Daniel Ricciardo Quotes

Daniel Ricciardo Quotes

Daniel Ricciardo is a professional Australian racing driver born on July 1, 1989. He began karting at a young age and quickly showed his natural talent for racing. After competing in various junior categories, he made his way up to Formula One in 2011, debuting with the HRT team.

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Ricciardo then moved on to Toro Rosso in 2012 and gained attention for his impressive performances. In 2014, he was promoted to the Red Bull Racing team, where he won his first Grand Prix at the Canadian Grand Prix that same year. He went on to win several more races and became a fan favorite with his positive attitude and trademark smile.

In 2019, Ricciardo made the switch to Renault, hoping to help the team return to its former glory. He stayed with the team for two seasons before announcing his move to McLaren for the 2021 season. In his debut race with the team, he finished in a strong seventh place.

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Ricciardo is known for his excellent racecraft, smooth driving style, and outgoing personality. He has become one of the most popular drivers on the grid, with a large following on social media. Off the track, he is known for his love of sports and his charity work.

A thrilling journey through the exhilarating world of Daniel Ricciardo, filled with laughter, inspiration, and words that will leave a lasting impact. Here are some of his most memorable quotes, a perfect blend of humor and wisdom, that will surely brighten your day.

Famous Daniel Ricciardo Quotes

1. I’m in this sport to win but win by being the best, not by being lucky.

I'm in this sport to win but win by being the best, not by being lucky. - Daniel Ricciardo

2. I think, in general, the sport’s frustrating because I think it’s one of only a few sports in the world where you’ve got so many other variables. Not taking anything away from the winner, but the best man doesn’t always win. I think part of that makes the sport really exciting, and part of it makes it heartbreaking.

3. I had a very successful 2014, but I have got to keep aiming for bigger and better things, so the world title is my goal.

4. I try to send out a good message – I sometimes get asked for advice for leaving home and trying to ‘make it’ overseas. I would always say think long term, and think bigger picture: make the sacrifice.

5. I love mountain-biking or any form of bikes, like dirt bikes; I love getting out there, although obviously I have to be careful.

6. In the end, you have to just pull the trigger. Trust the car, trust the brakes, just go.

7. I do a bit of Brazilian ju-jitsu when I can. I like a bit of that.

8. In World Series, everything is a bit slower than F1. But each time I sit in the car, whether it is World Series or F1, once I am in the cockpit, I am mentally prepared for what the car is. I don’t have to physically drive it to remember what it is doing.

9. I’ve definitely got better over the years at conserving my energy in pre-season – at knowing what to focus on and what to let go.

10. When you spend time working on something for a time period, and then it doesn’t correlate, it decreases in your motivation.

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11. I top up my endurance with running and cycling because in a race, your heart rate is up at 150, so we have to train at that level.

12. I’m sure everyone has a cool story behind how they got into Formula One, but, for me, Perth, you know, not only in Australia is it detached, but it’s detached from the whole world.

13. Because of my schedule and dietary requirements, I don’t party a lot, but when I can let my hair down, I will; I think that’s healthy. I love a weekend in Vegas.

14. People might call me a liar for this, but I want a fast teammate, I think for two reasons: it’s always going to get more out of yourself, and it’s always going to be a more true evaluation of where you stand.

15. Formula One was just cool. I loved racing, all types of racing, but from a young age, Formula One was the noise and everything, and that’s what I was drawn to. I already knew when I was younger, the coolest guys are in F1… not that NASCAR drivers aren’t cool, but that was always what I had in my head!

16. To have a home Grand Prix is awesome, so just to go there is already a buzz.

17. I’m the most ripped guy on the grid, let’s just say that.

18. Pretty much all the drivers I get on with, at least to say ‘Hi’ and have a conversation. But when the helmet’s on, you don’t care who it is. You have no sympathy: someone blows an engine in front of you, if it means you gain a position, then you’re smiling.

Funny Daniel Ricciardo Quotes

19. I know that I’ll joke around to the last minute I get in the car. But once the helmet’s on – it’s sort of a cliche, but it’s true – it’s quite symbolic that that is ‘go time,’ and I’m ready to have some fun and be bad while I do it.

20. 2014 is a year I’ll remember for a long time – it was definitely a breakthrough in my mind as well. Standing on the top step of the podium a few times was icing on the cake.

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21. I used to go to work with Dad on the weekend. We’d drive past an indoor go-kart track every now and then, and we went there a few times. I was never tall enough, so I always left upset. I think I was seven when I was the right height, and I was like, ‘Please let me have a go.’ It was love at first sight.

22. I feel I am promoting the sport well in Australia with what I’m doing on an international level.

I feel I am promoting the sport well in Australia with what I'm doing on an international level. - Daniel Ricciardo

23. I will be happier if I crash by trying than not trying and running around behind the same guy for 70 laps.

24. I’d prefer no practices and just Saturday, Sunday. Just qualify Saturday morning, race Saturday afternoon, and race again Sunday. Less laps of nonsense and more laps of meaningful business.

25. When you’re young, the temptation is maybe to think, ‘More is more.’ But a lot of the time less is more.

26. Good overtaking is important to me. There are a lot of quick maths involved. I will prepare from the corner before, thinking, ‘If I exit this way, and the driver ahead of me is in a certain position, then I’ll go for it.’ If he is not where I hope he will be, then I won’t pull the trigger. If he is, my decision has already been made.

27. To get the Red Bull junior drive was like a massive pressure off… I didn’t have to go around asking Mum and Dad to sell their house or ask friends for funding. The instant feeling was, ‘Oh wow, amazing.’

28. I enjoyed physical education and lunch time. The social aspect of school was great, but as soon as I left school, I wanted to get out there and race. I couldn’t sit still for long.

29. Normally, if I don’t qualify as well as I think I can, I seem to carry a little chip on my shoulder for the race, and that normally helps me out.

30. People have seen now I am a racer, and I have big intentions in the sport, and I am prepared to get my shoulders out if I need to.

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31. When I came into Red Bull, everyone thought, ‘He’s just the happy, nice guy; he’s fast, but he can’t race hard with these top guys.’ That was a reputation I had to dismiss.

32. As far as the outside things goes with Red Bull – I like the brand a lot, and obviously, I like the team a lot. We’ve always been a good fit for each other, so from that side, it’s all been really good.

33. Since I got to F1, and especially since I got to Red Bull Racing, I said, ‘I don’t want to have any regrets. I’ve got a chance now in a top team. I want to leave it all on the table.’

34. On a bad day, I’ll still have a conscious thing in my mind reminding me that what I think of as a bad day is still a very good day in probably 90% of the world’s population’s eyes.

35. Singapore is one of my favorite races, and the city is great.

36. There have been times in my career when people thought I was a pushover, especially as they saw me as this smiley guy.

37. I know what I want, and the performance side is more important than ticking the money box.

Daniel Ricciardo Quotes On Music

38. Music is how I unwind. I love going to see bands or DJs at a festival or a dive bar. My taste is pretty diverse.

39. Sometimes you have a bad day, and you’re like, ‘I’m over this, and I just want to play tennis,’ or do another sport that doesn’t require any other variables, but then you have a good day, and it’s like, it’s amazing, and the success makes up for it.

40. If you like going a certain way, then be bold and do it.

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41. Pressure’s what you make of it.

42. I feel like even if I was to, say, trip and fall over on the way to the car and scratch all my arm, by the time I got in the car, it would be blacked out in my head.

43. You’re never perfect in this sport; there is always something to learn.

You're never perfect in this sport; there is always something to learn. - Daniel Ricciardo

44. Every time I get in the car, I’m just focused on being the fastest, trying to win the race, trying to get pole.

45. I don’t like letting anyone down. Not many people get satisfaction out of letting others down.

46. I don’t see my family often enough, but when we do catch up, it’s somewhere new in the world. They get to travel more than they would if I wasn’t doing this sport.

47. I don’t really cook much to be honest.

48. Being an F1 driver is a crazy job but not what everyone expects. My year consists of 20% driving and 80% media, marketing, and travel.

49. I was addicted to going fast, finding the big hills on the pushbike. It was just something I enjoyed a lot – things with wheels.

50. Singing is definitely something I’m not good at. I wish I could be good at it, but that’s a skill I definitely don’t have.

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51. I will always find a way to find a positive from things.

Daniel Ricciardo’s Inspiration

52. Dale Earnhardt was kind of a hero of mine.

53. I try to wake up naturally but set an alarm so I don’t sleep in too late.

54. You can’t always win – although we always try!

55. In Formula 1, you need a great level of endurance because the races are long, so you need a pretty good base endurance.

56. I’m sure there are some things I’m not good at.

57. The way I see it is if I can’t be happy doing this job, which is my dream job, then what’s going to make me happy in life?

58. The day I do get a championship-winning car, I will run with it. I will capitalise on every part of that beautiful thing.

59. I like a good protein and fat breakfast, so avocado, bacon, eggs, and some veggies.

60. Pretty much all the drivers I get on with, at least to say ‘Hi’ and have a conversation. But when the helmet’s on, you don’t care who it is. You have no sympathy: someone blows an engine in front of you, if it means you gain a position, then you’re smiling.

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61. I like high speed corners, but with the F111, it is taking a little time to build up to that.

62. I would love to do a one-off race somewhere – NASCAR would be awesome.

I would love to do a one-off race somewhere - NASCAR would be awesome. - Daniel Ricciardo

63. We know – relationships in this sport, it’s very hard to have a really great relationship.

64. Because of my schedule and dietary requirements, I don’t party a lot, but when I can let my hair down, I will; I think that’s healthy. I love a weekend in Vegas.

65. If I am putting myself out there and taking some of these risks, then I want to do it properly.

Daniel Ricciardo Quotes On Success

66. Everything you can learn from is an opportunity to become stronger.

67. If I am going to race, I will put everything on the line.

68. Back in 2014, I felt like I was ready to win a world title. I felt like I was prepared and I was as good as anyone else, but I knew I didn’t have the equipment.

69. The car is a big part of it, but you need to be a good driver to get the equipment to the top. You need both.

70. Overtaking is nearly as fun as winning races. The rush you get from it is awesome.

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71. It’s easy to get into the competition of F1, and you are never going to win every race even though you want to. So when you’re not winning, you want to win, so you’re not that happy. But you have to look at the big perspective, and I am very fortunate to be one of 22 in the world to do this.

72. I loved a lot of motorsports, but as far as the ovals go, I was more into NASCAR.

73. I’m not very patient.

74. This sport’s crazy.

75. A lot of times when I was younger, whether it was in go-karting, or when I first started out in a new category, I would sit behind someone throughout a race. I didn’t have the confidence in that environment to take some risks.

76. For my family, it was quite emotional because it has always been a dream of mine to be in Formula 1. For them, to see it come true was quite a special feeling.

77. I signed a dog collar. Someone gave me their dog – a live dog – and I signed its collar. When they handed me the dog, I didn’t know what to do. That was weird.

78. I love coming to America to race. Maybe that’s because I’m a big fan of NASCAR as well.

79. I feel ’14 didn’t just shape me and my approach from then on: it changed the level of overtaking from other guys in the sport as well. Not many people were doing that, coming from a long way back and trying big passing moves.

80. I was fascinated by racing as a kid, but no way would I have thought I’d make it into Formula One from here, from being from Perth, racing on little local go-kart tracks, you know.

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81. I train five-and-a-half out of seven days and do a combination of exercise.

82. When I joined Formula One, I knew that what I found is that the cars are so much faster, and it took me a little while to understand where to always put the car.

83. I top up my endurance with running and cycling because in a race, your heart rate is up at 150, so we have to train at that level.

Daniel Ricciardo Quotes On Formula One

84. It’s a complex sport; you’re always learning.

It's a complex sport; you're always learning. - Daniel Ricciardo

85. I’ve learned what F1 is like, and it is an extremely competitive sport on and off the track.

86. I love music which helps me get focused and keeps my thoughts away from other things. The music gets heavier as the race gets closer, and my warm up routine starts to get a bit more intense with heart rates, etc.

87. Having the chance to be able to fight for something really meaningful – races, championships – that’s the absolute priority.

88. I’ve never really been too fussed about the kind of teammate I have.

89. I think once you get into the routine of race weekends, and there’s more of a structure, it gets a bit easier.

90. I’m very competitive. If I have to ‘turn it on,’ I know how to. The switch isn’t hard to find, don’t worry.

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91. If I win the title, I want to know I was the best guy that year, and to be the best, you’ve got to go against the best.

92. In racing, things start coming up quicker, and the slipstream is stronger, so even judging in the mirrors how quick the cars are approaching isn’t always easy.

93. I enjoy being outdoors, hanging out with friends, and maybe snapping the neck off a couple of beers.

94. I know people fear me when they see me in their mirrors. It’s a good position to be in because they know they need to defend to the limit.

95. With racing, there’s not one thing you need to be really strong at, it’s a combination. You need a good base of cardio, good core, good neck strength. I think core and neck are the most important, but it’s certainly not my favourite. Neck training is pretty boring.

96. I like having as many team-mates as possible. It’s great, because the more people you can learn off, the better I think it will make you as a driver.

97. I would like it to be remembered; I would love to be World Champion one day and have my name on the list. That is the real dream – although I am sure it is the dream for pretty much all the Formula 1 drivers.

98. Aside from the money, glamour, travel, and adrenaline, why did you want to be a racing driver?
“Uhhh, exactly those things.”

99. Sport does that, it’s up and down and it does kick you in the nuts sometimes I guess, or you feel like it does; or if you are female it kicks you in… whatever it is.

100. Sometimes you’ve gotta just lick the stamp and send it.

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