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MS Dhoni Quotes On Life, Failure And Success

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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is loved by the nation, and nicknamed ‘Mahi’ by fans. Above all, he is a legendary Indian cricketing champion and passionate human being.

Originally from Ranchi, Jharkhand, he is the only captain in the history of cricket to win all ICC trophies.

While fame and stardom don’t match up to how much Mahi loves the sport and is dedicated to it, he has quite a few accomplishments that many can seek inspiration from.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (born 7 July 1981), is a former Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national team in limited-overs formats from 2007 to 2017 and in Test cricket from 2008 to 2014.

He is honorary Lieutenant Colonel with the Indian Territorial Army(para).He is widely regarded as one of the greatest in the history of cricket. MS Dhoni is the only captain in the history of cricket to win all ICC trophies.

Dhoni made his ODI debut on 23 December 2004 against Bangladesh, and played his first Test a year later against Sri Lanka. He has been the recipient of many awards, including the ICC ODI Player of the Year award in 2008 and 2009 (the first player to win the award twice), the Major Dhyanchand Khel Ratna award in 2007, Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honor, in 2009 and Padma Bhushan, India’s third highest civilian honor, in 2018.

He was named as the captain of the ICC World Test XI in 2009, 2010 and 2013. He has also been selected a record 8 times in ICC World ODI XI teams, 5 times as captain.

The Indian Territorial Army conferred the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel to Dhoni on 1 November 2011. He is the second Indian cricketer after Kapil Dev to receive this honour.

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1. “When you die, you die. You don’t think which is the better way to die.”

ms dhoni quotes

2. “It’s like having 100 kgs put over you. That’s good enough to weigh you down. After that even if you put a mountain, it will not make a difference.”


3. “I don’t mind repeating everything.”


4. “You don’t play for the crowd, you play for the country.”


5. “I have three dogs at home. Even after losing a series or winning a series, they treat me in the same way”


6. “Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete.”


7. “If you are not 100 percent fit and not at your best (and still play) it’s cheating”


8. “I am on national duty. Everything else can wait.”


9. “I focus on cricket because it’s something I am good at. After retiring, I want to serve the Indian Army. It has always been about serving the nation.”


10. “If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself; you don’t really know what the target is.”

dhoni quotes

11. “One Day Reality Will Be Better Than Your Dreams.”




13. “It’s important to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. What’s done is done.”


14. “Take Action In Silence, No Lion Attacks In Noise.”


15. “I want people to remember me as a Good Person, Not as a Good Cricketer.”


16. Life may have its bad days which leave you feeling demotivated, But don’t you worry!” Always Remember That: “PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST”


17. “For Me, Opposition Is Just Another Opposition.”


18. “Without any Motion or Movement, There is no Life.”


19. “You have seen cricketers who are not god-gifted, but even then, they have gone far. That’s because of the passion.”


20. “I focus on cricket because it is something I am good at.”

msd quotes

21. “Gut feeling is all about the experiences that you have had in your life. It is about being in difficult scenarios, knowing what worked, what did not work, and then taking a decision.”


22. “The process is more important than the results. And if you take care of the process, you will get the results.”


23. “A loss makes you humble. It tests the other batsmen and bowlers. Also, if you keep winning you don’t know what area you need to work on.”


24. “Listen to your elder’s advice not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.”


25. “I love to be in the moment; I love to analyze things a bit.”


26. “I like to make statements on the field.”


27. “You learn a lot more when you’re going through a rough period compared to the good times when everything goes your way.”


28. “Strong characters are needed in the game.”


29. “If you keep winning, you don’t know the areas you’ve to work hard.”


30. “If you’re playing against an aggressive side, you need to play an aggressive game.”

quotes on ms dhoni

31. “Self-confidence has always been one of my good qualities. I am always very confident. It is in my nature to be confident, to be aggressive. And it applies in my batting as well as wicket keeping.”



32. “I’m a person who lives very in the moment.”


33. “The cameras used to pass by me, now they’re stopping for me.”


34. “I never allow myself to be pressured.”


35. “You need to perform consistently, and if you’re raising the standard, you have to stand by it. You have to keep on doing well.”

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