Headspace vs. Calm: Which Is Right For You?

calm and headspace

If you’re searching for the most efficient meditation application You’ve probably heard of Calm or Headspace. Calm is the most downloaded app for sleep and meditation around the globe. It has millions of downloaded users and usually is among the top 10 list of the most downloaded fitness and health apps in general. Headspace is, however is currently battling to become the most downloaded app for meditation. Additionally, Headspace has the highest rating from users, beating out Calm with 4.9 stars in the iTunes App store, and 4.8 stars on Google Play.

The two programs Headspace and Calm both are worth their cost-per-month subscriptions for a lot of users. Actually, their prices range from $70 to $70 annually for either. They both Headspace and Calm offer unguided and guided meditations as well as mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises that are guided, as well as sleep music and meditations that aid you fall asleep more quickly and sleep better.

So , how can Headspace as well as Calm differ? Which meditation app is the best?

Which Meditation App Is The Best?

The sleep and meditation apps have each their own strengths. So the decision of whether Calm or Headspace is right for you will depend on the things you want most from a mindfulness or meditation app.

Let’s examine the areas where Headspace and Calm both have an advantage, before we get into the details.

Headspace Is Superior To The Calm Of:

  • Daily tips to help build an effective routine
  • Greater video element
  • More cardio exercise
  • Group meditation
  • Pro Series is a series of advanced, highly-meditative meditation
  • An extended free trial period

Calm Is Superior To Headspace In:

  • More variety of sleep tracks
  • Collaboration with meditation teacher Tamara Levitt
  • The overall ambience and quality of sound
  • Additional content for children and adolescents with behavioral and sleep issues.
  • A vast library of meditation to explore

Where Headspace Excels

Headspace Helps You Live Better Health And A Holistic, Balanced Life Style

Headspace can help you build an overall healthier, happier person…one breath at an time.
The process of creating a routine could be the most difficult aspect of creating an enjoyable, healthier life. In the past, when other methods have not succeeded, Headspace excels at guiding you through a mindful routine.

What Can You Think The Headspace Today Feature Make Your Life Easier?

This Headspace Today feature is more than a simple selection of video and audio files. It’s your daily planner and also your personal digital coach. While it doesn’t take up the majority of your time, it perfectly determines the direction for your entire day… starting from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. While Today provides the opportunity to meditate every day however, it is not ignoring the significance of the whole person’s contribution to the right routine. This means that it incorporates studying and physical exercise too.

The essential Headspace feature begins your day with a mindful breathing routine. It helps you focus during the day when you require it the most. “The wake Up will then help put your mind in a positive state of mind. This Wake up is a sort of mini-documentary. it’s ideal for morning coffee, a workout, or a commute. The morning ends by a guided meditation you can access at any moment.

In the afternoon, in which many of us be feeling tired In the afternoon, the Today feature offers the afternoon lift. They range from cardio-based workouts to relaxing music, all created to help you regain your energy and boost your confidence. Finally, you have access to the At Night channel. These sleepcasts are professionally produced. They start as a kind of radio playthat uses audio and visualization techniques to create a tranquil environment. After that, they gradually change into meditations for sleep. While I’m often having trouble getting to sleep however, I’ve never stayed up for the entire 45-minute episode. I’ve had much happier dreams, too.

This type of structure, from the moment you awake until the time you fall asleep, it’s never a nuisance. Even if you’re using the push notification, Headspace does not feel intrusive. It’s always available, waiting to be used at whatever time you choose to keep. This way, Headspace gives you the chance to develop your own health routine.

Be Fit And Healthy By Utilizing The Vast Video Library For Workouts

Headspace makes greater use of video than other applications for mindfulness and meditation. This is more evident than in the vast collection of exercise videos.

While many mindfulness apps are focused predominantly on sleep and meditation The Headspace app isn’t ignoring the importance of fitness. Indeed, there are few things that reduce stress and improve concentration as much as physical exercise. What ever your type of exercise, whether yoga, your core strength, or dancing, the website has videos to help you. After you’ve tried the routines for wellness you are familiar with, you can branch out and try other routines.

You Can Try Headspace Free In 14 Days

Instead of a 7-day free trial, Headspace offers 14 days.

This is crucial. An 14-day free trial period is beyond “getting more for free.” It signifies that Headspace is confident about the worth the product. It allows you to explore the application and experience its benefits, including greater awareness and joy.

Who Can Profit From The Calm Sleep And Meditation App?

If you have children who suffer from disorders of depression or behavior the Calm youth content is unparalleled. Actually, Calm was the app that was chosen for the study on behavior for children younger than 18 years old with poor sleeping patterns and related problems with behavior. The study revealed that the Calm application helped with a variety of mental health issues in teenagers and children.

Calm Is The Most Effective Audio To Aid In Better Sleeping

If you’re an avid audiophile Calm can be your app that you should use. The audio quality is top-quality throughout. The audio tracks make use of the ambient sounds to enhance the peaceful meditations. The mindfulness meditation library is extensive, including more than 700 guided meditations available anytime.
The place where Calm really shines is in its wide selection of sleep tracks. They include meditations for sleep as well as tales of bedtime for adults and children, soundscapes and peaceful music. This is where quality of the music really matters. If getting a better night’s sleep, quicker and more comfortably is your top priority, then Calm might be able to beat Headspace in your favor.

You’ll Enjoy The Sound Of Calm

Then, there’s mindfulness and wellness expert Tamara Levitt. The author and mindfulness teacher has a significant role as the voice behind Calm. Although she doesn’t dominate the content–there are plenty other instructors–she brings a unique cohesiveness to the app through fresh content every day. Her voice and her style are warm, informative and soothing. She is, in words– relaxing.

Headspace Vs. Calm Which Is The Most Effective Application For You?

The two apps Headspace and Calm have a strong position in the mindfulness and meditation apps. Both Calm and Headspace are excellent for beginners as well. Whichever you pick is based on your own personal requirements to be healthy. If having a vast library of music, sleep sounds and meditations are an important factor, Calm may be the most appropriate option. In addition, the high-quality sound as well as Tamara Levitt’s unique style will enhance the value of Calm for many.

However, it aids in the development of a daily schedule. It allows you to integrate mindful meditation and mindfulness in your everyday routine. It does this with the ease of not feeling excessively demanding and comes with mindfulness-focused notifications that are never excessive. The 14-day trial allows you to establish healthy habits before deciding to purchase.

Where Can I Locate Where To Download The Calm Or Headspace Applications?

Find Calm At:

  • The Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Calm Website for Desktop

Find Headspace By:

  • The Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Headspace Website for Desktop

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