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Euripides was a Greek playwright who lived during the 5th century BC. He was born in Salamis, a Greek island off the coast of Athens, in 480 BC. Euripides wrote more than 90 plays, of which only 18 have survived. His plays were known for their strong female characters and their exploration of complex moral and social issues.

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Euripides was not as popular as some of his contemporaries during his lifetime, but his plays gained popularity in the years following his death. He was known for his unconventional approach to traditional myths and legends, which sometimes challenged the beliefs and values of his audience.

Euripides died in Macedonia in 406 BC, at the age of 74. He was revered by later generations of playwrights and his influence can be seen in the works of many subsequent writers.

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Within the timeless wisdom captured in Euripides’ quotes lies the power to ignite your motivation and inspire transformative introspection.

Famous Euripides Quotes

1. “Leave no stone unturned.”

2. “Experience, travel – these are an education in themselves.”

3. “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.”

I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. - Euripides

4. “Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.”

5. “Silence is true wisdom’s best reply.”

6. “Enough is abundance to the wise.”

7. “A slave is he who cannot speak his thoughts.”

8. “Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.”

9. “When a good man is hurt, all who would be called good must suffer with him.”

10. “The wisest men follow their own direction.”

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11. “Do not plan for ventures before finishing what’s at hand.”

12. “Sound judgement, with discernment is the best of seers.”

13. “Nothing is hopeless; we must hope for everything.”

14. “Stronger than lover’s love is lover’s hate. Incurable, in each, the wounds they make.”

15. “Nothing has more strength than dire necessity.”

16. “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”

17. “One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.”

18. “A man’s most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe.”

19. “Action achieves more than words.”

20. “Judge a tree from its fruit, not from its leaves.”

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21. “Much effort, much prosperity.”

22. “To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter.”

To a father growing old nothing is dearer than a daughter. - Euripides

23. “Slow but sure moves the might of the gods.”

24. “Danger gleams like sunshine to a brave man’s eyes.”

25. “Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Tragedy isn’t getting something or failure to get it; it’s losing something you already have. Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.”

26. “The best and safest thing is to keep a balance in your life, acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do that, and live that way, you are really a wise man.”

27. “Love is all we have, the only way that each can help the other.”

28. “Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.”

29. “Anger exceeding limits causes fear and excessive kindness eliminates respect.”

30. “The good and the wise lead quiet lives.”

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31. “There is just one life for each of us: our own.”

32. “No man on earth is truly free, All are slaves of money or necessity. Public opinion or fear of prosecution forces each one, against his conscience, to conform.”

33. “Mighty is geometry; joined with art, resistless.”

34. “When love is in excess, it brings a man no honor, no worthiness.”

35. “Your worst enemy Becomes your best friend, once he’s underground.”

36. “The greatest pleasure of life is love.”

37. “Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.”

38. “The gods visit the sins of the fathers upon the children.”

39. “No one is truly free, they are a slave to wealth, fortune, the law, or other people restraining them from acting according to their will.”

40. “When good men die, their goodness does not perish, but lives though they are gone. As for the bad, all that was theirs dies and is buried with them.”

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41. “Do not consider painful what is good for you.”

42. “Moderation, the noblest gift of Heaven.”

43. “Let a man accept his destiny, No pity and no tears.”

Let a man accept his destiny, No pity and no tears. -Euripides

44. “Your very silence shows you agree.”

45. “It is the wise man’s part to leave in darkness everything that is ugly.”

46. “Cleverness is not wisdom.”

47. “The brave venture anything.”

48. “Friendship doubles your joys, and divides your sorrows.”

49. “What greater grief than the loss of one’s native land.”

50. “When one with honeyed words but evil mind Persuades the mob, great woes befall the state.”

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51. “There is in the worst of fortune the best of chances for a happy change.”

52. “There is safety in numbers.”

53. “The language of truth is simple.”

54. “When a man’s stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor.”

55. “The day is for honest men, the night for thieves.”

56. “Man’s best possession is a sympathetic wife.”

57. “Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.”

58. “You will not achieve happiness if you don’t work hard; and it’s a shame not to want to work hard.”

59. “He who can properly summarize many ideas in a brief statement, is a wise man.”

60. “Chance fights ever on the side of the prudent.”

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61. “The brash unbridled tongue, the lawless folly of fools, will end in pain. But the life of wise content is blest with quietness, escapes the storm and keeps its house secure.”

62. “There is no worse evil than a bad woman; and nothing has ever been produced better than a good one.”

63. “Who know if to die be but to live, and that called life by mortals be but death?”

64. “Hate is a bottomless cup; I will pour and pour.”

65. “Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends.”

Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends. - Euripides

66. “This is true liberty, when free-born men, having to advise the public, may speak free.”

67. “Necessity is harsh. Fate has no reprieve.”

68. “Who knows but life be that which men call death, And death what men call life?”

69. “There is something in the pang of change more than the heart can bear, unhappiness remembering happiness.”

70. “Ill-gotten wealth is never stable.”

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71. “Let no one think of me that I am humble or weak or passive; let them understand I am of a different kind: dangerous to my enemies, loyal to my friends. To such a life glory belongs.”

72. “He is not a lover who does not love forever.”

73. “One does nothing who tries to console a despondent person with word. A friend is one who aids with deeds at a critical time when deeds are called for.”

74. “Impudence is the worst of all human diseases.”

75. “None wise dares hopeless venture.”

76. “Happy the man who from the sea escapes the storm and finds harbor.”

77. “For with slight efforts how should we obtain great results? It is foolish even to desire it.”

78. “Sanity brings pain but madness is a vile thing.”

79. “The company of just and righteous men is better than wealth and a rich estate.”

80. “Whoso neglects learning in his youth, loses the past and is dead for the future.”

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81. “Those whom God wishes to destroy, he first makes angry.”

82. “Men honor property above all else; it has the greatest power in human life.”

83. “Death is what men want when the anguish of living is more than they can bear.”

Death is what men want when the anguish of living is more than they can bear. - Euripides

84. “Children are sweet as the buds in spring, But I’ve noticed that those who have them Have nothing but trouble all their lives.”

85. “It is wise to withhold one’s heart and mind from men who think themselves superior.”

86. “Numbers are a fearful thing.”

87. “To the fool, he who speaks wisdom will sound foolish.”

88. “All is change; all yields its place and goes.”

89. “The same man cannot well be skilled in everything; each has his special excellence.”

90. “Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head.”

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91. “A sharp-tempered woman, or, for that matter, a man, Is easier to deal with than the clever type Who holds her tongue.”

92. “Enjoy yourself, drink, call the life you live today your own; but only that, the rest belongs to chance.”

93. “It’s human; we all put self interest first.”

94. “Every man is like the company he wont to keep.”

95. “I know indeed what evil I intend to do, but stronger than all my afterthoughts is my fury, fury that brings upon mortals the greatest evils.”

96. “We pay a high price for intelligence. Wisdom hurts.”

97. “A coward turns away, but a brave man’s choice is danger.”

98. “Zeus hates busybodies and those who do too much.”

99. “Who dares not speak his free thoughts is a slave.”

100. “Old men’s prayers for death are lying prayers, in which they abuse old age and long extent of life. But when death draws near, not one is willing to die, and age no longer is a burden to them.”

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