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20+ Knowledge Quotes That Will Inspire You

20+ Knowledge Quotes That Will Inspire You

1. Wise men learn by others’ harms; fools by their own.-Benjamin Franklin


2. A day of travelling will bring a basketful of learning.-Vietnamese (on journeys)


3. Brains are better than brawn.-unknown


4. Everyone is ignorant only on different subjects.-Will Rogers


5. Instead of seeking new landscapes, develop new eyes.-Marcel Proust


6. Knowledge is more than equivalent to force.-Samuel Johnson


7. Learning is better than house and land.-David Garrick


8. People learn more on their own rather than being force fed.-Socrates


9. Presumption first blinds a man, then sets him a running.-Benjamin Franklin


10. The shoe knows if the stocking has a hole.-Bahamian (on knowledge and justice)


11. What signifies knowing the names, if you know not the natures of things.-Benjamin Franklin


12. When the pupil is ready, the teacher will come.-Chinese Proverb


13. Wit is the only wall between us and the dark.-Mark Van Doren


14. With time even a bear can learn to dance.-Yiddish (on education)


15. Distance lends enchantment to the view.-Thomas Campbell


16. Doubt is the key to knowledge.-Iranian (on education)


17. Example is the best precept.-Aesop


18. It is better to be born a beggar than a fool.-Spanish Proverb


19. It is better to be the head of a chicken than the rear of an ox.-Japanese (on relative worth)


20. Knowledge is power.-Francis Bacon


21. Mistakes are doorways to discovery.-unknown


22. Put two and two together.-unknown


23. What good is running when you’re on the wrong road.-German (on planning)


24. When you’re sad, learn something.-Merlin


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