetic


38.“Feelings never fade, expectations do.” -Aesthetic


39.“Never stop showing that you love me.” -Aesthetic


40.“You’re always on my mind like a song.” -Aesthetic


41.“You are my moon. Let me be your sky.” -Aesthetic


42.“You are the feeling I can never replace.” -Aesthetic


43.“The only thing I can think about is you.” -Aesthetic


44.“Promise me you’ll never give up on me.” -Aesthetic


45.“I love you more when you call me yours.” -Aesthetic


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46.“You left like I was never a reason to stay.” -Aesthetic


47.“Come, let’s teach each other “what is love?” -Aesthetic


48.“But the ending is the same every damn time.” -Aesthetic


49.“The mutual effort is the most beautiful thing.” -Aesthetic


50.“Life is short. Let me be your someone forever.” -Aesthetic

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