12 Powerful Tips To Organize Your Life And Not Feeling Overwhelmed

how to organize your life

Are you ever overwhelmed by the task of organizing your life?

People look at their clutter and feel overwhelmed. Then they go back to ignoring it, as the piles get larger.

They believe that ignoring it is a better option. They feel more stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted as the piles increase. They choose to ignore the piles for personal reasons.

They either pay money to store it, throw it away, or live with the mess because of a hoarding disorder.

These are not healthy choices. Even if your clutter is minimal, you will feel more stressed and overwhelmed than you deserve.

How To Organize Your Life And Not Feeling Overwhelmed

Here are our top tips for organizing your life and not feeling overwhelmed. It is possible, we promise!

1. Organise Your Life With Baby Steps

Many people give up on organizing their space because it feels overwhelming. They often don’t know where to start.

This is a bad way to get organized.

It is important to let go of that overwhelming feeling. Focus on one step at a given time.

Choose a category, such as clothing, to begin with.

Choose one piece of clothing at a given time, and decide if you still like, need and use it.

Place the item in a place you choose.

These steps can be repeated with the next article.

2. Don’t Assume It’s All Or Nothing

It is not necessary to complete an organizing project in one day. If it seems overwhelming, don’t do it!

You can’t finish it all because there will always be new things, new people and new opportunities. The more skills you have to organize your life, however, the easier it is to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how it works:

Reduce projects into smaller, manageable steps.

You can set a time limit to avoid getting overwhelmed or exhausted.

It will motivate you to continue working hard, and you should be proud of the things you accomplished that day.

3. Focus On Your Priorities

Find out what is most important to you. What is it? Your health, happiness, family and work? That’s great! It’s a great tool to help you organize your life and not feel overwhelmed.

It’s much easier to recognize and remove things that are not serving your interests. Here’s how it works:

To help you decide what items should stay and which ones to get rid of, list your top five priorities.

To help you stay focused, set clear boundaries that are easy to implement.

Make decisions that are based on your priorities.

4. Relax And Breathe.

Many people fear they will make a mistake, and throw away something they need. You might be tempted to throw away your 2000 taxes, but fear that the IRS will begin an audit of those records the next day. Even though you know that it is impossible for the IRS to do that, unless you have committed fraud.

These types of fears make it difficult for many people to believe that they may need it one day. Fear will only make you make more bad decisions. Instead, relax and accept that there are very few mistakes you can make.

Do your homework. You don’t want to lose important papers that you might need to prove later. Use the internet to find out what you really need. You will feel safer and more organized the more you learn.

Get in touch with the company. If you lose something, most items can be exchanged. If you lose a receipt, or if you are unable to find a replacement, companies can often be reached.

It’s not easy to let go of something. That’s OK. Respect that feeling, and don’t force yourself to make hasty decisions just because you feel you “should”.

Keep it until you are confident enough to let go.

5. Start With The Easy Stuff

You shouldn’t make life more difficult than it already is. Start organizing by making the easiest decisions first. This is a good way to organize because it’s easier and you have more time to learn the skills needed for the task.

These skills will allow you to make better decisions in your future and now. You’ll feel more confident in your ability to make difficult decisions and it will be easier for you. Here’s how it works:

There is no time limit on how organized you can be. You can put off making a decision until you are ready.

Ask for support and help. Some people find this process very stressful. But ask for help anyway. Support and guidance are crucial to achieving lasting and great results, regardless of whether you hire a professional or rely on a friend.

Trust your intuition. Organization is a great way for you to trust your intuition and learn to work with it. Listen to your intuition and decide whether to keep it. You’ll soon be able to put your intuition to work with every decision you make.

6. Take A Break While You Organize Your Life

It can be exhausting. It can be overwhelming to make so many decisions that it can seem overwhelming. It’s not always the most enjoyable process.

It’s easier to complete the task in smaller chunks, then take breaks. You may be able to continue the process faster because it is broken down into smaller, easier chunks.

To remind yourself to take breaks, set a timer.

To re-center and reset your brain, take 5-10 deep breaths during this break

Take a walk outside and visualize how your space will look without clutter.

7. Focus On The Positive

If you think it’s going be difficult and overwhelming and organize your life, there is a good chance it will.

Putting your focus on WHY you are organizing can make it easier and you might find that you actually enjoy the process.

You might be able to find lost treasures or make some extra money by getting rid of unwanted items.

You’ll feel lighter, and it will make things easier.

Concentrate on how happy you will be to see your most prized possessions again.

You can find something that you love and purchase it with the money you earn by selling old items.

8. Keep Similar Items Together

Organizing can be made easier by grouping similar items together. It’s easier to remember where it was placed, so it’s more likely that you will return it to it each time you finish with it.

Avoid burying something in the back. You are more likely to use an item if you can easily see it.
Place items you use the most frequently at the front, and less often used items towards the back.

9. Buy The Right Products

There are so many options for organizing that it can seem overwhelming.

It is important to ensure that the product you purchase has the three qualities listed below. You’ll end up with a pile of useless products that is just as annoying.

Ensure Organizers Are:

It will work the way that you want it to.

It should fit in the space that you are using it for.


It is easy to make organizing less daunting if you view it as a way to reduce your workload and make things easier.

You deserve a productive, happy, healthy life.

These simple tips will help you organize your life. You’ll begin to notice and feel the positive changes that letting go clutter can make in your life. Your spiritual, physical, and emotional health will be improved.

Hire a professional who you are comfortable working with if you need additional guidance or support.

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