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180 Positive Energy Quotes To Brighten Your Day

Positive Energy Quotes

Discover a collection of uplifting quotes infused with positive energy that will boost your mood and elevate your perspective.

Empower your journey toward enlightenment and healing with these impactful phrases that have the potential to transform your life.

Why Should You Embrace The Advantages Of Engaging With Positive Energy Quotes?

Harness the power of positive energy to uplift your soul and steer your spirit in the right direction.

In challenging times, maintaining an optimistic attitude and cultivating hope can be instrumental in the healing process.

Explore these positive energy quotes to:

  • Inspire a fresh perspective
  • Gain insight into how challenges can be opportunities for growth
  • Foster the development of a powerful mindset

Understanding the significance of energy is key to achieving your most ambitious dreams. Elevate your mindset and unlock your full potential by immersing yourself in these energy quotes.

If you find this article resonates with you, we recommend exploring our compilation of short inspirational quotes for daily encouragement, featured in our most popular quotes article.

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Positive Energy Quotes

The finest quotes on positive energy will not only motivate you to live spiritually but also inspire you to spread joy. Read these enlightened words and phrases to unleash your innate positive vibes.

Let these energy quotes be your guide toward a healthy, balanced existence.

Positive Energy Quotes To Lift Your Spirits

Positive Energy Quotes To Lift Your Spirits: spiritual positive energy quotes

Immerse yourself in a collection of uplifting quotes designed to elevate your mood and bring positivity into your life. Let these words of encouragement lift your spirits and inspire a renewed sense of hope.

1. Without the materials needed to manufacture new technologies, our future innovators will not have the resources necessary to tackle the biggest challenges we face in today’s society. I strongly believe in being a positive and creative force in the protection and enhancement of the local and global environment.—Paul E. Jacobs

2. My first instinct when I write songs is not a negative one. It’s something positive… Everything I’ve ever done has some form of hope in it, I think.—Noel Gallagher

3. Foods high in bad fats, sugar and chemicals are directly linked to many negative emotions, whereas whole, natural foods rich in nutrients – foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes – contribute to greater energy and positive emotions.—Marilu Henner

4. Without a positive male role model in your life, it is extremely difficult to become a man who benefits his family and benefits society.—Donald Miller

5. Being body positive is really important to your overall happiness. It’s hard to see someone with a ‘perfect’ body and be like, ‘Why can’t I be like her?’ But that person was born to be who she is, and you’re born to be who you are.—Sabrina Carpenter

6. My advice to young wrestlers is that your surroundings really make a difference. You want to put yourself in good, positive surroundings.—Dan Gable

7. I am pleased to say that I am not a tortured comedian – I laugh a lot. My twenties weren’t particularly happy, but it’s the same for a lot of people. In your thirties, you realise that your life and your worries are really insignificant, and you have to force yourself to be more positive and take each day as a gift.—Miranda Hart

8. Unless you are absolutely positive that your wife has no connection to the Mafia, even three or four times removed, do yourself a favor and do not bet her in a poker hand.—Joseph D. Pistone

9. Making YouTube videos while I was in school, I was fortunate enough not to really have any negative repercussions from it. I had a lot of positive feedback from my friends, who thought they were great and thought they were funny and that what I was doing was really cool.—Connor Franta

10. I’m a positive person who likes to have fun and get the best out of every day.—Eddie the Eagle

Positive Energy Quotes To Elevate Your Mindset

Positive Energy Quotes To Elevate Your Mindset

Explore a selection of powerful quotes that have the potential to transform your mindset. These words of wisdom will guide you toward a more positive and enlightened outlook, empowering you on your journey of personal growth.

11. ‘Do What You Gotta Do’ is a positive, inspirational song that says no matter what it is; whether you’re up against challenges or trying to get your dreams and aspirations met, you should do what whatever you have to do shy of killing yourself or someone else.—Angie Stone

12. As soon as I starting making YouTube videos, I received so much positive feedback from the online community and a demand for more content. As time went on, my filming schedule became more consistent, and it made sense to hire some help and upgrade my equipment.—Rosanna Pansino

13. There’s a fine line between stubbornness and the positive side of that, which is dogged determination.—Jeb Bush

14. I want to make sure I always show off my smile and have a positive attitude the whole time, whether it’s during a performance, practice, or doing an interview.—Laurie Hernandez

15. I get to a certain point where I just get so tired that I keep going. It creates a positive feedback loop in some ways – the more stress and work I put on me, the more stress and work I can deal with.—David Hogg

16. My father… gave me a positive connection with men because he is a gentleman.—Iman

17. You can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.—Deepak Chopra

18. Instead of yelling and spanking, which don’t work anyway, I believe in finding creative ways to keep their attention – turning things into a game, for instance. And, when they do something good, positive reinforcement and praise.—Patricia Richardson

19. If I just do everything the opposite of what my dad did, I think that will make things pretty easy. I can joke about it now because I’m past that stage where it used to hurt. By having a kid, it’s gone. I could take all that negative energy that I had and put it in a positive way.—Derrick Rose

20. I’m taking all the negatives in my life, and turning them into a positive.—Pitbull

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Positive Energy Quotes That Will Inspire You To Freshen Up Your Perspective

Positive Energy Quotes That Will Inspire You To Freshen Up Your Perspective

Dive into quotes that serve as a source of inspiration, encouraging you to embrace a fresh perspective. Discover how challenges can be opportunities for growth, and let these words inspire positive change in your life.

21. P is positive emotion, E is engagement, R is relationships, M is meaning and A is accomplishment. Those are the five elements of what free people chose to do. Pretty much everything else is in service of one of or more of these goals. That’s the human dashboard.—Martin Seligman

22. For a manager to be perceived as a positive manager, they need a four to one positive to negative contact ratio.—Ken Blanchard

23. For me, I just want to be a role model, put a positive impact on the kids that are watching the sport, that want to be a part of the sport, and leave a good everlasting impact on the sport, continue my legacy down the road.—Bubba Wallace

24. I think regardless of what your religion is or what you believe, you try to treat people in a positive way, and that’s all you can do in life.—Scott Eastwood

25. Our locker room is so positive. We are all focused on the same objectives, and that’s equality for women.—Naomi

26. When I started out the videos, I was dealing with depression, and I wanted to make inspiring videos for others, which would end up inspiring me in turn. I wanted to show the world that it was possible to make a positive switch in life and start over.—Lilly Singh

27. I’m into crystals and good energy and harnessing more. It’s just like prayer. It helps you be grateful, think about good things, and keep that positive energy around you.—Kali Uchis

28. We’re extremely excited to see more than 500,000 friends around the globe be added within the first 12 hours of launching Friends on Poptropica. The reaction has been extremely positive from fans, and we’re proud to bring a completely safe friends offering to kids on our virtual world.—Jeff Kinney

29. So there was a fire inside me. And that fire inside you, it can be turned into a negative form or a positive form. And I gradually realised that I had this fire and that it had to be used in a positive way.—John Newcombe

Positive Energy Quotes To Guide You Toward A Healthy, Balanced Existence

Positive Energy Quotes to Guide You Toward a Healthy, Balanced Existence

Find solace and guidance in quotes that promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. These words will steer you toward a state of equilibrium, fostering well-being and harmony in both your mind and spirit.

30. I give tremendous weight to my positive reviews and none whatsoever to my negative ones.Chris Pavone

31. But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful.—Elizabeth Edwards

32. I’m an activist. I’m a proud activist. So I want to be someone who is pro-black and pro-Africa and still be somebody that has positive influence.—Kat Graham

33. It’s amazing what one positive role model in your life can do in five minutes.—Catherine Oxenberg

34. I think we’re pretty spiritual people, the band in general. We’re not a bunch of hippies or anything like that, but we like to work together and work with people. We believe that positive energy is pretty necessary in life, although it’s not always easy to maintain.—John Gourley

35. And of course, pop music is all about memorability and simplicity and positive messages and a little dash of joy.—Feist

36. In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive.—Lee Iacocca

37. Skeptical doesn’t have to necessarily be a negative thing. I think if you allow yourself to second guess things and look at things from a distance you don’t immediately run into things blindfolded, so that’s a positive.—Aleister Black

38. My grandmother, she’s been the positive portion of my life the entire time.—Curtis Jackson

39. I like to encourage people to realize that any action is a good action if it’s proactive and there is positive intent behind it.Michael J. Fox

40. I feel blessed to be here representing our country and carrying out th research of scientists around the world… I hope you could feel the positive energy that beamed to the whole planet as we glided over.—Laurel Clark

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Healing Positive Energy Quotes

healing positive energy quotes

Delve into an extended collection of positive energy quotes and sayings. Allow these diverse words of wisdom to resonate with you, providing a constant source of motivation and encouragement.

41. A good part of my leadership skills is crafted from learning from experiences early in my career that were not positive experiences.—John Lasseter

42. You know, the standard state for people is ‘mildly pleasant.’ Negative emotions are quite rare, and extremely positive emotions are rare. But people are mildly pleased most of the time, they’re mildly tired a lot of the time, and they wish they were somewhere else a substantial part of the time – but mostly they’re mildly pleased.—Daniel Kahneman

43. I try to do the right thing. If you do what you know is right, and you’re a good person, you might not win short-term all the time, and financial gains might not be there all the time, but ultimately, you can be pretty happy, and you can do some pretty good things in the world. Keep a positive outlook.—Gunnar Peterson

44. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is that we still have to hear the new ad 2 or 3 times before it begins to affect us, even when we’re already familiar with the advertiser in question and have a positive opinion of them.—Roy H. Williams

45. Staying consistent with positive habits can be a challenge.—Lewis Howes

46. We expect all our businesses to have a positive impact on our top and bottom lines. Profitability is very important to us or we wouldn’t be in this business.—Jeff Bezos

47. My incarceration was actually a positive thing from the beginning. I needed a gimmick to get my act going again, it gave me material.—Tommy Chong

48. As a football team, you head into the season the same way with confidence and a positive mindset that you are going to win a bunch of football games.—Matthew Stafford

49. To delight in war is a merit in the soldier, a dangerous quality in the captain, and a positive crime in the statesman.—George Santayana

50. I have moments where I feel incredibly ugly or fat, and it sucks, you know? I’ll usually try to keep a positive attitude because I’m really so grateful for where I am and the life I get to live, but I definitely have to work hard not to feel insecure.—Charlotte McKinney

Positive Energy Quotes That Will Improve Your Mindset

Positive Energy Quotes That Will Improve Your Mindset: short positive energy quotes

Elevate your mindset with quotes designed to enhance your mental outlook. Unlock the power within yourself to cultivate a positive and resilient mindset that can overcome challenges and adversity.

51. We play so hard and overall the Olympics are such a positive experience.—Maya Moore

52. I try to be as optimistic as I can. I feel like that’s the beautiful thing about art and music. It can take you places, and they can be a positive influence. A very soothing influence. Honestly, I feel like there’s enough pain and terrible things that happen in life. That’s beautiful thing in art, you can really idealize things.—Washed Out

53. My mother was in the Army Reserve for six years. She taught me the importance of following rules, finishing what I start, never giving up, leadership skills, teamwork, staying positive, motivated and how to pack the military way when I’m traveling!—Laurie Hernandez

54. The Rise credo is about accepting no limits, alternative thinking, and driving positive change – the three pillars.—Anand Mahindra

55. Those minutes that I’m on stage are the best! Being there and looking at the crowd and seeing their faces, hearing them sing the positive words from the songs.—Miley Cyrus

56. If I send out positive messages, it will set a chain of healthy thought processes.—Persis Khambatta

57. You have so many at-bats, and obviously if you go three out of 10, you’re doing well for the season, so you try to forget every at-bat you have that’s not a good one and try to stay positive.—Billy Butler

58. I’m a pretty positive person, so a bad mood is quite a big deal.—Karla Crome

59. The most direct path to success is a good job, but the road to employment for those with criminal records is often riddled with barriers. Removing those barriers would allow those with records to leave the past behind, support their families, make a positive future – and improve our economy.—Bob Casey, Jr.

60. I learned to forget everything. To concentrate on my music and thank God for all good moments. Because the positive attracts the positive. You must work, work and work to get the most out of it.—Anuel AA

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Positive Energy Quotes For Optimistic People

Positive Energy Quotes for Optimistic People

Celebrate optimism with quotes tailored for those who radiate positivity. Embrace the uplifting words that resonate with your optimistic nature and amplify the brightness you bring to the world.

61. I always try and be as positive as I can and give people the benefit of the doubt because, in my own experience – seeing myself fall so hard so many times in my life and do so many things where I lost my way so many times – and then people didn’t give up on me, like my husband and my family.—Beth Hart

62. I’ve been completely surprised at the outpouring of just incredible amounts of positive feedback and love from people all day long.—Chris March

63. When my inner mood is positive, I also feel great on the outside.—Liu Wen

64. Most of the people I know who work out seriously do so because they have such an amazing outlook on life. To be who I want to be, I’m going to work out to be more positive, more active. It’s proactive.—John Krasinski

65. It’s the writers’ job to make it positive. It’s my job to make it real.—Lee Pace

66. I am positive that I would see the end of child labour around the world in my lifetime, as the poorest of the poor have realised that education is a tool that can empower them.—Kailash Satyarthi

67. Healthy children are born from healthy, respected, well-nourished and educated mothers and it is imperative that they have a voice in the decisions which affect them. If you empower a mother and let her have her say towards a poverty-free future, the positive impact this would have on ending hunger will be immense.—Dionne Warwick

68. I was determined to share my positive approach and not let diabetes stand in the way of enjoying my life.—Paula Deen

69. I’m able to do motivational speaking all over the world and do so many positive things with my life because of my journey and the battles I’ve fought. Without cancer, I would have never had some of these opportunities, and I wouldn’t be the man I am today.—Daniel Jacobs

70. I always have positive intentions.—Roddy Ricch

Positive Energy Quotes To Keep You Out Of The Pit

Positive Energy Quotes to Keep You Out of the Pit: sending positive energy quotes

Navigate challenging times with quotes that serve as a lifeline, keeping you out of despair. Allow these words to uplift your spirit and provide the strength needed to rise above difficulties.

71. It’s also a question of finding good material and interesting roles. I’m not the only actress out there, and good parts just don’t fall into your lap that easily. But I like most of the films I’ve made recently and so I’m pretty positive about the future.—Winona Ryder

72. I am happy to say that everyone that I have met in my life, I have gained something from them; be it negative or positive, it has enforced and reinforced my life in some aspect.—Walter Payton

73. People understand my message is positive, and at the end of the day, I’m just here to make music that I enjoy and that other people enjoy. I think that’s why I have such a loyal fan base.—Lil Peep

74. Only fools are positive.—Moe Howard

75. I want always to be positive.—Gianni Versace

76. I like to write sad songs. They’re much easier to write and you get a lot more emotion into them. But people don’t want to hear them as much. And radio definitely doesn’t; they want that positive, uptempo thing.—Alan Jackson

77. I’m a big cockeyed optimist. I try to accentuate the positive as opposed to the negative.—Betty White

78. I want to be the girl who has a positive influence on people’s lifestyle. I don’t want to be the girl who has an eating disorder, and that’s why she looks the way she looks.—Lauren Alaina

79. It’s like a cosmic joke that people dream to perform in front of a huge crowd. But it is a welcomed challenge. I hope I always have that positive apprehension.—Julien Baker

80. Players should know that if you can’t make the contribution of the winning shot, that your attitude every day when you come to practice, or the positive contribution you make through cheering and keeping up team morale, is just as important in the overall picture.—Sue Wicks

Positive Energy Quotes To Make Your Day

Positive Energy Quotes to Make Your Day

Infuse your day with positivity by starting with these uplifting quotes. Let the words resonate and set the tone for a day filled with optimism, productivity, and joy.

81. I try to put a positive spin on things.—Krysten Ritter

82. I live to leave somebody with a positive experience when they’ve met me, and make someone smile for the day.—Dolph Ziggler

83. I think part of being in the public eye is getting recognized and dealing with positive and negative scrutiny.—Tim Howard

84. I have to stay positive and try to find time to do what I want to do while working at the same time.—Lee Min-ho

85. I want to own a network. I want to own a network where you can turn it on with your family all day long and get positive reinforcement.—Tyler Perry

86. I’m enormously proud that I can do a deal with the National Women’s Soccer League to showcase the power and passion of women athletes as positive role models, not only for my daughter but also for my son.—Nancy Dubuc

87. Engaging in social business is beneficial to a company because it leverages on business competencies to address social issues, involves one-time investment with sustainable results, and produces other positive effects such as employee motivation and improved organizational culture.—Muhammad Yunus

88. The positive and negative poles of a battery create an electrical flow. The masculine and feminine poles between people create a flow of sexual energy in motion.—David Deida

89. I’m motivated by the positive ways in which Bitcoin use being widespread will make the world a better place.—Roger Ver

90. My house is a very calm and beautiful place and is full of positive energy.—Chris de Burgh

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Positive Energy Quotes To Inspire Positive Thoughts And Actions

Positive Energy Quotes to Inspire Positive Thoughts and Actions

Fuel positive thoughts and actions with motivational quotes that inspire change. Cultivate a mindset that focuses on the good, propelling you toward positive actions and meaningful outcomes.

91. I hope that I can be a role model and positive influence to anyone else who is struggling with insecurities within themselves.—Alexa Bliss

92. I’ve realized the extraordinary power of sports to heal, unite and inspire. I believe the Olympics will serve as the ultimate platform to provide positive changes and I hope to inspire all of Japan through my strong showing there.—Kohei Uchimura

93. Tahoe is a magical place full of positive energy, beautiful mountains, and lakes all around. It’s home for me and feels so good to be there.—Jamie Anderson

94. Negative comments in terms of body image are the hardest thing the women probably struggle with. But I think the best thing that we can do as WWE superstars is taking that negativity and using it in a positive way, because there are so many young kids on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to not send the message of hate on to.—Charlotte Flair

95. Where educators are raising and combining their voices, the seeds of positive change have emerged. Collective voice, exercised through the union, is power – the power to drive real change for our kids, families and communities.—Randi Weingarten

96. The world is a slightly better place for having improvisation in it than it was before. There’s something about it that says something positive about the human spirit, that a bunch of people can get together and by following a few simple traffic rules can create art and can entertain an audience and can thrill and exalt each other.—Del Close

97. I learned about being positive from my parents. They’re the most positive people I’ve ever known.—Brendon Urie

98. I begin each day with prayer and meditation. Throughout the day, I use affirmations and positive intentions to move through blocks, and each evening, I close the day with self-reflection and an inventory of my growth throughout the day.—Gabrielle Bernstein

99. I like my social media space to be somewhere very positive… I like to just be able to just share any images they see, or a piece of art or an item of clothing, and get to share that with the world.—Poppy Delevingne

100. I don’t really remember, but I’m positive that whenever I cried, my mother gave me something to eat. I’m sure that whenever I had a fight with the little girl next door, or it was raining and I couldn’t go out, or I wasn’t invited to a birthday party, my mother gave me a piece of candy to make me feel better.—Jean Nidetch

Positive Energy Quotes To Help You Focus On Important Matters

Positive Energy Quotes to Help You Focus on Important Matters

Direct your attention to what truly matters with quotes that inspire focus. Use these words as a guide to prioritize and invest your energy in meaningful pursuits.

101. It’s human nature that if you get 20 positive comments and one negative one, you’re going to focus on the negative. We all do that. It can be something that drags you down. It’s easy to get bogged down with it, but I try to concentrate on the good things.—Bindi Irwin

102. It is almost impossible to divorce sport from politics, but sport is such a positive factor in today’s society – there is nothing else which will bring so many people together in that atmosphere.—Lynn Davies

103. Identitarianism assumes that people are condemned to identify with the positive (ethnic/ gender/ nationalistic) predicates they possess, as if their subjectivity were exhausted by those properties. Exactly the opposite is the case: the authentic dimension of subjectivity consists not in any positive identity but in that which makes identifications.—Mark Fisher

104. All the evidence, experimental and even a little theoretical, seems to indicate that it is the energy content which is involved in gravitation, and therefore, since matter and antimatter both represent positive energies, gravitation makes no distinction.—Richard P. Feynman

105. I never appreciated ‘positive heroes’ in literature. They are almost always cliches, copies of copies, until the model is exhausted. I prefer perplexity, doubt, uncertainty, not just because it provides a more ‘productive’ literary raw material, but because that is the way we humans really are.—Jose Saramago

106. When I first ran, being a woman in politics was seen as both a negative and also a positive. You could attract more women voters, but on the other hand, a lot of men wouldn’t vote for you.—Tammy Duckworth

107. I’ve always been about the power of a woman – accentuating the positive, deleting the negative, whether you’re talking her body, her voice or her leadership.—Donna Karan

108. Yes, alas, I’ve been on some recording sessions where the music wasn’t good. Not so many, really, considering how many I’ve done. It’s a very awkward situation because to do a recording well you focus on the positive of what will make the piece better.—Tony Levin

109. When you in the positive light and good space, do everything to keep it that way and be real careful what you say and how you move because your world can come crashing down on you.—Tee Grizzley

110. I think that giving mindless praise is ridiculous. But I understand why parents do it. They want their kids to feel good about themselves. But parents are never going to teach their children true, positive self esteem by praising everything they do.—Rosalind Wiseman

Positive Energy Quotes To Help You Maintain Positive Company

Positive Energy Quotes to Help You Maintain Positive Company: surround yourself with positive energy quotes

Surround yourself with positivity by embracing quotes that encourage positive relationships. Let these words inspire you to foster and maintain connections that uplift and support.

111. I’ve always had God, but now I want to go back to church for the sense of community and that feeling of positive thinking, a place where I can think about being a better person.—Julianne Hough

112. As long as you’re having fun and being positive and progressive, I’m going to say you’re living a Zumbao lifestyle.—Taboo

113. There are a lot of perks that come with fame, and with every positive there’s a negative, and then it all kind of balances out.—Ashton Kutcher

114. I’m trying to spread positive vibes.—YBN Nahmir

115. Obviously social media has had a massive impact on the fame game, but not in a positive way. But it can be for some.—Margot Robbie

116. As we see dislocation and disruption in certain parts of the country, from rural areas to my home in the industrial Midwest, and in the economy, this leads to a kind of disorientation and loss of community and identity. That void can be filled through constructive and positive things, like community involvement or family.—Pete Buttigieg

117. Do I feel any pressure as the most decorated Winter Olympian in American history? None at all. The only pressures that I know I face are those of how to pay it forward: How can I continually make a positive impact in people’s lives, help others achieve their dreams, create their own Olympic mindset, creating champions within themselves?—Apolo Ohno

118. To be perfectly honest, I feel I have a duty to use my celebrity status in a positive way.—David Schwimmer

119. If we don’t hope, if we don’t stay positive – at least about love, or finding love – then the rest of life becomes really just painful to think about, because for the most part, you know, day-to-day stuff is monotonous.—Nev Schulman

120. Men are liars. We’ll lie about lying if we have to. I’m an algebra liar. I figure two good lies make a positive.—Tim Allen

Positive Energy Quotes To Give You Peace

Positive Energy Quotes to Give You Peace

Find tranquility in quotes that radiate positive energy and bring peace to your soul. Allow these words to soothe your mind and create a serene space within yourself.

121. I think sometimes in life we want to ignore the problems of society and just think about the good. I believe in positive thinking and affirmative living, I also think it’s really important to remember all of our disenfranchised members of society.—Kerry Washington

122. It’s great to be somewhat of a role model. I want to be a positive and good role model and lead by example and try to do the best I can. Playing good golf definitely draws attention, but I want to have a good attitude on the course and do the right things.—Rickie Fowler

123. If you embrace ‘positive thinking,’ you are – by definition – spurning ‘negative thinking.’ So it’s as if you were on a teeter-totter and are trying desperately to put all your weight on one side – the ‘positive thinking’ side.—Srikumar Rao

124. Nature isn’t positive in that way. It doesn’t aim itself at you. It’s not being unkind to you.—David Attenborough

125. A sour corporate culture can actually make an entire society unhappy. This means that a strong corporate culture can have a positive impact on a society.—Simon Sinek

126. I think that true love, fairy tales, the positive messages of positive stories – I don’t think those ever die. Sometimes we like to hide them in sarcasm or irony, but they are still there, and they still move us.—Jon M. Chu

127. We want to give people positive energy and we also want to comfort people.—Nayeon

128. I always say just stay positive. If you ever get down on yourself, try to find something that takes away that negative. Always find that positive area.—Kane Brown

129. Food has always brought me comfort and the bingeing is triggered when I’m in a space that is not positive.—Janet Jackson

130. Sometimes, it’s best to let the kids take control – and it’s never too early to instill positive eating habits or self-confidence in the kitchen.—Adam Mansbach

Positive Energy Quotes To Dwell In Positivity

Positive Energy Quotes to Dwell in Positivity

Immerse yourself in a realm of positivity with quotes that invite you to dwell in optimism. Let these words be a constant reminder to choose positivity in every aspect of your life.

131. Good leaders need a positive agenda, not just an agenda of dealing with crisis.—Michael Porter

132. By harnessing our teammates’ unique skills and passion for giving, our professional networks and partnerships, and our financial resources, we will inspire the dreamers and doers of tomorrow and drive positive, lasting change in our communities across the globe.—Dennis Muilenburg

133. It’s always more interesting to take on someone that’s going to have hidden sides or a fatal flaw, because there’s going to be more to play with – more conflict, internally or in and around them – but it’s probably the thing of finding the positive in there.—Aidan Gillen

134. My mother’s nickname for me is ‘Positive Patrick.’ I like to live up to that title.—Patrick Schwarzenegger

135. He is a very positive captain; he is proactive as well as reactive. He is keen to read the game, to get in there, and he never stops thinking about the game, the situation, and trying to turn it to his advantage. He has been very good for the game.—David Gower

136. Since I can barely write two books a year the best solution seems to be co-author projects. My goal isn’t to get another writer to clone me… it’s more to produce a book that shares my vision of positive, fun entertainment.—Janet Evanovich

137. We’ve never been political, and our fans like us that way. Music is supposed to be fun. But we do drop a positive message.—Pepa

138. I always feel good after I change my hair. You get a haircut and feel positive and ready to take on the day.—Kirstin Maldonado

139. A lot of times people look at the negative side of what they feel they can’t do. I always look on the positive side of what I can do.—Chuck Norris

140. Today or any day that phone may ring and bring good news.—Ethel Waters

Positive Energy Quotes To Bring You Good Vibes

Positive Energy Quotes to Bring You Good Vibes

Elevate your mood with quotes that exude good vibes. Surround yourself with positivity and let these words infuse your day with joy, optimism, and a vibrant energy.

141. I learned early in sports that to be effective – for a player to play the best he can play – is a matter of concentration and being unaware of distractions, positive or negative.—Tom Landry

142. How nice it would be to breeze through life and just brush things off. I never read reviews because I hate to lose more than I like to win; I experience negative emotions far greater than positive ones.—Catherine Tate

143. Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.—Bill Gates

144. I think we always need to see the positive.—Charles Leclerc

145. I have always said that I do not pay much attention to what is said. Not to the positive and not to the negative.—Thomas Muller

146. I am conscious of my inability to grasp, in all its details and positive developments, any very large portion of human knowledge.—Mikhail Bakunin

147. Good debt accrues assets that generate positive returns and externalities.—Anthony Scaramucci

148. There are good life skills to be had in the sport. It is a big positive to see young kids coming to the gym, training hard, looking up to the likes of David Tua, Shane Cameron, and possibly myself.—Joseph Parker

149. It was a very emotional dinner… Everyone shared personal stories about her and gave her words of encouragement and inspiration. Everyone tried to remain positive.—Lil’ Kim

150. I am convinced after more than 50 years in the field of motivation that anyone who wants to learn to look at life and/or their circumstances in a positive light can do so.—Zig Ziglar

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Positive Energy Quotes To Encourage You To View The Brighter Side Of Life

Positive Energy Quotes to Encourage You to View the Brighter Side of Life : positive energy quotes for work

Shift your perspective towards the brighter side of life with quotes that inspire optimism. Embrace positivity as a way of life, and let these words guide you toward a sunnier outlook.

151. Prior to getting into music, I interacted with, on a daily basis, about 5-10 percent of the people that I’ve interacted with since then. I’ve been meeting people from different backgrounds and different cultures. That did allow for a lot of change. I’ve changed as a product of that, but it’s been positive.—Sam Hunt

152. I don’t want to use the term ‘plus-size,’ because, to me, what the hell is that? It just doesn’t have a positive connotation to it. I tend to not use it.—Tyra Banks

153. There is so much that is positive, wonderful even, about state schools. At a state school your kids will learn to live alongside and appreciate other kids from many diverse and different cultures.—Arabella Weir

154. The patience that goes with the game, the little things that go along with the game, you have so much more time to think in golf than you do in football – you have to keep your thoughts positive. I’m not sure I’ve got that mastered.—John Elway

155. Internally, we have so many different parts, both positive and negative. And if you force them together, a spark comes out.—Arca

156. I’m a really, really optimistic and really, really positive person. My main thing is, ‘Enjoy life. Celebrate life.’—Luke Bryan

157. I’m a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments.—Roger Federer

158. The most important thing is to stay positive.—Saku Koivu

159. I’m a very positive person, but this whole concept of having to always be nice, always smiling, always happy, that’s not real. It was like I was wearing a mask. I was becoming this perfectly chiselled sculpture, and that was bad. That took a long time to understand.—Alicia Keys

160. Positive, adj.: Mistaken at the top of one’s voice.—Ambrose Bierce

Positive Energy Quotes That Radiate Joy And Good Vibes

Positive Energy Quotes That Radiate Joy And Good Vibes

Experience the joyous energy of quotes designed to radiate positivity. Allow these words to uplift your spirit, infusing your life with good vibes and a sense of happiness.

161. If I can be some kind of vessel to show people that, no matter the hard time you experienced, you can still succeed, I want to put out that positive energy to never quit and never give up.—Brian Banks

162. Does not the very word ‘creative’ mean to build, to initiate, to give out, to act – rather than to be acted upon, to be subjective? Living photography is positive in its approach, it sings a song of life – not death.—Berenice Abbott

163. Music and songs are written at different periods of time, at different times in your life. They reflect the feelings you have and to be honest, I quite like having positive emotions.—Scott Ian

164. The proper governmental policy in a depression is strict laissez-faire, including stringent budget slashing, and coupled perhaps with positive encouragement for credit contraction.—Murray Rothbard

165. I’d like to give out positive vibes and be surrounded by them as well.—Shriya Saran

166. There are very few things that I love more than being on stage and performing, but more than anything, I want to be a positive role model for teenage girls.—Lindsey Stirling

167. If someone says something hurtful to you or makes you feel down on yourself, then you just gotta stay positive and keep moving forward because they might not know much about you, or they may not understand the situation.—Jazz Jennings

168. Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.—Ralph Waldo Emerson

169. It seems like what happens when we play games is that we go into a psychological state called eustress, or positive stress. It’s basically the same as negative stress in the sense that we get our adrenaline up, you know, our breathing rate quickens, our pulse quickens.—Jane McGonigal

170. I would absolutely recommend against excessive positivity and optimism. Any positive emotion that you’re infusing into a workplace needs to be grounded in reality. If it’s not realistic, sincere, meaningful, and individualized, it won’t do much good.—Tom Rath

Positive Energy Quotes To Empower Your Inner Light

Positive Energy Quotes to Empower Your Inner Light

Ignite your inner light with empowering quotes that encourage self-discovery and personal growth. Let these words be a catalyst for unleashing the strength within you.

171. When people hear the phrase ‘risk-taker’, two images come to mind. One is the negative idea of someone who’s reckless and unpredictable, sometimes succeeding and at other times crashing out. The other is a more positive view of a fearless innovator who takes risks when others nervously stand back.—Norman Swan

172. One tech-related concern with religion is that it appears to be a positive feedback loop to the accelerating rich-poor gap, as the disenfranchised opt out of modernity.—Steve Jurvetson

173. What I miss is a time when hip-hop music had integrity; there was some kind of message. Not in all the music, because it’s not for that, but there was at least something that got through that had some content that was sensible and positive, not just hooky junk-food rap.—Xzibit

174. I think of myself as a positive agnostic. I don’t know, therefore I’m open. I don’t know, therefore I’m interested.—Grace Slick

175. I think I’m working on being a lot more positive in my everyday life because I realize comments and things can hurt.—Charli D’Amelio

176. It is true that you can’t prove a negative. However, the existence of God is provable in the same way a building is positive proof that there was a builder.—Ray Comfort

177. Sometimes in order for change to be made in a positive fashion, we must force ourselves to look unblinkingly at painful realities and reevaluate.—Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

178. I don’t need to worry about what other people are talking about me. Instead, I focus on the people talking positive and all the positive things that I know I am doing.—Anthony Yarde

179. Social media websites are no longer performing an envisaged function of creating a positive communication link among friends, family and professionals. It is a veritable battleground, where insults fly from the human quiver, damaging lives, destroying self-esteem and a person’s sense of self-worth.—Anthony Carmona

180. Anytime you get an opportunity to put more fun into the game, that’s good. I’ve got a lot of positive energy.—Antonio Brown

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Embark on a journey of spiritual awakening with these enlightening insights into positive energy, offering a fresh perspective on life. To elevate your existence, delve into an understanding of the universe’s energies.

Motivate yourself on your healing journey by reading quotes about invigorating cosmic forces, suitable for both seasoned self-healers and beginners.

Curated from the wisdom of spiritual gurus, influential artists, and enlightened beings, these quotes inspire you to grasp the transformative power of positive energy, unlocking your true potential.

Whether you’re on a spiritual journey or seeking enlightenment, these words will resonate, kick-starting your pursuit of dreams and goals.

Maintain balance in body, mind, and spirit by appreciating the importance of positive energy. Spread positivity by sharing these uplifting quotes with friends and family.

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